4 excellent benefits of Moong Sprouts

Have you tried the sprouted moong salad? It’s an easy-to-make recipe and beneficial for our health in a varied ways.

The moong beans are a type of legumes that are native to India. These are not only used in salads, but also curries, dosas and chillas. 

So, what is it about these tiny beans that brings not just taste to our recipes, but also increases their nutritional value?

Benefits of eating sprouted moong

Moong sprouts are packed with nutrients which help our body fight ailments.

The sprouting enhances the nutritional value, provides antioxidants and thus helps detoxify our body.

These are also used to help tackle weight issues.

Let us take a look at their benefits.



The protein content–14.2 grams/cup–of sprouted moong are perfect for those who follow a strictly vegetarian diet.

Proteins are called the building blocks of our bones, muscles and skin.

Proteins play an important role in creating and maintaining the cells of our body.

They are needed for building and repairing of tissues.

They help in supplying nutrients to our body,

They help in recovery after an injury.

They build lean muscles and reduce muscle loss.

Proteins are also required for digestion, and hormone regulation

Proteins, in combination with fibre, keep you feeling fuller for longer which helps in weight loss, too. And, moong sprouts which are rich in proteins and fibre do just that!

Benefits of eating moong sprouts

Isn’t this the number one reason why we need to include sprouted moong to our daily diet?

A moong salad made with a cup of raw or steamed sprouted moong, chopped tomatoes and onions, freshly grated coconut, some green chillies, coriander and lemon juice is a healthy way to begin your day.

It will keep you feeling full right till your lunch time. And, that means, you won’t reach for those calorie-dense fried snacks to ruin your health.

Try this salad today!


Moong sprouts are high in fibre–15.4 gms/cup. These contain a soluble fibre called Pectin that helps regulate our bowel movements. It assists in smooth and faster movement of food through our gut, and this in turn, helps keep our digestive health in excellent condition.

Moong sprouts are also high in resistant starch. This is similar to the soluble fibre in function. It nourishes the healthy gut bacteria and promotes digestive health.

The carbs in moong sprouts are easier to digest, which means lower chances of flatulence, as opposed to other sprouts.


Regular consumption of moong sprouts strengthens the immune system.

Its Vitamin B 1, Vitamin C and Vitamin B 6 content helps the body develop resistance against infections and diseases.

The antioxidant from Vitamin C helps protect our body from free radicals, which could otherwise attach to healthy cells and cause disease and damage to our body.


Vitamin A is required for healthy eyes. And to assist this nutrient in its function, our body requires proteins. Moong sprouts being high in proteins work with the Vitamin A for healthier eyes and better eye sight.

The high content of the B vitamins in moong sprouts ensures proper functioning of our eyes.



Sprouting moong is very simple.

Thoroughly wash the moong, and leave it to soak in enough water overnight.

Strain through a sieve or a colander the next morning, wash it again, and drain the water.

Tie the moong in a clean, cotton cloth or place them in a colander. Place the colander on top of a vessel so that any remaining water can drain away.

Benefits of eating sprouted moong

Keep it covered for a day so that it gets the warmth it requires to sprout.

Place it in a clean, dry area in your kitchen.

Once the shoots appear, tie the sprouts in a clean, dry cloth and place it in an air tight container. You can refrigerate it for a few days. Consume it within few days as long as they are fresh.


If you are averse to eggs or poultry which contains high amounts of proteins, you can switch over to moong sprouts for the best plant-based protein source.

If you wish to reduce excess weight, switch over to moong sprouts instead of store-bought diet snacks. Reduce your weight the healthier way.

If you wish to maintain good health, start having sprouted moong every day!


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Benefits of eating sprouted moong


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  1. This is a very informative post, Shilpa. I have never sprouted moongs at home. I usually cook it into different curries. That salad looks delicious and I will be making it one of these days.
    Thank you for sharing, Shilpa

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