10 tips to stay happy in difficult times.


March 20th has been celebrated as the International Day of Happiness since 2013. It is organized by the United Nations with the belief that “happiness is a fundamental human goal”.

The theme this year is, ironically, “Happier together”! Ironic, because of the social isolation that is the rule of the day thanks to the crisis we face today. Fighting the Coronavirus needs us to be in isolation so that we stay safe and keep others safe, as well.

So, celebrating the Day of Happiness by living happier together seems unimaginable, isn’t it?



‘Happier together’ actually focuses on celebrating what we have in common rather than what divides us. Today, our suffering is the common factor that unites us the world over. It’s not just confined to a particular country or race; it’s a crisis every individual the world over is staring at.

Staying happy in such a scenario, for us, could mean steering clear of spreading false news, incorrect information about fighting the virus, and respecting the advice that comes from the medical fraternity.

Keeping those in our prayers who leave behind their families to help treat us, make life easier for us despite the threat to themselves is what we can do to share some happiness in today’s grim scenario.

Spreading cheer, stories of hope, and correct information about how well we are fighting the virus and saving lives are the things we ought to do to spread happiness on this day.

We know not what the future has in store for us. So, why not believe that someday this, too, shall pass; that someday we will come up with a vaccine, and that we will learn a precious lesson from all that we are facing today and change the way we live?

Happier together could also be celebrated by being there for each other, giving hope through the social media and not spreading fear; sharing fun stories and videos, too, to reduce the stress that we suffer from the constant barrage of news and information about COVID -19 and sharing useful information about self-care that could save us.

After I read a really scary article about COVID – 19 yesterday, I thought of something that I needed desperately to reduce my anxiety levels.

Today, I would like to share my list of HAPPY THINGS TO DO with you all.




First of all, as my friend Shailaja Vishwanath suggested, “quit watching every piece of news on the Coronavirus that bombards you on the Internet. Turn off the phone and reach for the newspaper. Focus on the positive news that trickles in announcing the number of recovery cases and the low rate of mortality for this disease.”


If you do wish to spend time on social media, then the best things to watch on Instagram and Facebook are animal videos, makeup tutorials, children and animal videos (they are just too adorable!), cookery shows, baking videos, how-to videos where they show you how to de-clutter and minimize stuff from your home and life.

How to find happiness in difficult times

These are not only entertaining and amusing but also helpful and informative. You learn a lot from these and also enjoy a burst of hearty laughter from watching kids and their animal friends in action!


Exercise at home. YOGA is the best form of workout that you can do when confined to home.

How to find happiness in difficult times

It is not only gentle on your system, but works from the inside to the outside and refreshes you like nothing else. It will also help you stay strong apart from keeping you in a happy frame of mind.


READ good books! I downloaded 10 books through KINDLE UNLIMITED and now have a lovely stock of books that keeps me entertained all day.

How ti find happiness in difficult times

You know what Stephen King said about books?

Books are a uniquely portable magic!

So true, isn’t it? And magic brings happiness! Read some good books and share them with your friends on your timeline. It’s your chance to be happier together!

How to find happiness in difficult times


Watch good movies. There’s Netflix, Amazon Prime, and god-knows-what-else where you can pick a movie of your choice and watch it with your family in the safety of your home. Such a happy time you will spend with your family!


Call up your friends and loved ones and have those hour-long phone calls you put off doing during busy days. I spoke to my bestie yesterday for an hour, and to another friend for half an hour today. There are a few more I intend to call up soon and have a good heart-to-heart talk with. Perks me up every single time!


Play board games with kids, or cards, or any other game you played as a kid. You are working from home these days. Take a break and bring out a game you could play with your babies. I am sure you will be transported to your childhood. Just watch how it thrills you to bits.


De-clutter! Watching Marie Kondo will inspire you to clean up your home–something you otherwise have hardly any time for! And, believe me, de-cluttering feels SO GOOD!

How to find happiness in difficult times

We just did when we moved house earlier this month. The kind of stuff we discarded–books (yes, books, too!), crockery, furniture, clothes, accessories, and what-not, it felt so light! It also made me wonder why we gather so much stuff all our lives when there’s not a single item we will be carrying with us “up there”! Just let it go!

You used it, you enjoyed it, now let it go and make some space–just empty space–at home and see how good it feels. Less of dusting and cleaning, too, you see!?


Sleep. After you are done working, playing and cleaning, go, hit the bed and doze off!

How to find happiness

You don’t have to wake up early to rush off to work, or school. Your body will bless you, really! You require that sleep you otherwise take for granted.


Just sit in silence. Don’t do anything for a while. You don’t need to do something all the time! Just for 10 to 15 minutes every day, sit and relax the mind. The poor thing is under constant attack from a hundred distractions all day, every day. It, too, needs some rest, doesn’t it?

How to find happiness

Go on, give it a break. Put away your phone, books, and everything else, close your eyes and sit. Do nothing.

Dream, if you want to, of a distant land, and conjure up a fantasy world. Or, just sit and listen to the sounds that you hear all around you. I bet you will hear some that you never knew existed!

So, what do you think?

isn’t it really simple to be happy? Hey, this brings to mind a line from an old Hindi film I saw years ago:

It’s so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple!

In these tough times, let’s all look for the simplicity that we left behind, eons ago, for in that simplicity, we will find a world of happiness–happiness that will make our life a whole lot better and fuller than we have been living all these years, don’t you think?

And, while we are at it, why not just live in this moment? Why not take a day at a time instead of wondering about life in the future?

Think over it.

Pin it for later!

10 ways to happiness in difficult times

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8 thoughts on “10 tips to stay happy in difficult times.

  1. Agree with all the tips you have shared! While we have been forced to stay indoors, but there is so much one can do to use this time constructively and happily! I think it is a perfect time to bond with the family and focus on your passions and interests!


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