4 powerful tips to reduce digital eye strain.

(Updated by Shilpa Gupte on 14th April 2020)


In the current scenario, with all of us homebound, most of us are glued to our screens all day. Some may work from home, others may watch Netflix all day, and most of us have our phones in our hands to keep us from getting bored, or anxious.

In such a case, it is paramount that we take extra care of our eyes and our health.

Staying away from our screens is next to impossible. But, there’s something called ‘HABIT’ that takes about 21 days to form and last a lifetime–a habit that we need to form today, to change the way we live our life.

Sharing this post today, all over again, to help you make the change that’s important, not just for our eyes, but also for our lifestyle.


Our lives have become increasingly dependent on technology. We need our phones from the moment we wake, till the time our head hits the pillow–and sometimes even after!

We work on our computers and laptops whether we work at home or in an office set-up.

We need our gadgets for not just work, but also entertainment, for shopping, for paying bills or staying in touch with our loved ones.

All of this has taken a toll on our health.

Dry eyes, tired eyes, blurred vision and redness in eyes are some of the commonly experienced symptoms.

And even when we recognize the changes in our body, we aren’t taking any constructive steps to undo, or even reduce the damage.

Sharing today, some simple ways to learn how we can care for our eyes naturally. Making changes in our lifestyle is the easiest way to ensure that our eyes stay healthy despite the onslaught of screen-time they endure.

Caring for our eyes is paramount, and there are a few ways in which we can do that, provided we develop them into a lifelong habit.


Workout for eyes

Eye exercises are the best way to keep our eyes and the eye muscles fit and healthy. These exercises do not guarantee freedom from using correctional glasses, but they ensure the muscles around the eyes stay supple.

Staring at our screens all day long is not what our eyes were made for. It strains the eyes, tires them faster and the fatigue has longterm effects.

Here are a few eye exercises that require not more than 5 minutes of your time. Doing these daily will show positive changes in your eye health.


*Get into a comfortable position and sit with your eyes closed for a minute.

*Then, slowly look up without turning up your neck and head. Move your eyes up and down, from ceiling to the floor, and vice versa, very slowly.

Do this five times and then close your eyes for a few seconds.

*Next, look from side to side, again without moving your head and neck.

Do it, slowly, for five times, and relax.

*Next, move your eyes in the clockwise direction–for five times–and then anti-clockwise direction, for five times. Do this exercise slowly else it makes you dizzy.


Once you are done with the above exercises, close your eyes for a few seconds,

Then, open your eyes and squeeze them shut for a second and quickly open them wide. After a second, close them tight, again, and open then wide. Repeat this 10 times, in quick succession, and then close your eyes and relax.

This workout increases the blood flow to the eyes and brings relief from the strain.

Also, just blink your eyes regularly. Staring causes the eyes to dry, and blinking keeps the eyes moist.


After the ‘blinking’ exercise, rub your palms together till you feel them warm and place them on your eyes. Remember to place the palms, and not the fingers, on the closed eyes. Stay in this position to a count of 100.

Palming relaxes the eyes and is best if done at least a few times in a day, especially after finishing your screen-related work.



Triphala for eyes

Triphala Churna is an Ayurvedic formula that’s made up of three fruits: amla, haritaki, and bibhitaki.

Triphala cures many eye problems thanks to the presence of Vitamin A.

Washing your eyes with Triphala water every morning is very beneficial for your eyes.

Soak half a teaspoon Triphala powder in half a glass of filtered water at night. Cover it. The next morning, before washing your face, use the Triphala water to wash your eyes.

You will need two eye-wash cups (you will find these at a medical store near you).

Without stirring the water, fill the eye-wash cups with the clear Triphala water.

Then, hold the cups to your eyes so that your eyes are immersed in the water.

Blink 5 to 6 times to wash your eyes in the water. Throw away this water and again fill the eye-wash cups with some more clear Triphala water. Fill to the brim and dip your eyes in the cups. Blink again for a few times and then throw away the water.

