When I am really old, I hope to look back at life and know that……

When I am really old, I hope to look back at life and know that……

                      Life, as we know,  is about looking forward– leaving the past behind and looking ahead at  a  bright and  a  promising future.  But, there are times when the past beckons.  I have begun experiencing those moments, when I look back at the days gone by.  But, those moments are few and far between. I feel  there is still time to completely get into the reflective mode — reminiscing about the years gone by and looking at the horizon, awaiting the finale  of a life well lived.  And, when I do reach that stage — when I reach my old age — and, when I look back at my life, I would like to know that…

                   ….I lived a full life, a contented life. That, I played the part given to me at every stage, to the best of my ability.  Be it of a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother, I put in my best in every role I played. I know, I have driven people up the wall  at some point or the other, but, I would like to hope I have been forgiven.  I will be thankful to the people who were sent in my life. It is because of them, that I turned out the way I did. People who taught me the meaning of patience, understanding, empathy and selfless, unconditional love.  How these helped chisel the rough edges and  made me a much better person than I would have been otherwise!

                 ….I was lucky in meeting some wonderful people along the way, who, by their sheer goodness,  confirmed my faith in humanity. I was  fortunate in meeting the right kind of people, who were helpful in times of need. The tough chapters of my life will definitely end with gratitude for those guardian angels who looked after me, and helped me tide over  the turbulent times — my hand secure in their’s — as I waded through the  rough seas.

                ….I was blessed enough to have made some really amazing friends, who, over a period of time, became my soul mates, and stood by me, through thick and thin.  Who  added cheer to the dull moments, picked me up when I stumbled and fell, drilled some sense in me when I went off-tangent .

               ….And,  most importantly, I will  know, how fruitless it is to hold on to grudges, and how fruitful it is to let go. And, how relieved it felt on letting go of some hurtful words and deeds committed in moments of intense passion. Letting go of what was never in my destiny, and doing good with what had been arranged for me.  Making mistakes along the way, learning from those mistakes and paving the way with stones of wisdom,  to avoid stumbling and falling  again!

              Aah! That felt good –fast-forwarding to the future and looking back at the past!  But, as I came back to the present, I realised I have a long way to go!  Many a things to learn, a countless improvements to make, so that when the time comes, I get a chance to smile at the life gone by and give a little pat on my back at having lived  a life just as it had been chalked out for me!

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Today’s prompt is When I am really old, I hope to look back at life and know that…

Chikoo’s buddies.

Chikoo’s buddies.

                    There are a countless things to be written about my Chikoo. His loveable nature,  his bouncy demeanour, his loud barks demanding our undivided attention, his ever-wagging tail expressing  his feelings…the list goes on!  However, there is something else I would like to share here — actually, something that I would like to write about and save it for my future — that is also a major part of his life: his friends.  Intrinsically social that these four-legged souls are, they really can’t do without their friends. And, I so pity those babies, whose ‘parents’ don’t encourage them to socialise with others of their kind.  Oh! How much they miss out on!
                  Chikoo has been one lucky fellow. He has always had loving friends, right since his puppyhood. His first best friend was Boxy, a female boxer. She was a few years older than him, and so, most suitable for helping him develop his skills as an intelligent little guy! Unfortunately, life and it’s  busy schedule kept the two away and, eventually,  we lost touch with her.  But, thankfully, Chikoo met another little boxer, Scotch, and things began to look up again!

