Sweet memories…

Sweet memories…

http://www.blogadda.com/rate.php?blgid=50440     I read a beautiful poem on childhood on FB today and it instantly brought back memories of my past,  my childhood – a time that seems to have lost some where. In our struggle to survive our present and build a secure future, we completely forget that golden period of our past that will never come back; a time which, when we think about, brings a smile and some tears and a longing, a yearning, to go back and relive it, all over again.
   Right now, as I reminisce about those halcyon days, there are a countless things that I would love to go back for…and bring back  a fistful, if I could!! I will start with my list of priceless memories….feel free to add some of your own!

The innocence
The simplicity of life
The carefree days
Days full of laughter and a few tears
Tears that mum wiped away with the end of her pallu
Mom’s  warm and comforting hug that  drove away our fears

Mom’s bed time stories
Mom’s lovingly baked cake….simple and the best in the world
A mom’s-hug a day that kept the doctor away
SImple outfits stitched by mum that made me feel like a princess
Mom’s stern look and then her gentle rebuke
All my ridiculous wishes that mom fulfilled…( Boy! She has been the epitome of patience! )
Being with mom 24X7

Dad…the rough and tough super hero who could do it all
Dad’s indulgence
Long drives  with dad on his two-wheeler
Dad’s stories of his childhood
Dad’s scoldings…..some of those!!
Dad’s swivel chair in his office and those colourful phones on his table
Sitting in that chair and feeling on top of the world

Bro…..my little bro
Fights with my little bro
Katti-batti with him and my friends
Teasing, pinching. tickling till we died of laughter
Sweet, sweet bro, who would fight with mom-dad to let me in and forgive me for having stayed out too long

Finding earthworms for our fish tank
Bro.. teaching me how to pick up those worms to feed the fish
My pet rabbit and that cute little fish tank
Crying along with my bro when the fish and the rabbit left us

Sweet and simple games of those days..
Chhippi-langdi, attya-pattya, lagori….
And the really beautiful doll with those blinking eyes and the golden hair
And those cute doll clothes
Playing outdoors till dusk
And getting scolded for being out for so long!

Begging mum for those (god-awful) ice-lollies
(Thank god, she didn’t allow us to lay our hands on that stuff)
Summer vacations spent with the cousins
Train travels to those far off places
The adventurous train journeys
And the bus journeys, too
And again…MOM, DAD and BRO
I miss them so

Why can’t I think of anything else?
It all seems so hazy….
But, how I wish I could go back….just once more….and relive my sweet childhood…
rekindle those sweet memories!

What has age got to do with it? Or, does it?

What has age got to do with it? Or, does it?

       Age is just a number, is what people say.  And it is always better to be young at heart even as you age….is also what they preach.  Right. I do believe in it.  A senior marathi actor  once said that if you stay young at heart, you keep yourself open to new ideas…you are always open to new challenges, acquiring new skills and also trying out something new which you might never dream of. I totally agree with all these fundas, but, I have observed something about myself as I have aged.  And that is, the inability to tolerate things that I used to enjoy earlier, when I was younger. And all this, inspite of staying young at heart!
      Some days back, people celebrated the festival of colours, Holi. There was a time when I loved this festival. I would look forward to celebrating it with all my friends.  I would even select the dress that I would wear!!  And right from morning till afternoon, when mum screamed her lungs out, I, along with my friends, would roam  the streets of my area, smearing each other with those vibrant colours and  drench each other with coloured water. We never really bothered about the quality of the colour used or roaming about all wet and dirty. The fun of the festival eclipsed all these trivial issues. But, now, I can not dream of stepping out of my house on this day.  Getting drenched and coloured is unthinkable! It makes me feel yuck! And I would only  wonder what the colours are made of and which water is being splashed. I will not be able to roam about all dirty and wet, smeared with all those colours.  Leave alone smeared, I will not be able to bear even a pinch of colour applied on my face just to respect the custom of this festival!
      There are some more things I find hard to tolerate.  Motor bikes and high speed. When I was in college, I would zoom around on my dad’s Kinetic Honda and be teased by friends that I was a rash driver. I would also love to ride pillion on my hubby’s bike and urge him to raise the speed! It felt as if I had grown a pair of wings and I was soaring high in the sky! What fun it was back then! But, now…now, I simply abhor those  mean machines, because that is exactly what they are! They are mean and they take lives!  I also recoil from vehicles that zoom by at great speed.  I shudder to ride with anybody who drives at a high speed.  It sends shivers down my spine and fills my heart with trepidation. The moment the speed rises, I start pleading with the driver to slow down. And if my pleas fall on deaf ears, I pray for divine intervention!
     I am also scared of getting onto  the joy rides at amusement parks, especially, the giant wheels and the scary versions of the sweet and humble merry-go-rounds, which I actually loved when I was younger.  I would much rather watch others from the side lines!  I dislike getting drenched in the rains, which till some years back, I enjoyed to the hilt!  Now, I cannot imagine stepping out in the rain just to get drenched, or even walking in the waterlogged streets with god-knows-what-muck floating in there!
      I really wonder what has brought about this change in me. Is it age? Or is it wisdom that comes with age?  I absolutely know not!  But, age has sure changed me, for the better… or is it worse? Is it only me? Or have you all too undergone such changes along the years? Umm, I think, that even though I have aged, I still am young at heart, but my ideas of fun have changed.  I will definitely not go back to doing all those wild and whacky things just to remind myself of my youth, but, I might surely try out some new wild and whacky stuff that would be age-appropriate and which would fit in with my new idea of fun.  I still have to figure out what those wild things will be. I am going to make a list of things I plan to indulge in, although after a lot of contemplation.  Till then, why don’t you all think about the wild and whacky stories of your youth, as well as come up with your own list of to-do wild-n-whacky stuff for the present? Change is good. As is staying young at heart! So, as our senior said, lets all stay young at heart and bring about some new changes into our lives and make them more spirited and livelier!!
I fell in love…….again!!!

