What’s your comfort food? #flavoursometuesdays

What food do you crave when you are looking for something to give you comfort - comfort for your belly and comfort for your taste buds?

Are you a Joey Tribbiani? #flavoursometuesdays

Are you large-hearted enough to share your food with the people around, or, are you like Joey Tribbiani, who DOES NOT share his food?! A fun food post.

Something’s fishy! #Flavoursometuesdays

Have you ever experienced something you were never prepared for? Have you had to partake of food you have never eaten in your life before?

Inktober 2017 – 3rd week.

This past week was one hectic week for me. Diwali, the most important festival in India, was being celebrated with a lot of pomp and joy. Then, there is Β an ongoing blogging challenge I am participating in that requires me to write two posts per week and visit some wonderful blogs. And, then there is …