               Scotch, when we met, was a pup, and Chikoo had grown up quite a bit . So, it was he who Scotch looked up to. My Chikoo, being an “angel” ( according to Scotch’s mum) took him under his wing and put up with him patiently on our rides together. They cared for each other so much, it could be felt in the way they met each other, even if after a few minutes of being apart!  I remember, how, if some dog lunged at Chikoo out of hostility, little Scotch would get so worried!  Chikoo would quickly assure the little guy that he would handle the ‘situation’ and be back with him in a jiffy!  Sadly, this association was short lived, too. We moved to another place and lost touch with Scotch. I and his mum did keep in touch, but, I wish we could meet daily. Scotchy,  the adorable little pup, has grown into a gentle giant, naughty as ever! Here he is…

          Our walks became less exciting once again, till one fine day, we met the dazzling beauty, Shourya!  She is a labrador, some years younger than Chikoo, and the most well-behaved, patient and understanding girl I have ever met! Well, she is a girl after all!  Loving and caring, but, also strict if and when necessary. Now, Chikoo is a man, and, which man can resist the charms of a ravishing beauty queen? But, she makes sure he behaves when in her company.  One loud bark saying, “Watch it mister, you are crossing the line here!”, and Chikoo knows it’s time to back off.  Since meeting Sho  ( Shourya’s pet name! ), Chikoo began enjoying his walks all over again! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the ‘ravishing beauty’, Shourya…

        Along the way, he made some more friends, who now have become our walking companions. There is this stray female — yes, another female! Chikoo is quite the ladies’ man, you might say! So, as I was saying, there is this female, who is not only an adorable little girl, she is an agile, nimble-footed gymnast. She must  have been one in her past life, for sure. She has a unique way of marking her territory. She runs on tiptoes, stands  on her front legs, does the ‘marking’ and lands down on her hind legs, all in a fraction of a second! It is a sight to watch! Highly amusing and, ahem, mesmerising!
I have named her Gymmy, the gymnast! Here she is..

    Then, there is   Chhoti, who, we have begun meeting  again these days…after quite a long time. Here is the picture I clicked some days back.

            The look on Chikoo’s face on the mere mention of any of  his friends speaks volumes about his state of mind, which is pure joy. That is why, every time I leave for our walks, I pray we meet at least one of these darlings. The adrenalin rush in Chikoo’s system helps him complete his walk without an iota of exhaustion, and that means the world to me!

          May god bless these amazing babies  for enlivening my son’s life with their adorable faces and loving hearts!  May those tails keep wagging for years to come!

A hug a day…

A hug a day…

I meet and greet my close ones with a hug. Unless I do so, I just don’t feel I have met them. It feels wonderful and warm and loved when mum hugs me. When dad hugs, it feels like I am a little girl all over again. It’s another matter, that dad still thinks of me as a little girl, who needs his help in anything and everything.
           Hugging my best friend is absolutely amazing, as we meet once in a couple of months, Wish we could do it over the phone. But, whenever we meet, we simply wrap each other in one big bear hug and we can feel all the stress melt away! And, the best hug is reserved for my son, Chikoo. Because when I hug him, I not only feel his overpowering love, but also his soft, satiny fur, his warm breath and his sloppy kisses! Although, such moments are few and far between ( Chikoo likes his space! ), whenever they do occur, I simply make the most of them.
            A hug, they say, has some  very good effects on the body and the mind. It helps release the feel good hormone, Oxytocin, which makes us feel warm and loved within. I fully agree with it. In fact, I think, that God gave  us two arms just so that we could wrap them around our loved ones and help drain away all the stress and tension that builds up from going through the  ups and downs of life. But, I do feel bad for people who have inhibitions regarding the proximity that is required for hugging. They don’t realise how much they miss out on! 
          Just one hug can totally change a grumpy child into a chirpy little birdie , can relax a stressed out spouse and refresh a troubled and  lonely grandparent in an instant, making her feel wanted and cared for! So, come on! Go all out and hug your people. Make their day. What is it that holds you back? 

* Priya, this one’s just for YOU! 

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Major irritants of a minor’s life!

Major irritants of a minor’s life!

[Lillie McFerrin Writes] Five Sentence Fiction – Irritation

              It had been a long day at pre-school, and Dan was tired; all he wanted to do was go home, as soon as possible, and go off to sleep.

             He did perk up a bit as he saw his mum,  driving through the gate, coming to pick him up; he hoped she wouldn’t  zip him off to someplace now, to finish off her chores — he really hated those long hours they spent at the mall, grocery shopping after school.

