About the blogazine

Metanoia is an ancient Greek word that means a journey of change in one’s heart, self, mind and way of life.

Metanoia is a holistic, wellness blogazine that deals with every aspect of health, namely, mental health, emotional health, physical fitness, and diet.

When our survival depends upon, among other things, our health, it’s necessary that we make efforts to look after it and care for it.

Caring for our health is really not that difficult. All it takes is a measure of motivation, organization and discipline each, and an extra dose of effort on our part.

I am Shilpa Gupte, a health freak, and I am happy to know you are passionate about your health, too!

Metanoia, the wellness blogazine.

I am a blogger, an artist, wife to a real-life hero I look up to, and mom to three very intelligent parrots.

When I am not writing or drawing, you will find me with my nose in a book or enjoying some foot-tapping music along with my feathered babies.

Welcome to my blog!

Here are the things you will find at this blogazine:


Self-care on bad mental health days

The focus today is on mental health. With changing times, and increasing stress levels, it’s paramount that we learn to be honest and open about how we really feel.

Sharing about our mental health need not be so stressful. All it takes is to reach out

If you suffer from hesitancy or anxiety to share your stories, I would urge you to read my experience with mental illness and how we can learn to cope with it.


With caregiving being an important aspect of mental health, I would suggest you, as a caregiver if you are one, learn to take care of yourself, too. For, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

I have shared some simple ways to help you give yourself a break from the stress you carry on your shoulders all day.


Metanoia, the wellness blogazine

At Metanoia, you are welcome to share freely your “womanly woes”. There’s no need to be coy, or feel awkward about anything, ladies!

You will find posts on some common women’s health issues here which I am sure will be of help to you.

With our environment in dire straits, it’s up to us to make changes in our lifestyle through sustainable living. I share information on products that will go a long way in not only saving our environment but also our health and hygiene.

We, women, need to learn to put ourselves first. We are, after all, the backbone of our family, our society.

Taking care of ourselves is, therefore, the most important thing we need to do for ourselves. No one’s going to do it for us, isn’t it?

And, remember, self-care isn’t selfish. For, if you don’t care for yourself, who will?

With skin and hair care also an important part of self-care and health, you will find easy, DIY recipes that take care of your grooming needs and which do not require you to step into a beauty salon.


Make physical fitness a part of your every day life

A lot about our health depends on our lifestyle. With modern life becoming uncomfortably cluttered, and a hundred gadgets demanding our attention all the time, our health stands no chance of making it to the top of our priority lists if we don’t make any efforts at change.

You will find some useful information on how you can make those changes and take charge of your health.

It takes a little bit of practice to transform a ‘change’ into a lifelong habit. And, once you reap the benefits, you will know you have made the right choice.


How to stay mentally healthy

We are what we eat.

How often do we hear these words, but how seldom do we put them into practice!

Our health depends upon what goes into our stomach, Just a few alterations in our everyday diet are sure to affect the way we feel about ourselves and also our environment.

For those, who, like me, would rather read a book than enter the kitchen, I have shared some easy recipes that are also nutritious as well as delicious. Do try them out. I am sure you will love them. Most of them come from my mother’s kitchen, and moms are always right about food!


Hobbies for good health

Our overall health and wellbeing also depends upon our emotions. How we feel from within is how we appear on the surface.

All it takes is setting aside a little bit of our time and a whole lot of self-love to feel good about ourselves.

Indulging in hobbies – activities that require us to be present in the moment wholly – ensures us our soul is well taken care of.

I share about how you can bring out the creative person within you and find that elusive peace of mind.

My hobbies–art and writing–help me to cope with the chaos called life. And, it’s through my posts on these that I help you learn to give vent to your pent up feelings and let go of the accumulated stress.

So, that’s all about me and my blogazine.

I hope you find something of help on your visit here. Maybe we could collaborate on some health-related ideas for your website.

I also look forward to getting to know you through your comments on my posts.

Do follow me on these social media channels. I will visit you, too. It’s how we make a connection. It’s all we can do to spread the love, isn’t it?




Smile, shine and take care.

Lots of love,



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