The Call of the Wind. #BarAThon 2017

The Call of the Wind. #BarAThon 2017

“Do you realise I am the powerful one between the two of us?” Sameer taunted his little sister, slyly.

“Papa says, never count your eggs before they hatch,” replied Arya, in her signature clipped tone.

“And, pray tell me, what do eggs have to do with this game of chess, li’l sis?” Sameer muffled a laugh.

“We are still playing, Da, the game isn’t over yet. So, don’t take it for granted that you are going to win and start bragging about your skills!” replied the girl, holding her ground, defiantly.

“Well, let’s see, now, li’l Miss Muffet. Here’s your King, and here’s my Bishop aaand, it’s a Check! Ha Ha,”  the cunning look returned in the young boy’s eyes as they sparkled with glee and a smug look.

“That was a good move, big bro. But, even as you concentrate on putting my King in danger, you ought to take care of your army, too, shouldn’t you?” Arya showed her dimples as she took stock of the situation and secured her King.

The next few moves were quite fast paced as the brother-sister duo fought it out like fearless fighters. Their father watched attentively, affectionately, as his children refused to bow down in the face of danger, especially his little girl – his little princess.

“Watch out, young lady. Your self-respect is in danger here,” warned Sameer as he felt he was gaining ground. How his chest puffed up with pride as he imagined his little sister turning green with envy at her super-smart elder brother’s win!

And, just when he had begun building castles in the air, he heard a soft thump on the chess board and a chortle from his sister.

“Hold your horses, bro, and throw a glance at your King…Over here is my Rook, and here is my King, and there, cornered pitifully, is your King. Aaaand, it’s CheckMate!” folding her arms proudly sat back Arya with a lopsided smile, looking down at her brother turning green with envy!


I have no knowledge of Chess, but this is the picture that came to my mind as I mulled over what to write for today’s prompt.

The last prompt for Day 7 at the BarAThon: The Call of the Wind.and the sin that corresponds with this prompt: Envy.

I had a fabulous time honing my fiction writing skills, as it is seldom that I attempt to write a fictional piece without a prompt to help me out. And, this past fortnight, I had 7 prompts to help me out! 
I hope you enjoyed reading my posts (Ahem…I don’t mean to sound all high and mighty!). I enjoyed writing them, for sure!

Thank you so much, Blog-A-Rhythm, for BarAThon and for the wonderful prompts. Eagerly awaiting the 3rd blogging challenge here!



And now, because I completed this challenge, I won this really cool badge from Blog-A-Rhythm…

Suns and Lovers. #BarAThon 2017

Suns and Lovers. #BarAThon 2017

“How could you do this to me, Father? I am your son…your goddamned son, for Heaven’s sake!”  Kumar Singh bellowed at the patriarch of the Singh family.

Staggering around in a drunken stupor,  the first-born, heir apparent raved and ranted as his senior looked on, quietly. He had predicted this outcome; his decision to hand over his entire business empire to Mukund Rathod was sure to ruffle quite a few feathers.

“You find that goddamned Mukund more deserving than me, haan?  That penniless, good-for-nothing son of a servant gets to take over your estate, and what do I get? To play his bloody butler!? Good Lord!”  he howled.

Hurling his glass at the wall, he spun around to hold his father by the shoulders. Shaking him vigorously, Kumar glared at the old man with hatred in his eyes and a thousand questions in his mind. His anger, bordering on insanity, was enough to cause panic, but the old man held his own.

Calm and collected, he gripped his son’s wrists and pushed him away, taking the young man by surprise. Then, turning a steely gaze at him, the father finally spoke in a tone so cold, it sent shivers down the young man’s spine.

“Mukund is NOT a “goddamned son of a servant”. He is my son. From Savitri, the one who you think is the servant. And, he is the rightful heir of all that I own. And, THAT is final! Do you understand?” 

So saying, the owner of the Singh empire walked out of his son’s room, out of the world he had built for his family,  towards the love that now awaited him.


Today’s prompt for the Day 6 at BarAThon was quite a bit tough to work on. Maybe that’s why I took the entire day to come up with something! But, I am glad I could manage to come up with something, at least! 

Today’s prompt: Suns and Lovers. And the corresponding sin: Greed.

The Lord of the Files. #BarAThon 2017

The Lord of the Files. #BarAThon 2017

He was nicknamed The Lord of the Files, that lazy, old Mishra. Right from the way he carried himself, to the way he functioned, or, er, malfunctioned, he had a royal way of doing it all. It’s a wonder how he survived all these years!

He would make a grand entry into the office at an hour that suited him.  Parking his rusty, old two-wheeler in the parking lot, he would lumber over towards the building that had been a witness to his 20 years of “service” as a clerk. No, there had been no promotion in all these years, because a promotion would need efforts and efficiency on his part and that was really not his style of working.

Then, in he would drag his bulky frame right up to his chair and dump his posterior in it as it creaked under his weight. Shouting off orders to Gopal, the peon, to switch on the fan overhead, fetch him a bottle of cold water and his first cup of tea and some biscuits was his pre-work ritual. Absentmindedly scratching his sweaty underarms, picking his nose, or cleaning his ears with the end of a pen’s refill, he would wait till Gopal had carried out every task to his satisfaction.

