Healthy eating for busy moms – Book review


Author: Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

Genre: Recipes, food, health & nutrition

Pages: 65

Available on: Blogchatter website: Download this book for free here


Healthy eating for busy moms - Book review


My blogger friend, Surbhi Prapanna, brings for us an e-book on healthy eating for busy moms.

Life for a mother is super busy. Balancing a career and home is a tight rope walk that she manages deftly. But meal planning can often feel overwhelming.

Taking into consideration the food preferences of her family and planning meals with high nutritive values can lead to confusion and exhaustion.

In this book, Surbhi shares more than 20 healthy and easy-to-make recipes for busy mothers.

Along with every recipe, she has shared the nutritional value and the nutritional composition of the ingredients used.

There are also helpful tips and tricks along with the recipes that promise to make life easier for the mother.



Surbhi had participated in the Blogchatter A2Z 2020 in April where she shared 26 posts and recipes for every letter of the alphabet. She has compiled them all for this book that is specially aimed at mothers who face time constraints or lack of healthy meal ideas.

The instructions are easy to understand, shared in a simple language and reader-friendly style.

Let me share some of the recipes from the book to entice you to download it for future use.

A – Amaranth paratha with tomato chutney

B – Barnyard millet khichdi

C – Chickpea salad with carrot soup

D – Dal Dhokli

E – Energy Buddha Bowl

F – Fenugreek thepla

G – Green roti with bottle gourd curry

H – Handva

I – Idlis with a healthy twist (Variety of idli recipes)

J – Jaggery paratha

K – Khichdi with multigrain nutrition

L – Leftover laziz paratha for lazy days

Well, that’s all that I am sharing with you here! The names of some of the recipes are enough to make you drool, isn’t it?

You will find ultimate meal-prep ideas and healthy eating tips that help the busy mother to plan her meals in advance. There’s also a note on how to involve your kids in shopping for, and cooking the meals.

You will find 10 bloggers sharing their own healthy eating tips at the end of the book.


Believe me, with so much information on healthy eating apart from healthy recipes, this book is a must in your collection.

Just download it here and you can start making those recipes right away!

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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16 thoughts on “Healthy eating for busy moms – Book review

  1. Planning what to cook for each meal each day is a big struggle whether one is a busy working mom or a busy stay-at-home mom. On top of that, if the family only eats what it eats and doesn’t ever get ready to taste anything new, it is an even more struggle. I hope this book is helpful on these grounds.

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  2. Gosh How badly I need this in my life. I spend half the time figuring out what to cook. Congratultions to Surbhi on publishing a book.

    Liked by 1 person

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