Why we need to unfollow diet fads.


Disclaimer: I am not a dietician or a nutritionist. I am sharing my views on diet fads based on what I have personally experienced and what I have learned from dieticians who use doable, logical techniques to help people achieve good health, and not just lose/gain weight.

Diet fads are in an abundance, isn’t it? Almost every day we come across some or other new diet fad being introduced by the fitness industry. No, actually, more than the fitness industry, it’s the celebs who endorse these fads.

I am sure they get all the advice from their dieticians, but it’s they who publicize the fads thanks to the huge fan following they enjoy. No offense meant to the dieticians, by the way.

And, sadly, most of the fans follow them blindly, mirroring their lifestyle, their fitness regimens, and those diet fads in the vain hope of achieving a body just like their idols.

Diet fads are, often, weird. I just found out that Wikipedia has listed around 63 diets in two categories: Clean eating and fad diets.

There are diets ranging from the 5:2 diet (I have no idea what that is) to the No breakfast Plan (Imagine, no breakfast!). There’s the Cabbage Soup Diet (Yuck! ONLY cabbage soup for 7 days to lose weight!) and there’s the Cookie Diet (again, for weight loss).

There are some among these that make sense to me, in that they urge you to eat whole foods in their natural state as opposed to processed foods. But these exclude gluten, grains and dairy products, so I personally wouldn’t approve of it, at all.

The reason why we must not follow fad diets is that these fad diets do not take into account an individual’s genetic makeup. Each individual is created differently. Everything about us makes us unique, so a particular diet that may help one person, might not necessarily help another in any way.

So, some time back, when I read a post by my blogger friend, Modern Gypsy, on diets, the fitness industry, our battle with our bodies and how we crave to look a certain way, I could totally relate to what she had to say.

Reading her post gave me the idea for this post on why we must not follow fad diets and create a diet plan that suits our health and our body type.


Right since childhood, I have weighed on the lower side of the weighing scale. Even after I got married (a phase in life when women are expected to put on weight), I didn’t gain an ounce.

Of course, there was some stress that played a huge role in maintaining my weight to below 50 kilos, but even otherwise, I couldn’t gain a gram whatever I ate.

For a long long time, I battled with this problem but failed to find a solution. I ate all I could– healthy food as well as junk– in some hope that I would put on at least a few grams if not a few kilos.

No, please don’t even wish you were in my place because it’s not just overweight people who have to bear the brunt of having “not-so-normal bodies”; it’s underweight people, too, who have to put up with taunts and hurtful words.

However, it’s only some time back that I realized that this is how I was made. My metabolic rate differed from others and that’s why others put on weight with the help of some diet, while I didn’t.

So, the factors that influence lower body weight or excess body weight decide whether a particular diet will help a person, or not. A diet that may help one person to lose/gain weight, might not necessarily help another person, however much they tried.


Just following a fad diet to lose/gain weight doesn’t help. One needs to follow the correct exercise regimen, and also look after their mental and emotional health to achieve any success–is what I believe.

As I said, each of us is built in a certain way. Our genetic makeup, physical activity, lifestyle, eating habits, stress levels, all decide if a diet will indeed help us in any way, or will be money down the drain. Seriously, following a diet is often a costly affair!

Following the diet chart is also mentally and emotionally draining.

For example, if you have been advised to eat one biscuit with tea in the mornings, will it appeal to you? Of course, I wouldn’t advise you to eat half a packet of biscuits because you haven’t eaten anything all night, but just imagining one biscuit in the plate is sure to bring down your morale first thing in the morning, isn’t it?

I believe that if a diet is not tailor made for YOU, it is bound to leave you frustrated because you won’t find any change in yourself, however long you follow the given instructions.

The dietician has to take into consideration everything about you, your life, the issues you might be facing if there has to be any change in your weight.

Mental and emotional stress also has a huge effect on our physical health. So, you might be following the diet chart to the T, but from within you could be feeling frustrated, desperate, and agonized. Do you think your diet will work then?


I believe in maintaining a healthy diet. If you do suffer from any lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension or any illnesses, you do need to take special care of what you eat. Then, it becomes paramount that you follow your dietician’s advice, but only after sharing with him/her everything that affects your life–good or bad.

Read Health Matters

If you do not suffer from any lifestyle diseases, then you need to take your lifestyle into consideration. Do you have a sedentary lifestyle or an active one? Your diet will then need to be worked around that…by you!

Eating (within limits) every 3 hours, eating homemade, proper intake of water, healthy food, exercising regularly according to your capability or daily schedule and not going overboard with either the food or the workout will ensure a healthy you.

Read Follow a fitness routine

Body size is something created by the media. Celebs with a slim, curvy figure may not necessarily be healthy and happy from within. But, because they belong to the glamour industry, they are in the spotlight and followed blindly.

So, you may be an “overweight” or “underweight” adult, but if your health checks show normal results and if you suffer from no health issues at all, if you take care of what you eat, how much you workout and how good you feel from within, consider yourself blessed.

Body size? Just give a damn about it and live your life, happy and content.

Points to remember:

NEVER take your health for granted.

Aim at being HEALTHY and not just slim. This way, your weight issues will get solved.

NEVER compare yourself with others, especially where body size is concerned.

LOVE YOURSELF just the way you are.



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Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

8 thoughts on “Why we need to unfollow diet fads.

  1. I agree. fad diets are really silly, that’s not to say I haven’t fallen prey to them in the past :-). Now however as I’ve grown older I seek out a dietician who makes out a diet chart for me in line with my schedule as well as my likes and dislikes. Also, a diet has to be a lifetsyle change or else it isn’t much use. By the way I do have a single biscuit with my morning cup of tea and it keeps me happy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First of all, good for you, Tulika, that you have a dietician who is helping you. Also, following a diet is so much a lifestyle thing that you can’t change one if the rest of the areas of your health are neglected.
      And, now,…..I am in awe of you, babe! You do have super self-control! 😀
      Each time I read a diet chart and see the words “One biscuit with tea”, or “One chapati with one katori sabji”, my stomach grumbles so loudly and my heart goes out to the one following the diet. And, I wonder why there aren’t any humane ways to help a person improve their health!


  2. I have fallen prey to a few of these in the past! I totally agree with you. Now I am just happy with the way I am. I am Diabetic, so I try and follow the diet for that and I walk for at least 45 mins a day. I have decided that this is all I will be doing! Starving myself doesn’t help me at all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the best thing you are doing, Jyothi. When you know the ailment and you take proactive measures to ensure you stay in a good health despite the ailment, know that you are taking very good care of yourself!
      I like the positivity in your attitude! ❤


  3. Very helpful post, yes, there are some people who blindly follow some celebs.
    You have given the right suggestion…remaining healthy is much more important, dieting or being slim should be taken account under keeping yourself healthy.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love this post, Shilpa! Celebrity diets, fad diets, even whole food diets – I think the moments it’s a “diet”, we should run in the opposite direction! Eating balanced meals and enjoying the occasional junk food is perfectly normal, unless one has a health problem, as you so rightly pointed out. Getting in some form of movement – be it walking or even just dancing in your living room – is also important, but there’s also no need to go to the other extreme of crazy amounts of fitness routines. Overall, more than a number on the weighing scale, health is what is most important. It is absolutely possible to be fat and fit, just as it is not at all surprising to find slim and unfit folks!

    Liked by 1 person

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