A ray of sunshine

         It was a grey, August evening. I was awaiting the arrival of my husband who had gone to Shirdi for a couple of days. I was finishing my chores when he called, “I will be reaching home in about 45 minutes. You see, I had been […]


Some years ago an incident took place, which I haven’t been able to forget, till date. I was out one evening, walking my pet dog, when a woman residing in  my building met me for the first time, and the following conversation, or should I say interrogation, ensued..   SHE : […]

My weighty issues.

  A few weeks ago I met an old friend after nearly two decades. The first thing she said on meeting me was, ” You look just the same even after twenty years!!” For those who don’t know me, well, I weigh the same that I used to twenty years […]

My mother, my best friend.

Its Mothers’ Day todayand there’s something I need to tell you,but no words would be enoughexcept, Mother, I love you! You know my every single tearand the magic to wipe it away.You drive away my fearwith your boundless love    that comes my way. You added colours to my dreams,distant hopes have […]

The old woman

She totters along on the quiet streetgazing at the melting sun,how quick time passes bypausing for none! She looks around for passers by,but finds she is all by herself,her eyes now scan the horizonas if looking for some help. Help in finding answersfor mysteries of the past,or taking it all […]