The Real Heroes.

March 30th – World BiPolar Day.


                                                                                                                                                                            A few days ago, Bombay Times carried an interview of  the Indian rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh. It was a tell-all about his disappearance from the public glare for around 18 months; a period  during which he battled a very frightening        monster called Bi-polar Disorder.The state of mind he described reminded me of what I have seen a dear one go…

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Do I enjoy growing old or do I fight against it?


  As we reach our 40s, the one question that keeps popping in our head is, “Am I growing old?” We have reached middle age, of course we are bound to get edgy!  I mean, who enjoys growing old? Or, being called, “Oldie”?

I did find the whole progression rather interesting, though! After celebrating my 40th birthday, I began reflecting on my past, noticing the changes in me, my body and my personality, my attitude towards life, and I began feeling good I was inching towards old age. Although, age is just a number for me, and I take good care of myself and don’t feel a day above 21, it’s not something I can deny, right? I am growing old!

Well, I don’t cringe anymore when kids address me as, “Aunty!”

So, frankly, I am enjoying growing old!  There are some aspects of ageing that get my…

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We shall overcome.

                Some years ago,  my school friends informed me about a particular girl from our batch, who committed suicide as she hadn't fared well in her college examinations. She was a  brilliant student at school - a trait which followed her to college, too. Sadly, during one of …