E – Entertainment. #AtoZ

April A to Z

This post is all about Entertainment - music and movies - the two things that transport us to another world when ours feels chaotic and stressful!

An artist par excellence.

A tribute to one of the finest Indian actresses to have graced the silver screen - Sridevi.

Schindler’s List…a lesson in humanity.

Do we have it in us to act selflessly, sacrifice our safety for that of total strangers? Do we have it in us to emulate Oskar Schindler?

Tumhari Sulu – Film Review.

A simple story that strikes a chord, tugs at the heartstrings and leaves you feeling happy and warm!

Chef – Film Review. #writebravely

Not every Hollywood film can be remade into a Bollywood film. It loses its charm and its beauty...in short, it gets lost in translation!