I fell in love…….again!!!

      I was out in the evening, walking Chikoo, when my eyes fell on him. And, my heart skipped a beat…several beats, in fact!  He stood there, in all his splendid glory. So handsome, so good looking!! He was surrounded by a bevy of girls. All giggling and vying for his attention. And he… he seemed smug in the knowledge that he was the centre of their attention.
     His eyes were what caught my eyes first. Brown…with a touch of gold from the setting sun. And naughty….playfully naughty…as if teasing me.  The moment he looked at me, my breath got caught in my throat.  The world started to spin! And  his face…his face seemed to be chiselled by God in his free time! So perfect…so attractive. Oh no! What was happening to me? I really was losing my mind! Why was destiny playing such cruel games with me…at this age? I already had my first love with me…how could I even think about anybody else?
     I really had to leave that place right then, but unknowingly, I was only getting pulled in his  direction. I had to be near him, see him, touch him, get his attention all to myself! God, what an idiot I must have looked then! I cringe in the memory of that moment. What would my love feel if he saw me like that…with some one else?!
    I decided to throw caution to the wind and moved determinedly towards the object of my affection. Let people think what they want, I wouldn’t care. To hell with the saying about a  bird in hand being worth two in the bush! I would do what I felt, what gave me happiness. I inched towards him, made my way through the crowd of the girls still swooning over him. And before someone could take him away, I thrust my arms forward and took him in my arms! Oh! How wonderful it felt!
    I was in seventh heaven! He felt so soft to touch! And the moment I had him in my arms, he started kissing me! Oh!! I couldn’t believe it! He too felt the same way I did! This was unbelievable! He wriggled in my arms but wouldn’t leave. His soft, white, furry coat was muddy and dirty, but absolutely beautiful! He had a black, cold nose that sniffed me…trying to learn more about me. And his tiny tail…it wagged on and on! I just didn’t have the heart to leave him there on the road, but, my Chikoo would never tolerate sharing me with anybody in this world! Oh! But, what a cute puppy he was!
     Yes, he was a stray puppy I saw on the footpath. Why? What did you all think? You dirty, rotten minds!!
Women’s Day.

Women’s Day.

