E – Entertainment. #AtoZ

April A to Z

This post is all about Entertainment - music and movies - the two things that transport us to another world when ours feels chaotic and stressful!

B – Books and Book Reviews. #AtoZ

April A to Z

Books are a man's second best friends, after dogs! Why not?They don't judge, they don't fight, nor argue, nor talk back! All they do is, spread love!

Top 5 benefits of Ghee.

Top 5 benefits of Ghee.

Right since childhood, our parents urge us to consume ghee, or clarified butter. Using it as a 'topping' on our everyday meals, or even using it  to prepare Indian sweets,  ghee has been an accompaniment for almost every kind of food. Ayurveda places  great importance on the benefits of ghee for our health - every part of our …