Wash your eyes now with clean water from the tap. Drink the remaining Triphala water after stirring it well.

It’s really the most refreshing thing you will do for your eyes first thing in the morning!

READ THIS: 10 reasons why you should use Triphala Churna every day.


Flax seeds for eye health

Foods rich in Vitamin A are best for our eyes. Including veggies like carrots, and other yellow and orange fruits and veggies, green leafy vegetables, eggs, and seeds helps improve our eye-health and night vision.

Omega 3 fatty acids also keep our eyes healthy by reducing the chances of dry eyes and the inflammation associated with it.

The DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) improves eye-discomfort if consumed every day. DHA is a type of Omega 3 fatty acids that we can find in flax seeds and fish.

Experts recommend 200-500 mg of DHA per day through fish or flax seeds or supplements to keep our eyes healthy.

It’s really easy making the flax seeds powder at home. Have a spoonful every morning on an empty stomach and wash it down with two glasses of warm water.

Alternately, add a teaspoon to your smoothies or salads, too, to benefit from these tiny seeds of health.



For your eye health

This is the easiest and also the toughest thing to do!

Switching off the gadgets or at least taking a break from your phone or laptop regularly will give relief to fatigued eyes.

Our eyes were not built to focus on screens so close to them.

Holding the phones to your nose as you peer into them, staring at the screens in the dark, and not looking away at regular intervals causes much harm to our eyes than we care to know.

Some of the easiest things to do are:

  1. Switch off your WI-FI or mobile data at least two hours before bedtime. Set an alarm to remind you to do this. It works!
  2. Switch it on only after a couple of hours of waking up in the morning and not as soon as you are out of bed.
  3. Keep bare minimum apps on your phones and check the rest of it all on your laptop or computer.
  4. Check for notifications for not more than a few minutes at a time. Put away the phone and pick it up again only after a gap of an hour or two. The world won’t come to an end if you don’t check what’s going on out there, every now and then.
  5. While working on your computers/laptops, look away, into the distance every 20 minutes. Stare at an object at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds before getting back to the screen. These short intervals give the eyes some much-needed rest.
  6. Set alarms in the apps to remind you of how much time you have spent on the respective apps.
  7. Once a week, take a day off from your gadgets. Your eyes will bless you for doing so.


Our eyesight is God’s gift to us. Taking great care of this blessing is our responsibility towards ourselves.

Caring for our eyes, or even for our overall health, is not as difficult as it seems. Making fitness an important part of our everyday lives will ensure good health for years to come.

All it takes is a little practice, a little discipline, and a lot of self-love! It’s after all a matter of our eyes, of which we will have only this pair!

So, what do you do to look after your eyes?

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Reduce digital eye strain


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13 thoughts on “4 powerful tips to reduce digital eye strain.

    1. Hey, that’s wonderful, Rakhi! Yes, I guess it’s telepathy 🙂
      Also, we are becoming a lot more aware about the ill-effects of this digital addiction that we suffer from, and are taking solid steps to get rid of it.


  1. I do wear anti glare specs, and turn off the digital screens well in time before bed. Outside of Kindle. I guess I should count that too. I have to incorporate flax seed more, and thanks for sharing that churna – I’ll look it up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We do tend to forget about Kindle, don’t we? It’s a screen, after all! 😛
      Yes, do try flaxseeds. They are good, not just for the eyes, but the omega 3 fats work for the entire body.


  2. This is a post for me. Dry eyes have become a norm for me and I put eye drops several times a day. I struggle to keep the phone away. Everytime I promise myself to reduce its use, I do not last more than a day. Ever since I sent you the picture of ground flaxseed, I am adding it to my meals.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anu, please take care of your eyes re. A friend of mine recounted the kind of trouble she had to suffer from because of dry eyes. It can be scary.
      It’s good you are taking flaxseeds, but do try and stay away from the phone. Take baby steps and I am sure you will win someday 🙂


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