Guzzling down the chilled water, he would then ho-hum for another fifteen minutes and then get down to work. Work involved first eyeing the huge pile of files that lay on his messy table and yawn annoyingly, then picking up the first file,  he would give it a cursory glance and then dump it on the other side of the table. This would go on for half an hour before he would call for his second cup of tea. With biscuits, of course. This went on till lunch hour, after which lethargy would set in and Mishra would doze off at his table.

The files on his table would pile up everyday with dust settling on them as comfortably as Mishra had settled  in his sluggish ways. Gopal would often nudge Mishra to work on this or that file, or even move it over to the next table where it would get the attention it deserved and earn some brownie points for himself. For anyone who ever dared question/chastise Mishra for his laziness and his incompetency, there was hell to pay from the Lord of the Files, himself! For, no one but the Boss had any right to give him an earful, was what he would always proclaim.

And, that’s just what happened, one fine day. The Boss swapped his swivel chair with his lounge chair and  handed over the management of his office to his foreign-returned son.  In stormed Boss Junior heralding winds of change and the first change to take place was the dismissal of Mishra.

The number of sweets that were distributed that day, ah,  the office resembled a sweet shop!

How do I know about Mishra so well? I was the idiot who got him employed at our office, in the first place.


Today’s prompt at the BarAThon is Lord of the Files and the sin Sloth goes so perfectly with the prompt!

Today’s prompt brought to mind our lazy government officials whose only aim in life is to laze around in the office under the pretext of work. The files at many of the offices pile high on the tables of the clerks who would rather swap flies than work on the files. Things are definitely changing, but there are miles to go before the scene really undergoes a drastic change and the officials who are paid the kind of money they don’t deserve begin doing the kind of work that they should!

War and Pieces. #BarAThon 2017

War and Pieces. #BarAThon 2017

The decapitated body of a soldier lay in a ditch in the clearing where the combat had taken place.  Some distance away lay his comrade in a pool of blood, wincing, counting the last seconds of his life, calling out to his wife and his little son.

Their camp had been attacked in the wee hours of the morning. It had been a surprise attack, but the soldiers had fought valiantly, till their last breath. The rest of the unit had left in pursuit of their adversaries, to finish what they had begun.

Far away in his village lay his wife on her bed, tossing and turning.  Sleep had eluded her all through the night. It was only at the break of dawn that she had dozed off. And, no sooner had she dozed off than she had had the dream that had woken her with a start. Her heart thudded wildly as she looked around her.

Her mind in turmoil for what she had dreamt of, her tears came cascading down her cheeks. Had he been wounded, or was he…?  She shuddered with terror as she gathered her sleeping baby.  Cradling him in her arms, she rushed outdoors. Finding her mother-in-law in the courtyard with her prayer beads, she went and sat by her side, muffling her sobs, stifling her cries.

“I am scared, Ma! I am very very scared!” she broke down, finally, as she recalled the horrid dream, and let out a gut-wrenching wail.


Today’s prompt at BarAThon is War and Pieces, and the corresponding sin, Wrath.

Isn’t it sad, that the feelings we harbour about our “neighbours” lead to the war that has really not helped either of us in any way, in all these years? Sigh. The futility of all the blood shed! Do give peace a chance.

Of Ice and Men. #BarAThon 2017

Of Ice and Men. #BarAThon 2017

“Mmm…just look at that guy, Riya! Isn’t he terribly good-looking? Sania sighed as she gestured towards the man sitting at the table across. “In fact, he looks positively yummy!” she purred.

“Shush! Sania! Are you nuts? He can hear you! And, he doesn’t appear to be the friendly sort, at all. He is not “positively yummy”, but positively icy! Look for someone else, and leave the Ice Man alone! Riya admonished her childhood friend as she threw a glance at the man, furtively. 

“Naah! I prefer Ice Men, Ri. Cold, distant with an icy look in their eyes that could freeze a waterfall! The challenge lies in melting the Ice Man’s heart, teaching him what love is all about!” Sania continued,  eyeing her object of admiration.

 “Yikes! Sani, how much more gross could you get!? “Melting his heart and teaching him about love?” Just cut the crap, will you, and concentrate on your book, for heaven’s sake! We have a test in half an hour, now. And, they are not going to question us on ways and means of cutting through the icy exterior of Adonis’ heart. Gawd!” groaned Riya on hearing the idiotic words her friend mouthed.

“You read the book, Genius, and let me concentrate on my Ice Man, here.  All you think about is books and studies. Did you even notice I winked at him just now? There was a  flicker of a smile on his lips, ya know? It really isn’t that difficult to thaw an iceberg, babe.  Ask this expert!” Sania uttered with pride as she stood up to make a daring move.


Today’s prompt for BarAThon: ‘Of Ice and Men’, and the corresponding sin Pride. 

The above conversation is just something I came up with while wondering what I could write for today’s prompt. I am sure this is also the conversation that goes on among the youngsters of today, who know how to get what they want! Makes me happy that I belonged to the older generation, though..😏