3 fabulous ways to use coconut oil for hair and skin care.

3 fabulous ways to use coconut oil for hair and skin care.

The benefits of coconut oil have been known since ages. It’s been tagged as a health food with medicinal properties and also a skin-friendly, perfect ingredient for skin and hair care. Be it the Extra Virgin Coconut oil, or the refined coconut oil that we usually use for hair care–both of these make for the perfect beauty ingredients without any harmful side-effects.

For me, personally, coconut oil has been my go-to during the harsh winters to fight dryness as well as the bi-weekly head massage that benefits my hair and my sleep.

Over the years I have realised that a chemical-based moisturiser can never bring me relief from dry skin as much as the tried and tested coconut oil. It may not sound glamorous, it may not smell heavenly, but it helps soften my skin and nourish my hair. Well, actually, it does smell heavenly–the faint aroma of coconut on my skin makes me feel so warm within!

So, today, I am sharing with you all, 3 ways in which coconut oil has helped me in my skin and hair care routine.

Coconut oil for lustrous hair




Using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for a weekly hair massage changes the way your hair feels and looks! My SIL shared with me a secret recipe for hair oil and after using it for the past two years, I can vouch for its effectiveness in improving the hair quality.  Of course, one needs to be regular in using it!


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  – 1 bowl

Curry Leaves                   –  10 to 15

Fenugreek (Methi) seeds –   1 teaspoon


Heat the oil in a tempering pan.

Once it’s hot, add the  fenugreek seeds. Allow them to sputter and change colour.

Then, add the washed and dried curry leaves. Allow them to turn crispy.

Switch off the burner.

Allow the oil to cool before storing it in a glass jar.


1 I use the miracle oil to massage my hair twice a week. Applying it after  colouring my hair softens the hair and reduces hair fall. It makes my hair silky and soft. And, I just love the aroma of fenugreek and curry leaves mingled with that of the coconuts!

2 After a hair wash, I towel-dry my hair and apply 3 to 4 drops of refined coconut oil before de-tangling and combing my hair. This conditions the hair and keeps it moisturised and well-nourished. And, yes, it doesn’t appear sticky when I leave my hair loose!



Coconut fights dryness


Extra Virgin Coconut oil, or even the refined coconut oil make for the best moisturisers. My skin has begun to dry with age, and during winters it can get really bad. The itching can get pretty annoying and no amount of moisturisers help. No, not even those that claim soft skin in one application!

So, since some time now, I have been using  coconut oil during winters. Gently massaging the face and the body with the oil half an hour before bathing ensures softer skin and no dryness.

Applying some coconut oil after the shower keeps my skin soft and moisturised, too.


COCONUT OIL makes for a better shaving gel, than shaving gel.



Surprisingly, coconut oil makes for a better ‘shaving gel’, than a shaving gel.

Shaving, too, used to dry my skin. My legs would often itch after a day of shaving and no moisturiser helped bring me relief. So, I began using coconut oil instead of shaving gel or soap and the results stunned me!


Use cold water to wash the skin before and after shaving. Hot water dries the skin.

Scrub the skin with a home-made body scrub. You could use a simple scrub made of gram flour (besan), curd and powdered fenugreek seeds.

Wash and dry.

Apply refined coconut oil to the part you wish to shave.

Now, use the razor. Do not shave a spot multiple times, just a couple of quick, gentle strokes are enough to get rid of the hair.

Wash well once done.

Now, use the body scrub once again and clean well.

Give a final wash with an antiseptic liquid like Dettol.

Pat dry the skin.

Apply refined coconut oil when the skin is moist so the oil spreads fast. The skin will absorb the oil quickly so you need not worry about a sticky, oily skin all day.

Applying coconut oil daily after bath, instead of a body lotion, will ensure no irritation, dryness or itching on the shaved area.


That’s all from me this week for skin and hair care. Do share with me your own beauty secrets, or beauty ingredients that you discovered in your kitchen cabinets and how they helped you. I would love to know.




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G – Grooming is essential! #AtoZChallenge

G – Grooming is essential! #AtoZChallenge

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badge


Have you noticed how happy you feel after a visit to a beauty salon? Be it a hair-cut, a mani-pedi, or a head/body massage, pampering your body is one of the most therapeutic activities we indulge in.

Not only do these grooming sessions take care of our body, physically, but mentally and emotionally, too. Of course, not all have the time or even the energy to visit a salon every week/fortnight. But, we definitely can find time to do a little something at least over the weekends, can’t we?

Maybe a mani-pedi, or a facial, a head massage, or exfoliation with ingredients from the kitchen…you can do it all in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Women prioritize all the extra chores that need to be completed over the weekends. Add to it, there’s the school projects that kids need help with. There’s hardly any time left.

