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Hi, I am Shilpa, and I am glad  you dropped by for a visit to my blog!

I began blogging four years ago at ‘Feelings’, my personal blog. But, since some time now, I had been yearning for something different, something new. So, I decided to move from Blogger to WordPress at a custom domain and change my personal blog, ‘Feelings’ to a Wellness + Inspirational  blog, ‘Metanoia’.

Metanoia is an ancient Greek word that means a journey of change in one’s  heart, self, mind and way of life.  A journey I so wanted to take up in order to bring about the transformation in myself and my writing that I felt I needed. Change is good, isn’t it? It helps us take a closer look at our perspectives, our attitude and helps us become better versions of ourselves, the kind we were destined to be.

Metanoia, the blog, is also about change. A change I try on bringing about in my life, and inspire my friends and family to do, too. A blog, that inspires you to embrace change in order to live happier, contented lives, and learn to love yourself unconditionally!

My obsession with  fitness and healthy eating inspired me to include topics on food, nutrition, health and fitness in Metanoia.  Apart from health posts, Metanoia also has inspirational posts and quotes – words of wisdom we all need from time to time to keep us from going astray.

My love for books and films  encouraged me to create a section where I share book and film reviews. You will also find here some personal essays that are my experiments with words!

A section of my blog is devoted to my art – The Art Nook – where I share my artwork. Yours truly refers to herself as the Eccentric artist – a name that sums her up perfectly!

I hope you enjoy your visit here and find something that strikes a chord, brings about a chuckle or gives you a few moments of respite as you take a break from the daily battle that we call ‘Life’.

Do share with me your views, thoughts and also your suggestions  in the comments.  It’s your words that give me the motivation to keep moving ahead.

Smile and shine and take care!



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