The secret to healthy, beautiful skin.


(Updated on 15 February 2020, by Shilpa Gupte)

We read so much about beauty treatments that claim to help us achieve the skin of our dreams, a la the glamorous women on the screen. How we wish we had that glow, that radiance that sets a thousand hearts aflutter!

But, seldom do we realize that what we see on the screen could very well be the airbrushing carried out to hide the flaws and make the women appear perfect, even when they are not!

In the desire to get the skin and the beauty of those screen goddesses, we try and look for the secret to healthy beautiful skin everywhere we can to transform ourselves into Ms.Beautiful or Ms. Young Forever.

Not only do we spend precious money on stuff that might work only on the outside, but also put our health at risk from using chemicals that aren’t supposed to be applied to our gentle skin.

Beautiful skin is NOT a result of beauty products or treatments at the salons.

Beautiful skin is a result of what we eat, how well we take care of our health from the inside and how little chemicals we use.

The skin that we see on the models in glamour magazines or the silver screen is NOT genuine. It’s all made up, with the help of makeup and lighting, and of course, technology! If you took a closer look at those ladies without their makeup on, you would be appalled to see what you do!

The real secret to healthy, beautiful skin lies in something else!

Your skin is a reflection of your gut health. So, work on improving your digestion, and stay away from harmful chemicals.

It’s as simple as that!

All it takes is some changes in your mindset and your grocery list. Oh, and also, reducing the chemicals from your skin care products!

Sharing today, some simple ways to make these changes and some recipes to incorporate foodstuffs that are betterskin care products than the cosmetics you buy from your chemist.





Vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, beetroots, spinach all contain antioxidants apart from precious vitamins, fiber, minerals that take care of your health from within.

Antioxidants are the army of protectors that guard our cells against damage from harmful molecules known as free radicals. Let’s not go into those scientific details, but just focus on including these bright colored veggies in our food palette, for, these also add color to our cheeks!

Doing this is really simple. All you need to do is go for salads, soups or juices (all homemade) to benefit from these superpowers! If, like me, you prefer simple recipes that need very less time to cook, then do read these recipes I share below. Trust me, these take just 15-20 minutes of cook time!

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Yogurt, or curd, consists of live bacteria that help keep our gut healthy and free of toxins. And, as I said, a healthy gut is the secret to beautiful skin. It also improves your immunity and safeguards you from infections.


If plain yogurt is boring, then opt for raitas made of curd and colorful veggies like pumpkin or spinach. These, too, are easy and quick to prepare recipes , cooling for the system, easy to digest and beautiful for your skin.

It’s easy to set curd at home. You really need not get everything readymade. Moreover, the homemade stuff will always be a lot more hygienic, wholesome and fresh compared to its readymade counterparts.

Read Raita recipe for beautiful skin and healthy gut.


How boring it is reading over and over again that we must drink those 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, isn’t it? But, there is a lot of sense in those words!

Secret to healthy, beautiful skin

Water is the natural moisturizer and gut cleanser that gives us healthy, beautiful skin. Remember how, when you were young and had to suffer from those awful pimples and acne, how mom or grandmom would say, “Maybe you have a poor digestive system! Drink lots of water, dear, and clean your system!”

Water helps in breaking down the food you eat and softens it so that your body can absorb it better. It also helps soften the stools and prevents painful constipation, thus taking care of your gut health.

If keeping track of your water intake is a problem, then set alarms on your smartphone to remind you 8 to 10 times in a day to have a drink …of water! 😉 Ta-da! Your problem is sorted!

Read Drink enough water.


Exercising not only helps improve your heart health but also gives a good workout to every organ of the body which in turn reflects on our skin. Our intestines work better which results in good digestion, and the sweat helps throw out the toxins, giving us a clear skin.

Secret to healthy, beautiful skin
Photo by mr lee on Unsplash

Also, exercising improves the blood circulation and helps in producing the natural antioxidants which protect our cells from damage. Finally, exercising releases the happy hormones (dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin) that, in turn, reflects on your face.

Keep the workout simple and easy, though. Take into consideration your age, flexibility, capability and daily schedule and then select an exercise regimen, and stick to it. It’s a matter of some days before it becomes a habit, a much-needed lifestyle change.


As in, opt for natural ingredients to look after your skin from outside instead of going in for costly skincare products and treatments. These are loaded with chemicals that you can’t even pronounce! You will know when you read the ingredients on the packaging.

Secret to healthy, beautiful skin

Kitchen ingredients, on the other hand, make for better skincare products: body and face scrubs, cleansers and moisturizers, lotions etc.  They don’t contain any chemicals and do not have any side-effects, either. You just need to experiment as to which of these suit your skin type.

Read Kitchen ingredients for your skincare routine.


Sleep is the best of all! 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep every night gives our skin the rest and relaxation it needs to rejuvenate itself. The freshness we see the morning after tells us how well we have slept.