But, grooming at home hardly takes a lot of time, really. Believe me, it takes no more than 10 minutes to 40 minutes in the bathroom depending on whether you decide to scrub your feet or your entire body, plus a hair-wash. Yes, I timed it all–I had to write about it here, so the R&D was much-needed!

Also, staying well-groomed is a necessity, not to impress others,  but to feel good about yourself!

Women, usually, tend to let themselves go after marriage. Correct me, if I am wrong, but don’t we become ‘lazy’ about grooming matters? I know I was! But, since some years now, grooming is a part of my weekly schedule, and I do it so that I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF.







  1. Use ingredients from the kitchen for preparing face and body scrubs.
  2. Be gentle with your skin–especially your facial skin.
  3. A facial done at home might not be your idea of pampering, but trust me, there’s a lot of difference between how a beautician massages and how you do it–you know the kind of pressure you find comfortable.
  4. Scrub your feet every night. It takes just a few minutes. Apply Vaseline or a foot care cream and you have beautiful feet, free of cracks and dead skin.
  5. Apply coconut oil to dry hands and feet, at least, at night. The skin soaks it all up and the oil softens your skin better than a chemical-laden cream.
  6. Include a head massage at least twice a week. Heat some coconut oil, add fenugreek seeds and curry leaves. Heat for a few minutes. Allow to cool and store in a glass jar. Apply this oil to your hair regularly to reduce hair-fall and dandruff and make your hair stronger and silkier.
  7. Opt for henna or chemical-free hair colours.
  8. Look after your hands well. They show the first signs of lack of care.
  9. Never compare yourself with others. Be happy with how you have been created.
  10. And, finally, SMILE. It’s the best accessory to enhance your beauty!


Much love,



Benefits of grooming




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Chemical-free hair colour.

Chemical-free hair colour.

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To begin with, this is not a sponsored post. This is about a product I have been using for quite some time now and being satisfied with it, wished to share it with you all.

I began using Greynil about two years ago, on the behest of my cousin. Before that, I used to apply henna to cover my greys. It gave my hair a fiery red shade and then orange, much to my dismay. I did not want orange hair and neither did I wish to use chemical hair colours.

So, I opted for Greynil and am really happy with the way my hair feels today!


Greynil is a chemical-free, herbal hair colour. It is manufactured by Dr. Jain’s Herbals brand and is prepared using the following ingredients:


Henna powder

Indigo (Neel)

Sofia Oil (Perfume)


Greynil is available in two shades: Brown and Dark Brown.

Choose the shade that suits your natural hair colour.

Take the required quantity in a bowl and add boiling water to it to make a paste. Leave it aside for a few minutes. Wear the gloves that come with the pack and apply the paste to your hair when it is lukewarm.

Part your hair and apply from roots to the ends with a brush.

Once you have finished, cover the hair with a shower cap and then tie a towel, or a cotton dupatta on top, like a turban. This will keep the hair colour warm and prevent you from catching a cold or experiencing a headache.

Keep it for two hours and then wash off with cold water.

DO NOT SHAMPOO the same day.

Once the hair dries, you will find it rough to touch and tough to comb and de-tangle. Do not worry. Just comb as gently as you can and tie your hair in a bun.

Oil your hair the next morning. Your hair will soften as soon as you apply oil.

After 2 – 3 hours, wash your hair using your usual shampoo and conditioner, or even shikakai, if you use it (you will find the lather turning blue–that’s because of the Indigo.).

Let your hair dry naturally, or towel-dry it, gently.

De-tangle the hair once dry.

Initially, you will need to apply Greynil every 8 to 10 days. Later, you may use it every fortnight.


1. Greynil, being a pure herbal hair colour, is free of any chemicals, and, is therefore, not harmful for your hair and skin.

2. It makes the hair softer, silkier, improves hair-growth and the health of your crowning glory!

3. You will also notice a decrease in dandruff with regular use of Greynil.

I add half a spoon of methi seeds’ powder while making the paste. Methi is a miracle seed and a blessing for not just your hair but also your health.

4. Greynil doesn’t make your hair orange when it fades after some days, but leaves it with a brown tinge and then, back to your natural hair colour.

Greynil is available at your nearest chemist-druggist. You can also buy it online.

Hair colours–whichever brand they may belong to–contain chemicals that are harmful for our hair and skin and result in the hair turning grey sooner. Using chemical-based hair colours also results in excess hair fall, dry hair and dandruff.

This particular product suited my hair and skin and gave good results. Skin and hair types vary from person to person, so if you experience any discomfort while using it, you can always switch to henna.


Add beetroot juice to henna if you have brownish hair and wish for a maroon tinge. Beetroot also helps reduce hair fall.





Herbal hair colours for beautifully healthy hair.