Hair oil for itchy scalp and hair fall.

Do you experience intense itching in your scalp even after a hair wash? Oiling the hair gives no relief from the itching and the hair fall keeps worsening, right?

I suffered from this issue for so long, it was really testing my patience. Neither did applying warm oil seem to help nor did changing the shampoo.

Having reached a dead-end, I decided to try something I read on one of my visits to Pinterest. An oil that gave relief from an itchy scalp and arrested hair fall, too.

I made a slight change by using refined coconut oil instead of virgin coconut oil because I did not find the latter at my grocer’s.

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Sharing the recipe for this wonder oil with you all today.

Hair oil for itchy scalp and hair fall.



Refined Coconut Oil: 1 bowl. You can also use Virgin Coconut OIl.

Curry leaves: a fistful – washed and dried.

Fenugreek Seeds: 1 teaspoon

Hair oil for itchy scalp and hair fall.


In a pan, take the oil and place it on the gas.

Allow it to heat a little before adding the fenugreek seeds.

Once the seeds change color, add the curry leaves.

Keep stirring the oil for 3 – 4 minutes.

Hair oil for itchy scalp and hair fall

Once the oil changes its color to brown, switch off the gas.

Allow the oil to cool before storing it in an air-tight glass jar.


Apply the oil a couple of hours before your hair wash.

I massage my hair with this oil on the day before hair wash, the reason being that once I oil and comb my hair, I can tie it up and leave the oil to soak into my scalp. It also helps me sleep well!

Do not use too much oil to massage the hair.

One or two teaspoons depending on the length of your hair should suffice.

Warm the oil if you wish to and massage with your fingers using gentle, circular movements.

Gently comb the hair to detangle the knots and tie up your hair in a bun or a plait.

After 2 to 3 hours, shampoo your hair.

Using this oil at least twice a week will definitely show some improvement in your scalp condition.

The itching reduces in 2 applications, itself!


Hair oil for itchy scalp and hair fall


Coconut oil is a natural conditioner that keeps your hair soft, tangle-free and easy to manage.

It is a natural moisturizer that keeps dry hair soft and silky.

It naturally adds a shine to the hair and drives the dullness away.

It prevents the hair from breaking.

After the hair wash, take just a couple of drops of plain coconut oil and apply it to slightly damp hair so that it doesn’t break while combing.


Curry leaves help restore scalp health. They strengthen the roots of the hair, clear the hair follicles that tend to get clogged due to the chemicals present in the hair products and ensure hair growth.

The high protein content of curry leaves reduces hair loss and fights dandruff.


Fenugreek seeds reduce hair fall thanks to their high nutrient content.

These, too, strengthen the roots of the hair which results in faster hair growth.

Fenugreek seeds fight dandruff and scalp itchiness which are the root cause of hair fall. The antibacterial qualities of fenugreek seeds help fight the irritation that occurs due to dandruff.

Fenugreek seeds turn the hair softer, smoother and easy to comb. Adding a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds powder to henna softens the hair and gives it a well-nourished feel.

Switching to this hair oil with its natural ingredients is sure to give you positive results as opposed to using chemicals to fight your hair problems.

However much the products may promise to solve our hair issues, the bottom line is that these are loaded with all kinds of chemicals that are harmful to the hair and the skin in the long run.

Making the change from branded hair care products to natural ingredients used by our mothers and grandmothers makes a lot of sense.

The kinds of products we have today were not available to the past generations and yet they had better, stronger, longer and healthier hair compared to ours!

Do try out this hair oil and let me know how your hair feels.




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Hair oil for itchy scalp and hair fall

10 thoughts on “Hair oil for itchy scalp and hair fall.”

  1. I use coconut oil with curry leaves, I mean I used to use. Once before I had made with fenugreek seeds too. This is such a timely reminder, Shilpa. My hair is falling like crazy that the boys in the house are going mad. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t know that curry leaves can be used on hair too. This sounds like an excellent formula to treat hair woes. Coconut oil has been my go to oil since the beginning of time. It has so many wonderful properties.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is exactly the recipe my grandmother prepares Shilpa. We just tell her our hair keeps falling or it is too dry or we have dandruff and she comes up with this potion within a day or two. At times she expects us to help her and on most others she doesn’t even rely on us to bring her the ingredients. She does it herself. Now as I read the preparation, I am thinking how long she had spent doing all this. It looks a bit cruel now, but she has never complained about making new batches for anyone. Thankful for that. However, I’ll help her in the preparation henceforth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It doesn’t take too long to prepare it, Jaya. Neither are the ingredients too many. You can do it on a free afternoon and you are set for a fortnight’s supply of this hair tonic.


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