Monday Blues. #MondayMusings

Mondays are a pain. A MAJOR pain.

The first day of the week, when most of the world’s population is ready with their To-do lists in hand, is the day I don’t look forward to, at all. It never happened earlier. In fact, I would wonder why people call it the Monday Blues. It’s only now that I realize why. Well, Monday comes after a lazy Sunday, and twice a month (or thrice?) after a lazy Saturday, as well. The slothfulness seeps into our bones to such an extent, our brain and body refuse to change gears!

My weekends are usually lackadaisical. I do have my to-do lists for the weekends, too, but there isn’t any strict timetable to be followed.

(Ah, just thinking about my lazy weekends makes me pine for one!).

Not that I loll on bed or the couch all day during a weekend. I do indulge in some de-cluttering, scrubbing and cleaning the house, pampering myself and binge-watching some crime series on Netflix. This last bit is my favorite part!

My laptop takes a break, blogging takes a break, the phone, too, takes a much-needed break. And, my everyday schedule undergoes a bit of a change, that’s all. And, yet, when Monday does arrive–as it must–I feel a weird kind of dread seeping through my entire being.

I feel too lazy to enter the kitchen first thing in the morning, so I begin with an invigorating Yoga session, which fails to invigorate me enough to get into the cooking mode.

Ah, now I understand why I am hit by the Monday Blues! It’s the cooking part, which I don’t indulge in during the weekend that gets to me. Glad to know that I am not the only one who feels this way about cooking. My friend, Balaka Basu feels so, too. Also glad that my hubby is an extremely talented cook and not a strict taskmaster who insists on eating homemade meals ONLY. He often takes over the charge of the kitchen and lets me laze around. He is such an adjusting person – God bless him!

So, today was one such Monday which was not productive at all, until now. It’s almost time for bed and here I am, gung-ho about typing this post! Guess the Monday Blues are on the wane. Wonder why it didn’t happen earlier in the day. I could have written this post earlier, made a better sketch for my Monday Art hashtag instead of a silly drawing of a baby elephant (which my darling friends referred to as “too cute”!), read a chapter of The Artist’s Way….oh,I could have done so much!

Anyway, better late than never. At least I am feeling much better now, which will reflect on my mood tomorrow morning, which, in turn, will ensure I do something constructive tomorrow and for the rest of the week, too.

And then will come my fav weekend, which will be followed by the dreaded Monday…all over again!

Uh oh.

How I wish we didn’t have a Monday, at all. The week would have begun with a Tuesday and life would have been so much better, isn’t it?  Am I making any sense at all? My brain is shutting shop, I guess. “Time for bed,”  it seems to say.

So, what about you? How are your Mondays? Blue or cheerful? Lazy or productive? Exciting or boring?

Have a good week, y’all!




**This post is written for #MondayMusings. 



Published by shilpagupte

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30 thoughts on “Monday Blues. #MondayMusings

  1. My life is such that I never really ever got to experience a proper Mondays blues…. some Sundays I will be on duty the whole day and just yearn for Mondays. For me, the post duty off ‘becomes my Sunday’ and the next day is ‘this Monday’ 🙂

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    1. Aww….I can imagine, Roshan!
      When I saw the doctors on call (during hubby’s hospital stay), I would wonder what sort of a life they lead, working for so many hours nonstop and then not even getting a Sunday off!


      1. Monday blues always exist. Ohh the early morning classes after two days of waking up late in the weekend…such a pain! But we get back into the drill soon enough. I doubt if there’s any way to power ourselves up on Mondays. Lucky you for having a talented cook for a hubby. I’m hoping for one too. :p

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      2. Oh yes, college days used to feel the worse. Waking up early for the first lecture at 8:30 am, travel for an hour to reach college after a lazy Sunday–what a torture it was!

        I am lucky for my chef hubby, Dashy! And I will pray you too meet someone who is a terrific cook! Let’s keep our fingers crossed…what say? ❤


  2. I somehow look forward to Mondays!! I am all excited to make my new to-do lists and attack them. Guess, after the slow pace of the weekend and disrupted schedule, Mondays bring back the order in my life. But, guess, it’s ok to feel Monday-Blues sometimes, glad that you were able to beat it today! Have a great week ahead, Shilpa. Cheers!

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  3. Such an honest little post this ❤

    Strangely, my weekends are more packed than weekdays, so I more often than not end up looking forward to a Monday. All my cleaning, washing, sorting, shopping etc is all kept for the weekend. This along with meeting friends, both sets of parents and other people too. It exhausts me to the bone!