         Tomorrow the world will be celebrating International Women’s Day.  It will  be something important for many women who will be raising a toast to themselves and their like, revelling in some attention heaped upon them by the society or even their families ( their better halves ). But, for many more women, it will be just another day, which will begin and end with them toiling for their families and a complete neglect for themselves. I know, I sound cynical and least enthusiastic about such a big day in the lives of half of the world’s population. But, is it really that important a day in our lives? I don’t think so.
There will be articles written about how women need to come into their own, raise their voice against atrocities and work towards being on par with men. How, the society needs to wake up to the problems faced by women and strive to make the world a safer place for them. So, I won’t be talking anything on these topics here. I would just  like to share my feelings about Women’s Day from a house wife’s , oh…sorry! home maker’s point of view. What it is that I would like to see happening in my (as well as many others like me) life.
Some time back, I read an article about how a husband asked his wife ( a home maker ) what she did the whole day. Tired of his incessant taunts, the smart woman decided to show him exactly what it was that she did. She did nothing! The kids went hungry,the dog had soiled the carpet, the house was in a shambles…in short, there was utter chaos that welcomed the man that evening! I think, this applies to almost all the households that I know. So, dear husbands, I would like to inform you all that we may not be working in some corporate firms, earning lakhs, but, we take care of our homes, kids and parents in your absence (kindly note that it is not ‘your parents’/’your kids’). You may be very well aware of it, but, you need to show some appreciation for all that we do for you and our families.
We women weren’t born with the task of being the only ones to be polite and respectful while conversing  or dealing with you and everyone else in the family. So, kindly make it a point to speak politely to us ( when not arguing/fighting over trivial issues). That would definitely have a good impact on the children who seem to be really observant!  We don’t need any surprise gifts ( which is a waste of money) or flowers ( which ultimately wilt and die). All we really need is to be shown some consideration when things do not happen according to your expectations. We are humans too. Likewise, kindly do not brush aside the suggestions we make, We too possess a mind that has the ability to think rationally and logically.
And, lastly, along with all of the above, please give us your most precious gift…your time. The fast lives that we lead make time fly in the blink of an eye. Your work and your social lives leave no time for us because of which we feel the gap between two souls increasing by the day. Thats all that I have to ask for. I don’t think it is an impossible job for go-getters like you! And this was not a taunt…! You all ARE go-getters, aren’t you?
The day my above wishes get fulfilled will be the day I celebrate Women’s Day. Till then, I will wait …and watch…with all the patience I have been blessed with!
Thank you!

The above blog was not meant to sound sarcastic….but, if it did, then kindly re-read it…..the tone used was calm, polite and respectful!

Father of the bride

Father of the bride


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       Some days ago, I saw this movie on TV-  Father of the bride. I have seen it around 10 times already, but I can still watch it…again and again. Although it is a comedy, there is some thing about the story that tugs at the heartstrings. And by the end of it I have a lump in my throat.  All the emotions demonstrated by the actor Steve Martin’s character, when he comes to know that his daughter – his little girl – is now a grown up woman who has decided to get married,  are the most natural ones that any father would go through under similar circumstances.  Doubt and suspicion about the boy chosen by his daughter, the inability to accept that his princess, his little girl, is not little anymore and is now on the threshold of a new milestone in her life, the apprehensions  about his daughter’s future with another man are all that every father goes through. What is it about daughters that makes the strongest, bravest of fathers go all mushy when their little girls are ready to leave the nest? I will never know…..I can never be a father (!) and I don’t have a daughter- my bad luck!
    Daddies dote on their little girls….girls, who will always remain ‘little’ for their dads, no matter how much they age! I am sure, so many of them feel that even when the girl is of marriageable age, she is ‘still so small’! Why the hurry? is the question often asked! And no boy is suitable enough, however much educated or well brought up he may be. He is never the ‘best’ for their girls.
   I think, if they could, fathers would as well get home the son-in-law rather than send the apple of their eyes away from them!  And the way some of them study the ‘boys’ – under a microscope! The boys are always on edge, always nervous about being observed for every mannerism, from every angle.  Impressing a future father in law is akin to giving the toughest examination of their lives – something that I saw in another movie, Meet the parents. But, then, those very boys need to know that they would be doing the exact same thing when their daughters would decide to tie the knot!
   My dad, like all the other dads of the world, brought me up like a princess, gave me the very best of everything I wanted. And, one fine day, he would be left without me, is an idea that must have given him sleepless nights. It’s only now that I can comprehend what he must have gone through while giving my hand  away in marriage. His tears spoke a thousand words! And even today, I remain his little girl who needs his guidance and protection in this ugly world! Now, I am getting all mushy!
  Ah, well, life as we know, is uncertain, but, one thing that we girls know for certain is that wherever we may be, whatever we may do, we will always be present in our dad’s prayers. And if, God forbid, some untoward situations do arise, then the person who will be the first one to come to our rescue will be daddy dearest! Don’t you agree, girls?!