Turma Boost – Turmeric in a capsule.

Curcumin in capsules

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post. I received the TurmaBoost Capsules (a Rusan product) in return for an honest review, and I have shared my views of the same. 

Turmeric has been an important part of Asian food and Ayurveda for years. Not only its pungent, bitter flavours and its bright yellow colour, but also its medicinal properties have made turmeric a favoured spice.

Its antioxidant properties that fight infections, its anti-inflammatory properties that give relief from arthritic pain, its use in skincare, and its general usage for treating minor ailments, as well as major, is common knowledge.

Curcumin, the active component of turmeric, according to studies, might help stabilize blood sugar levels. Of course, more studies need to be done to ascertain this factor.

However, because curcumin on its own can’t be absorbed properly into the bloodstream, taking it in combination with piperine from black pepper could help with it.

*Piperine is the alkaloid responsible for the pungency of black pepper (Wikipedia).



Curcumin, as such, can’t get fully absorbed by the body. Piperine makes curcumin more bioavailable as it holds back certain intestinal digestive enzymes, which in turn results in curcumin being absorbed into the bloodstream.

In short, piperine acts as an absorption catalyst for curcumin in the body.


And, that’s why, Rusan Pharma has introduced TURMABOOST – a combination of Piperine from black pepper and curcumin from Turmeric in the form of a health capsule that improves immunity, relieves pain and acts as a natural detoxifier thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Curcumin in capsules


TURMABOOST comes in the form of softgel capsules and each capsule contains:

CURCUMIN – 95% (400 mg)

PIPERINE – 5 mg.


1 or 2 capsules twice daily.


Rs. 165/- per strip that contains 10 softgel capsules.

curcumin in capsules




Piperine in the black pepper helps reduce pain.

Curcumin helps in the treatment of arthritis thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Both these – turmeric and black pepper in combination – could fight high cholesterol levels, diabetes and obesity.

These two spices when combined can also give relief from gastric mucosal damage caused by peptic ulcers.

These provide protection to the brain and cognitive functions

These give you a smoother skin and a clear complexion

Being a natural detoxifier, curcumin supports liver health and helps in detoxification

It also helps improve vitality and better mood balance.



Diabetes and foot problems:

Diabetes, over a period of time, causes nerve damage, which results in tingling and pain in the feet. If left untreated, it could also result in losing any sensation in the feet. 

My hubby, who suffers from Type 2 diabetes, has been experiencing tingling in his left foot. He does take medications for treating the problem, but with the help of TURMABOOST for 10 days, he did notice a change.

The tingling had reduced significantly. 

Other than this, he did not notice any change or improvement in his overall health, the reason being the capsules need to be taken over a longer duration.


An OTC (Over-the-counter) health capsule, TURMABOOST helps us much more than consuming turmeric in the form of root powder would. Also, with turmeric being recognised with the GRAS status (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the USA FDA, it can help us enjoy better health. You could try out the capsules if preparing the root powder in combination with black pepper feels cumbersome!


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Curcumin in capsules








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16 thoughts on “Turma Boost – Turmeric in a capsule.

      1. Yes, Ruchi. We do use a lot of turmeric in our diet every day, but we can’t be sure how much of it gets absorbed as curcumin works at its optimum only when combined with piperine. it’s for this reason that I wanted to try this out. Thank you for reading!


  1. It is interesting to see these 2 natural ingredients in a formulation. Both turmeric and black pepper are known for their medicinal uses and we use them off and on. Using Turmaboost can help protect from other ailments too. Thanks for sharing about it, Shilpa!

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