4 excellent benefits of Moong Sprouts

Have you tried the sprouted moong salad? It’s an easy-to-make recipe and beneficial for our health in a varied ways. The moong beans are a type of legumes that are native to India. These are not only used in salads, but also curries, dosas and¬†chillas.¬† So, what is it about these tiny beans that bringsContinue reading “4 excellent benefits of Moong Sprouts”

Flax seeds for eye health.

With age and the wear and tear of the eye muscles, our eye health undergoes rapid deterioration. We usually don’t give it much consideration but experience the strain and the discomfort later on in life. Making dietary and lifestyle changes are two ways we can save our eyes from further degeneration and eye problems. IncludingContinue reading “Flax seeds for eye health.”