Motivational quotes that help me fight anxiety.

Motivational quotes that help deal with anxiety

(Updated on 17th February, 2020, by Shilpa Gupte)

Let me be frank with you, dear reader. For those suffering from anxiety, it’s not always that someone will be by your side, trying to soothe your frayed nerves and an anxious, panic-ridden mind. There are and will be times when you are on your own when caught in a storm, with no help in dealing with the confusion and the dread.

It’s at such times that you have to fall back on yourself, unearth the courage from the depths of your own mind, and face the situation.

Past experiences help at such times. Moments, when we went through similar stressful situations and dealt with them with strength, are the moments that will give you the confidence to deal with the disturbing thoughts that torture you at such times.

Also, motivating quotes that one can repeat to oneself, affirmations that one can begin the day with, come to our help while dealing with anxious moments alone.

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Sharing today, 5 of my chosen motivational quotes that I remind myself when my anxiety hits the roof.



Just closing your eyes, diverting your mind to your nose, your lungs, and your breath and inhaling and exhaling for even a count of 10 makes a lot of difference to your mental health in an anxious situation.


Last year, when hubby was admitted to a hospital for a tooth surgery, and I was doing all the running around, things would often go wrong. Like, one day, as I was in the elevator, riding up to hubby’s room, the elevator came to a sudden halt.

The lights went out and the elevator being one without a window, I was caught inside a pitch dark box with no air or light or a soul for company.

But, it’s what happens to these machines sometimes and despite banging on the doors, nothing happened for a long time.

it was only after a while that a guard on duty realised it and came rushing for help. It took time to open the door as the elevator was between two floors, but I was out of there after spending quite some time doing nothing but breathing evenly.

Had I given in to my anxiety, I would have been a nervous wreck – panicky, breathless, banging on the door, petrified of dying in there from lack of oxygen and whatnot.

But, all I did was sit down on a stool and breathe. When I stepped out, I was welcomed by a throng of people who looked far more terrified for me than I was, in there!

So, always remember….when in an anxious situation, just tell yourself to BREATHE.

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A quote that is always on my lips and in my mind, whether I am in a happy situation or a sad one.

Nothing lasts forever.

The way the seasons change, the sun rises and sets, so do our problems come and go, our moments come and go.

Driving yourself crazy about a situation with horrid thoughts won’t do you any good. But, repeating to yourself, that this, too, shall pass, will!

It’s easier said than done, but trust me, reciting these words reduces your anxiety, drastically. You prepare your mind for the change that’s about to happen in some time, which, in turn, helps you calm down and focus on the moment instead of imagining the worse.


Be in the moment instead of catastrophizing. Be conscious of your thoughts. Our mind is super fertile when it comes to conjuring frightening images and negative thoughts and driving us to the edge. And, in a difficult situation, it can only come up with worse things happening in the unknown future!

Live in the moment

First things first. Do we know what the future holds for us? We aren’t Nostradamus, are we? So, how can we predict what might happen tomorrow?

However, one thing’s for sure. Our tomorrow will definitely get ruined if we screw up our today by encouraging negativity and imagining worst case scenarios.

So, stay in the moment, however anxious it may make you feel. Experience it fully and try to come up with solutions. To deal with any situation, we need the presence of mind and alertness, only then can we find our way out of the situation, isn’t it?


Encourage yourself, instead, that whatever the situation, you can, and will, handle it with elan. You might err in gauging the exact repercussions of your decisions, but you will definitely come out of it stronger and wiser, so what do you have to fear?

The current situation I find myself in could have been far more demanding and gruelling, so let me be grateful for ‘what is’ and not worry about ‘what could have been’!


We all wish we had done things differently; how proud that would have made us! But, when the opportunity presents itself, we forget about it all and give in to our fears, our anxiety and end up feeling miserable about ourselves.

None of us is perfect, but we secretly desire to be so. However, the kind of criticism we shower ourselves with, ‘making ourselves proud’ never happens.

So, when dealing with your demons, your anxiety, imagine how it would be to overcome that fear and deal with the situation bravely.

Imagine how proud that would make you of yourself, and act accordingly. No one’s going to present you with an award for your bravery, but you will, definitely, feel so much better about yourself! And, that means A LOT.

Dealing with your anxiety bravely won’t get your name in the newspapers. But, it will matter to YOU. And, that’s what’s most important.

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Anxiety can become a life-long companion if we encourage it. However, it isn’t easy keeping anxious thoughts at bay. But doing our best to live in the present, reminding ourselves about the courage we have, and being grateful for everything we have been blessed with, is sure to help us deal with a stressful situation.

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Quotes that help fight anxiety

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9 thoughts on “Motivational quotes that help me fight anxiety.

  1. Oh Shilpa this post comes at such a good time for me. I really needed to read this as I’m dealing with multiple issues at home. Interestingly it’s nothing catastrophic – just the pressure of keeping a house running smoothly. And it can all start to seem like this huge big avalanche of things to be repaired, looked into or kept track of. And that leads to an anxiety attack.
    Oh and elevators can be really scary specially if one suffers from claustrophobia. Glad you could keep it together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hugs, Tulika!
      First of all, apologies for the late reply!
      Now, I hope things are better at your end. I know, anxiety can creep in at any time, for any reason, and spoil things for us. But, I have seen that it helps to repeat these quotes to myself when feeling low or burnt out because of my anxiety.
      I hope things get better for you, too. Just remind yourself that you are the boss of anxiety and keep it where it deserves to stay–out of your way!


  2. What awesome quotes to embrace when you’re feeling anxious. I have one I use sometimes too and it’s probably, it’s a bit of an odd one because of the double negative but it works for me. It’s “give up the idea that something’s wrong”. Thanks for your inspiring post.


  3. It’s a great post, i’m very prone to panicking too. half of the quotes you’ve shared i use them a lot. i often think of the worst things that could have happened with me when i panic and think “it could have been worse, i can do this” most of the time it pulls me through.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My favorite is This to shall pass. I love inspiring quotes and affirmations. They really help keep our spirits up especially when we need that extra push to restore our soul’s balance. Thank you for these excellent ones.


  5. These are such powerful and empowering thoughts to focus on when one is stressed and anxious. Just breathe and This too shall pass work for me. They help to calm and work on solutions rather than stressing out situations.Thanks for sharing these inspiring quotes, Shilpa


  6. Omg getting stuck in an elevator alone can be so nerve wracking. These are really effective quotes. Thank you for sharing. I too believe in them and often remind myself specially – This, too, shall pass. The thought itself makes me feel better.

    Liked by 1 person

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