The Call of the Wind. #BarAThon 2017

“Do you realise I am the powerful one between the two of us?” Sameer taunted his little sister, slyly. “Papa says, never count your eggs before they hatch,” replied Arya, in her signature clipped tone. “And, pray tell me, what do eggs have to do with this game of chess, li’l sis?” Sameer muffled aContinue reading “The Call of the Wind. #BarAThon 2017”

Suns and Lovers. #BarAThon 2017

“How could you do this to me, Father? I am your son…your goddamned son, for Heaven’s sake!”  Kumar Singh bellowed at the patriarch of the Singh family. Staggering around in a drunken stupor,  the first-born, heir apparent raved and ranted as his senior looked on, quietly. He had predicted this outcome; his decision to handContinue reading “Suns and Lovers. #BarAThon 2017”

The Lord of the Files. #BarAThon 2017

He was nicknamed The Lord of the Files, that lazy, old Mishra. Right from the way he carried himself, to the way he functioned, or, er, malfunctioned, he had a royal way of doing it all. It’s a wonder how he survived all these years! He would make a grand entry into the office atContinue reading “The Lord of the Files. #BarAThon 2017”

War and Pieces. #BarAThon 2017

The decapitated body of a soldier lay in a ditch in the clearing where the combat had taken place.  Some distance away lay his comrade in a pool of blood, wincing, counting the last seconds of his life, calling out to his wife and his little son. Their camp had been attacked in the weeContinue reading “War and Pieces. #BarAThon 2017”

Of Ice and Men. #BarAThon 2017

“Mmm…just look at that guy, Riya! Isn’t he terribly good-looking? Sania sighed as she gestured towards the man sitting at the table across. “In fact, he looks positively yummy!” she purred. “Shush! Sania! Are you nuts? He can hear you! And, he doesn’t appear to be the friendly sort, at all. He is not “positivelyContinue reading “Of Ice and Men. #BarAThon 2017”