How to stay mentally healthy.


There is no health without mental health.

10th October is celebrated as World Mental Health Day. it’s an attempt at creating awareness about the importance of mental health, the need to stay mentally healthy and how one can achieve it.

We give a lot of importance to physical health. We invest in fitness centers and equipment to work on our bodies. We pay attention to our diet and follow the rules of hygiene to ensure we stay healthy in every way we can.

However, hardly do we pay attention to our mental health, our mental hygiene. Seldom do we consider paying close attention to the health of our mind that is paramount for a healthy and happy life.

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Sharing today, 10 simple tips for mental hygiene. Follow these tips to achieve optimum health–both mental as well as physical–and watch your peace return!




The way you visit your family doctor for your annual health tests, do visit a psychiatrist to get a  mental health check.

How to stay mentally healthy

There is really no shame in visiting a mental health expert. it’s not just those who suffer from mental illnesses who need to visit a shrink! You can, and should, too, if you don’t feel good in your mind, for the mind is the most powerful part of the human body.


There’s an avalanche of information coming our way from every corner that insists on the importance of staying physically active and fit. Joining a gymnasium, enrolling in Yoga classes or following some or the other fitness technique to stay healthy is what everybody talks about. And, yet, there are so many among us who fail to get off our couch and get moving!

How to stay mentally healthy

Any physical activity, be it yoga, walking, jogging or exercising, helps release chemicals in our body known as endorphins that stimulate a positive feeling within us. These ‘feel good’ chemicals make us happy. And, it is this happy feeling that keeps us mentally healthy.

It helps us deal with the difficult moments that show themselves during the span of a day and we find it easier to make decisions or face those tough moments with a calmer mindset.

Imagine how much it would help if you make exercising an important part of every day? It’s what has helped me face my anxiety and take better control of my thoughts.


We often keep our stress and anxiety bottled up inside us, worrying about how others might view us and our thought processes. All this pent up stress takes its toll on our mind and our body, our relationships, and our work, resulting in a gradual disintegration of our being.

How to stay mentally healthy

Leave aside the fear of what people might think if you shared your feelings with them. If there are issues that bother you on an everyday basis, share them with your close friends or relatives. It will help take the load off your chest and you might also find solutions to some of those problems.

Maintain a diary or work on Morning Pages–a wonderful exercise that helps you in writing whatever comes to your mind, objectively. And, if all else fails, visit a therapist who will be better able to help you deal with your fears, your anxieties or your stress.

Remember, chronic stress ruins not just your mind but also your body. So, if you are experiencing stress in any area of your life, address those issues. It’s what will keep you in better health than just visiting a gym every day!


You are what you eat. If you eat junk, then that’s how your body will turn out to be. And, if you stick to a healthy diet that consists of all the food groups–proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats–you are sure to have a healthier body.

How to stay mentally healthy

What we eat also affects how we feel. A healthy dose of all the necessary nutrients in your daily diet will ensure your mind feels healthy and happy. It’s what will encourage you to take better care of yourself and make you aware of how you ought to do it.


Drinking socially and responsibly is necessary.

How to stay mentally healthy

Alcohol enters the bloodstream and affects our thinking, our cognition, our intellectual functioning. It may leave us feeling euphoric for the time being, but once its effects dissipate, it only leaves us feeling much more miserable than when we started.

Limit your alcohol consumption and when you do drink, make sure you eat before you drink as well as while you drink. Exercise self-control and make sure you are well aware of your actions.


Hobbies are the best stress busters. They not only keep your mind occupied with something that gives you happiness and a sense of satisfaction but also keep you physically active.

How to stay mentally healthy

Be it gardening, art, music, baking, singing, dancing, cooking, pottery…the list of these stress-busters is endless!

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Make time for your hobby. Even if it’s for an hour every day, set aside the time when you can be engrossed in your favorite activity and watch your stress vanish!


Words that people uttered, words that hurt you in the past are words that haunt us for years together and poison our mind, our heart. Why do you need this poison when you can just let go of this mental clutter and live peacefully?

So, just forgive and forget. Or, at least let it be a lesson that you will remember all your life and stay away from such toxic people.

How to stay mentally healthy

Let go of the physical clutter in your life, too. Holding on to stuff that brings only momentary pleasure, hoarding stuff that takes up a lot of your stamina is really not needed for a happy life.

