What I learned from everyday blogging. #A2Z

Everyday blogging helped me discover a lot about myself, the most important being that I can survive on writing!

Y – Yeah Write. #AtoZ

Why you need to pay a visit to YeahWrite if you wish to improve your writing.

X – Why blogging eXcites me. #AtoZ

Blogging gives me happiness and peace of mind. Blogging has given me a chance to hone my writing skills, and also meet some wonderful people. A couple of reasons I am addicted to blogging!

V – How to plan a variety of ideas for your blog posts. #AtoZ

Planning for a variety of posts for a blog can be time consuming, but also easy to manage if you have a clear idea what you want to blog about and how you wish to go about it.

U – Ultimate Blogs to follow. #AtoZ

A list of Ultimate Blogs that I follow. Blogs that educate, entertain and enlighten!