Q – Quotable Quotes. #AtoZ

I love quotes. Words of wisdom that ย instantly lift your spirits, boost your morale and push you to do your best. A category for Inspirational posts that share real- life stories of heroes who motivate us to give back to the society was on my mind when I created Metanoia. But, then I also decided …

M – Metanoia. #AtoZ

A post on my baby - my blog, Metanoia. Why I created it and what it stands for.

A – Art. #AtoZ

A to Z

Beginning the April A to Z blogging challenge with the letter, A, as in Art. My artful journey!

Kitty love!

I am a dog person. But, I do like kittens. Actually, I like watching kittens in action as they play with each other, or with balls of wool! They do look cute, don't they?


"I am very happy being me, although sometimes I'd love to be a bird so that I could fly!" _Joy Fielding.     Love, SHILPA...