Savoury Aloo Puri – Recipe

Aloo Puri recipe


During the lockdown, hubby would hunt for simple recipes on YouTube that could be had for a brunch, a lunch, or even a dinner. With just the two of us at home, cooking elaborate meals three times a day felt like a task. And, during one such hunt, he came across this recipe.

It doesn’t need too many ingredients. In fact, it tastes equally good even if you missed out on a few ingredients or added some of your own. But, you get a dish that is tasty and satisfying.

Sharing with you all the recipe today. I can’t remember where hubby found the recipe, but I would like to thank whoever shared it. I love it!




Savoury Aloo Puri Savoury Aloo PuriSavoury Aloo Puri







Wheat flour – 3 cups

Potatoes – 2 medium, boiled and mashed.

Turmeric – half tsp

Red chilli powder – 1 tsp

Garam Masala – 1 tsp

Ajwain – 1/2 tsp

Ginger-Garlic paste – 1 tsp

Green chilli paste – Optional – 1 tsp

Kasuri methi – 1 tablespoon

Ghee – 1 tablespoon

Salt – to taste

Oil – for frying.



In a mixing bowl, take the wheat flour and mix all the masala, Kasuri methi and mashed potatoes.

Heat the ghee in a tadka pan and then pour it in the above mixture (ghee gives a distinct flavour to the puri).

Mix it all well and prepare a dough.

Savoury Aloo Puri

Heat oil in a kadhai and deep fry the puris till golden brown. 

Savoury Aloo Puri

You can have these with your favourite pickle, or dal, or just like that. With the kind of taste-makers we have added, these really don’t need any accompaniments! 🙂

Do try these out and let me know how you liked it. 


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Savoury Aloo Puri - Recipe


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21 thoughts on “Savoury Aloo Puri – Recipe

  1. When I saw the title I thought its the regular bhaji and poori but this recipe is sensational to someone who lives and cooks for one – going to try it soon and post some pics too!! The taste should be great with all the spices you have added here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I make the aloo roti but am a little averse to making anything deep fried, as I might have mentioned earlier. Just don’t know what to do with all that oil after frying, since we use a variety of oils – depending on the cuisine. Not saying I won’t eat this if you made it though! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Maybe someday I will make it for you, Corinne 🙂
      Yes, I remember you mentioned once you don’t prefer deep frying coz of the remaining oil. I generally use that oil for tempering in dals or sabji/curry. 🙂


  3. This looks super tasty and easy to prepare as well. I will try it out for my kids. They both love plain puri. So hope that this recipe will impress them. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this simple and easy dish with us, Shilpa. Do share more such recipes, I would love to try them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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