Beauty secrets for the skin of your dreams

Having trouble sleeping? No problem! I have it covered.

Here’s a post on TRIPHALA CHURNA that will help you sleep better.


One last tip:

Keep it simple and natural. Refrain from pampering your skin too much. It’s a piece of advice my mum always gives me. Less pampering means your skin stays healthier and stronger with the help of the actual tonic it needs – FOOD!



If you provide the right manure and nutrients to a plant, it grows well and gives you beautiful blossoms. Simply planting it in a designer vase will not help it stay healthy and beautiful, will it? In the same way, taking care of your skin from the inside will ensure a bright and beautiful skin from the outside.


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Secret to healthy, beautiful skin





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29 thoughts on “The secret to healthy, beautiful skin.

  1. AMEN. Love this post!! Skin shines from the inside out for sure. Whenever I have a few more blemishes than I would prefer, I definitely turn to water intake and some good exercise. Food changes too! Thank you for the tips xox

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such simple tips and yet we keep forgetting and messing up. I had a yoga instructor who used to say that all skin-solutions lie in natural homemade food.
    PS: For the past almost a year I’ve been unable to set curd. God knows why it just doesn’t come out right :-(. Have been surviving on dairy bought stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And, your Yoga instructor was so right, Tuli!

      About the curd you set, do you warm the milk? I warm it a little bit more than lukewarm, then I apply curd inside the bowl I wish to set the curd in, and then pour the milk in. I cover it and keep it in a warm corner of my kitchen and in a matter of a few hours, the curd sets perfectly. DO try this out. I hope it works for you too.


  3. Luckily I do all of these. But you know there is one more factor which is genetics. Another one is stress, the more you are in control of sleep abs stress, the fresher your skin looks.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Shilpa, another lovely post from you. I personally love quick recipes and I went through both the raita and juice/soup recipes. You are absolutely right about shining from inside out. There is so much benefit in eating right. I am changing my food pattern now. Somehow I feel a bit different about the foods I take now than the ones I took before. I’m glad I’m finally eating the way I want to, however it’s a lifetime process and I finally realized it. I love your recipes and I am going to try some of it soon especially the raita.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am happy you made the changes in your diet, Jayanthy. We all often realise it late that we need to be careful of what we eat and how we eat. It does take some time, but these habits become lifelong habits and hold us in good stead.

      Thank you for reading and sharing about the changes you are making, Jaya!


  5. These are such practical tips that we often overlook. I swear by #3. The benefits of adequate water consumption are underrated. Expensive cosmetics can never replace a healthy lifestyle!


  6. Ah skin, the bane of my life!

    I am one of those who has the worst skin on the planet. Acne, pits, scars, pigmentation, uneven texture, oilyness, you name it, I have it! I have battled it all my life and tried everything that I could, but nothing seems to work. While it has subsided to a large extent, it will never fully go away. I have now come to accept all of this as a part of me and since I have hormones triggering all this, I have no choice but to accept it and move on.

    Having said that, I work out, eat healthy and do everything that I can to keep my skin in control. With time, hopefully things will get better.

    Until then, make-up zindabad! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww…that’s sad, Soumya! Hugs!
      I used to have loads of pimples when I was in college. I too tried all things to get rid of it, but then gave in and waited it to go on its own.

      As long as you are taking such good care of your health, you need not worry much, Certain things are not in our control. And, what is in our control, we ought to take care of it.

      haha….yes, makeup zindabad! And, knowing you, I am sure your skin health is in good hands. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing! ❤


  7. I loved the last line the most. A plant in a designer vase!. All of your points are bang on. You know I have oily skin which is fine for rest of the body (but which is not a blessing in hot and humid conditions) yet it affects my face with acne breakouts. I rub on my face used lemon everyday, somedays even twice a day, on my face to open up the pores. It is a joke in the house that we buy and consume all the lemons in the market.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha….Now I loved the last line of your comment!
      But, yes, it’s better to take the help of natural ingredients to take care of our skin. At least that way we need not worry about side-effects.
      Thanks for sharing your experience, Anu!


  8. You know what, I was battling acne the past three four years. I tried so many things but nothing worked. But now all have cleared up because I do nothing. I apply mosituizing lotion and that’s all. I agree the less we do the better. All those skin care tips with fancy products have ruined our habits towards clearer skin. I loved all the wonderful and easy tips you have given.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it? We tend to get all carried away by what we see in the advertisements and are least bothered by how it will affect our skin. Best strategy is to eat better. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing, Raj!


  9. You have summed up the basics so succinctly Shilpa. In the Ayurved course I did last year, they emphasised a lot on the gut health for general health of a person. Acne/sores on the face are the signs of a weak gut and must be immediately taken care of with good diet and water intake.

    Loved the post and heading to check out the raita and kitchen ingredient recipes for skin care

    Liked by 1 person

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