    Weekdays on the other hand are neat and sorted. Home, work, home! Simple 🙂

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    1. How simple, yaar Soumya! So are my weekdays, too! But, in my case, it’s this simplicity that I yearn to complicate by doing nothing ‘constructive’, which ends up with me dreading my Monday! ;P


    1. I too work from home so every weekday is productive. It’s just that after a lazy weekend, getting all wired up for a busy MOnday takes time! 😛
      Thank you for dropping by, Lola! 🙂


  4. Shilpa, everyone deals with Mondays differently. I look forward to Mondays because all the cheat meals consumed during the weekend make me feel guilty and I rush to the gym on Monday morning 🙂 I am glad yoga helped to brighten your day. Take care and have a great week 🙂

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    1. Haha! I have seen your gym pics Sulu, and I can understand how pumped up you must be to hit the gym every Monday morning.
      You are truly an inspiration to us lazy bones, you know? ❤


  5. I love Mondays now as get some time away from the family, still my little one is home on Monday so not so much. Tuesdays I love so much because no one is home. Earlier when I was in school and later working I did feel a less sort of affection toward Mondays. Now, both my weekends and weekdays are packed, but I get to enjoy a taste of solitude only when the weekdays arrive. 😀

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    1. I can so understand how it feels, Vini! Having the house to yourself on any day must give you that thrill that we rarely experience otherwise. 🙂 SO, yes, be it a Monday or a Tuesday, any day when you have the house to yourself is the best day of the week and you will never suffer from the Blues!


  6. Wear red on Monday and you won’t feel blue . But I agree with you about getting up on Moday with a long TO DO list . Sometimes I feel like shutting up the alarm and going back to sleep

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    1. Haha! Trust you to come up with such one-liners that make me chuckle! ❤

      I too feel like going back to sleep every Monday morning, but then my babies call out to me and demand my attention, so I HAVE to get up and get going! 😛

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  7. wah bhai wah!!! thanks for referring to my post. I thankfully, don’t get Monday morning blue..on the contrary, I feel happy on Monday morning..pati aur beta bahar..pura ghar mera and I can relax..weekends are hectic for me and I dread them.

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    1. Hahaha! What is it with us women? We are happiest when pati aur bachcha are out of the house and we have our abode all to ourselves! This is so common among women who have crossed 40 😉 i have heard it from so many…it makes it loud and clear how we would rather be by ourselves than with our husband and bachchaas 🤣🤣🤣


  8. Loved your post, Shilpa! Tere nazariya se, tera Monday! Mine is very different. I live for my Mondays, and since I don’t go to work, I work from home, undisturbed, from Monday to Friday because my weekends and my early mornings and evenings are all taken up by the family who comprise 3 generations at the moment. Full-time wife and mom rule over the part-time writer/blogger! My me-time is only when there is no one at home. Writing, my biggest joy, happens only when every other duty is fulfilled! Tough juggling act. Some days are tougher than tough! But, that’s life, I guess!

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  9. Your post made me smile Shilpa – Mondays are so like this for everyone yaar. I dont think I have come across even one person who says Mondays are their thing. We humans react very badly to change and this cross over from weekend to Monday is legendary across generations.

    I loved reading Balaka’s post too – it made me smile so much!

    I have been trying to get my art table sorted and be inspired with your Monday art but havent gotten started so far.. Hoping to surprise you and myself one of these days.

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  10. You know what I’ve done, Shilpa? I work Saturdays and close on Sundays and Mondays! A good way to avoid the Monday Blues, na? 😉
    I’m glad my husband encourages my laziness, but I still have work on my own guilt at it!

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    1. Wow!!! That’s such a good way to work, Corinne!
      Actually, I have no issues with Monday, as such. It’s just that waking up on a Monday and cooking first thing (after a beautiful yoga session) is what gets to me. Otherwise, I love weekdays as that’s when I am working at home, alone, and loving my own company. 😉


  11. This week it seems as if I have had the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday blues as well. It is only today,that I forced myself to get up and work. But I realised that once you are up and moving, things get done. It is only sometimes so hard to start that up and moving part!

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    1. I know!! I hear you, Sunita! It’s just how I feel sometimes, but on Mondays, it’s a bit too pronounced because of all the aaram that I do (read, no entering the kitchen) . Changing gears on a Monday takes a while for me. 🙂

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  12. Somehow I’m always looking forward to a Monday to make it look like I’m doing something important. However, for the past 2 years my everyday looks the same! Baby routine – eat sleep repeat – oh this is for the baby. Secretly, I am waiting for her to go to school so I get some ME time! 🙂 Nowadays I send her off with her dad to get along with him and his friends for a while, just like now. Apart from the little one, I am basically a lazy person to get things on track. So with baby girl at least I have a couple of things done right – cooking and cleaning – because I have no choice to put that on hold for a long time!! 😀

    Though I agree I would love to sometimes laze around on a Monday Morning just because it is a Monday Morning! 😀

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