Minimize. Purge on a regular basis. Let go of stuff, people and thoughts that weigh you down. Surround yourself with people who make you happy, with thoughts that spark joy. Rejoice with the happy memories of past moments instead of stuff that only clutters your surroundings.

Let go of the emotional and physical clutter in your life. Follow the rules of MINIMALISM.


Sleep plays a large role in our wellbeing. But, today’s fast-paced life has left us with a hundred distractions that take away from our ‘sleep time’ and affect our overall health.

How to stay mentally healthy

We need a minimum of 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Follow a routine where you switch off your gadgets an hour before bed-time so that your brain knows its time to rest. The blue light that emanates from your gadgets keeps the brain active and alert, disturbing your sleep.

So, just switch off. You are definitely not going to miss out on something if you turn off your smartphones for the day. But, if you don’t switch off, then you are surely going to miss out on your precious sleep. It’s up to you what matters to you more–the world out there or your health.


I can’t emphasize enough how much living in the present helps keep stress at bay.

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It’s what I have been practicing ever since I discovered I suffer from GAD. We, humans, have the tendency to either live in the past or jump into the future. Seldom do we stay in the present. It’s the present moment that’s your life.

How to stay mentally healthy

Whatever has happened in the past is now a part of history that can’t be undone. Whatever’s not happened yet is all a part of the unknown future, so why bother about it? We don’t even know for sure if what we think is what will indeed happen, do we?

Living in the moment will help keep your stress, fears, anxiety, and panic at bay and help you do your best to live life to its fullest. The choice is, again, yours–whether you want to keep revisiting the past or visiting the future, or whether you want to live in the here and the now and enjoy the moment.


It’s my mom’s advice – to accept life as it is. To tell ourselves that life is good – way better than what we could have expected. And, to never, ever, compare our life with that of the others, for all that glitters is not gold, and we know not the battles people fight behind closed doors!

How to stay mentally healthy

So, don’t worry, be happy!


Remember, mental health comes first. You need to be healthy in mind to be healthy in body.



How to stay mentally healthy




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14 thoughts on “How to stay mentally healthy.

  1. Thanks for sharing Shilpa, I think the problem with many people is they wait too late to get the help. The big problem here in the UK is not enough easy access to psychiatrists, psychologists. I would get so many clients who had been on long waiting lists to get the mental health support they required.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so true, Eileen!
      It’s what I have heard my psychiatrist say so often that people wait endlessly in the hope that things will change some day. Also, with the stigma attached to mental illness, it worries people as to what others will think if they discuss their mental health issues.
      It must be a sad scenario for those who have to wait for long to get help! How they must be suffering silently, unable to find any solutions to their troubles!

      Thank you for reading, Eileen, and sharing your thoughts.


  2. All such relevant and useful pointers. Mental illness is something many of us take for granted. It’s so pertinent to keep working towards ones emotional well being.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great article! I really hope we can get rid of the stigma associated with getting help with our mental health. Why should it be any different than going to the doctor’s office for a kidney problem for example? The brain is an organ just like any other…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true. The way we visit a doctor for any other health issue, is the way we ought to visit a doctor for a mental health issue. It is after all the most important aspect of our wellbeing .
      Thank you for reading! 🙂


  4. What a well researched and analysed article on mental health Shilpa. This is such a crucial aspect of our lives and the most neglected too. I really appreciated the fact about living in the present. All of us find a escape in past or future and neglect whats right in front of us.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. One of things I need to work on getting better at to protect my mental health is getting enough sleep. Its not easy for me to sleep when I feel overwhelmed. In fact, I tend to lose sleep because of stress. I don’t like setting a bed time routine but I believe that’s what I need to do to get some rest at night. I started a routine but I wasn’t consistent and have found myself sleeping late hours again and waking up late.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I too haven’t had a very good relationship with sleep. But I started doing a couple of things that are helping me a lot these days.
      I go offline an hour or two before bedtime. I also drink the Triphala tea which helps me sleep better. Do read the post on my blog on TRIPHALA CHURNA that I posted last week.

      I also do some deep breathing when I lie down to sleep, or when i wake up in the middle of the night. That also helps me a lot. And yes, set a fixed time to sleep and you will find yourself feeling sleepy at that hour every night.
      Take care! ♡


      1. Thank you for those tips! The deep breathing unfortunately hasn’t helped. I need to try the tea you mentioned, I’ve been drinking chamomile and sleepy time tea but that hasn’t helped either.

        You take care as well! God bless!

        Liked by 1 person

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