          Today would be a better day, he hoped, yawning, as he got into the back seat of their car, mumbling incoherently in response to his mother’s queries about his day at school.

           “What is the matter, honey? You seem irritated. Did something happen at school today ?” Lily enquired into the rear view mirror, watching Dan with concern; he did seem grumpy and put off — by what? she wondered about her usually chirpy little boy.

           When they reached home, Dan dragged himself out of the car and into the house — he looked as if would burst out any moment; Lily looked over at her son from head to toe,  trying to solve the puzzle, when her eyes stopped at his shoes — his laces had come undone — how her 3 year old hated it when that happened; a lesson in tying the shoe lace  seemed very much the need of the hour!


Lillie McFerrin Writes

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Some more memories of my college days.

Some more memories of my college days.

                Since beginning the NaBloPoMo challenge, my day starts with wondering what topic to write on.  Writing everyday, on a different topic, seems to be a bigger  challenge,  than the writing itself.  Thankfully, though, the topic comes to me, from somewhere or somebody (helpful friends), and I feel relaxed. Today,  as I was mentally ticking off the topics from my list, some words from my past wafted from some unknown space and got lodged into my mind. And, voila! I knew what I had to write! 

             Throughout our youth — during school and college days —  we meet countless teachers: some who leave an imprint on our minds, and some,  whom we would rather forget, like a bad dream. Fortunately, I have had more of the former and less of the latter.  And, today I would like to share a few memories of my college days, when I met some truly wonderful,  caring professors, and some (actually, just one), not as good, but memorable, nonetheless.

           During my graduation days, I had the honour of being taught by a very gentle, soft spoken, and also a very helpful professor, Mrs Shanti.  She taught us the subject, Social Thinkers. A rather dry subject, which, on hindsight, should have been called the ‘sedative’. It also felt pretty heavy on our young shoulders and minds! Merely passing in that subject was considered luck. But, only because of my professor, who did her best to infuse some excitement into the topics, and who, empathising with us youngsters,  did her best to guide us well, did we manage to do well for ourselves. She always had that sweet smile and encouraging words every time  I asked her stuff related to the subject or about things I could do after graduation. Never once did she lose her patience or ridicule me for trying to think ‘out of the box’. 

            That same year, for our English paper, we had the most weird professor ever! Can’t remember his name right now, but can never forget that pervert and his disgusting words, that filled us all with contempt for the man! A bachelor, teaching at a Women’s  University, he must have felt he had  countless options to choose from. He began his first lecture with asking us what plans each of us had for our future. I said I would like to ‘stand on my feet’ and help my parents, to which he replied that if I looked carefully, I was standing on my feet! When I explained that I would like to work and then think about anything else, prompt came his response,”You see, this is the kind of girl I am looking for, to get married!”  He gave me the creeps! There was a major signature campaign to get him out of college, ASAP! Which, thankfully, succeeded. Boy, do they come in all sorts of packages!

          However, there are some who come in some really incredible packages! Our professor for Fashion Merchandising was the sexiest man this then-young girl must have ever seen. I am sure, not only I, but every girl in class, must have had a secret crush on him! He must have been in his late 40s then. A thorough gentleman and a chubby, cuddly teddy bear, with grey eyes and a salt and pepper mop  of hair…get the picture?!  He simply had to enter the class and our sleep would vanish into thin air. Every female eye gawked at  him, unblinking! I am sure he must have felt it in the air, for, we felt he blushed every time he looked at us to explain some thing. Our jaws would always be dropped to the ground and we would nod our heads for every thing he said!  

           Every time I remember those days, I feel embarrassed. How silly we must have looked back then! What our professors must have thought about us giggly teenagers! But, I guess, they must have known. It was all part of growing up, seeing the world, meeting people — good and bad — and learning from those experiences, And, some of those experiences were lessons for life, taught by some really fantastic people, who left their imprints on our young minds, which refuse to get erased by the sands of time. 



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