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So, did you enjoy your visit to my virtual home? Are there any topics that you could relate to, or would like for your readers to read on your website? I believe in sharing information that could be of help to others in some way, or the other. If you share my views, we could definitely collaborate to give our readers something that offers them valuable information and guidance, too.

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The Period Hub

Everyday Gyaan


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Product Reviews:

Healthcare products and grooming products that I have used are the ones I review. The reviews are my honest opinions about the products and highlight both, the positive as well as the negative aspects of the same. These posts fall under the Sponsored Posts category and will have to be compensated accordingly.

You are welcome to send over the products with the understanding that I will be providing you with a balanced review as mentioned earlier.

Sustainable Period Wear

Scribble your heart away!

Book Reviews:

I also review books belonging to the fiction, self-help and motivation genre, here at Metanoia.


A window to her dreams

The 23rd girl

A walk in the rain: A journey of love and redemption



The wise man said

Busting Cliches


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