The April ’18 A to Z Blogging Challenge. Theme Reveal.

Theme reveal for A to Z Blogging Challenge, April 2018.

Why do you write? #writebravely

What is it that you write for? Is it satisfaction for your soul, or an outlet to your creativity? Is it for making a name for yourself in the Blogosphere, or is it to give vent to your thoughts and your emotions?

Are you losing friends as you age? #writebravely

Does life change so much that we begin losing friends along with time?

What inspires you? How do you inspire yourself? #writebravely

  I have been participating in an Ink drawing Challenge called, Inktober  since the beginning of this month. Here, just as in the ProBlogger Blogging Challenge,  we have prompts for each day. I haven't used many prompts as such because I have so much to inspire me that is all around me:  nature, my pet, …

In search of my lost childhood. #writebravely

As we age, we often look back at the carefree days of childhood and wish we could lose ourselves in those happy days, all over again.