Self-love…quotes for the ‘self’. #writebravely

Self love

Quotes on self love that help remind us of caring for ourselves first.

Love – Lost and found.

  Four months ago, I lost the love of my life, my pet dog, Chikoo. The heartache was unbearable. All the love that I was  used to, was gone, forever.  Dealing with his absence was exhausting. Heartbreak, or loss of someone you have loved dearly, takes its toll on the heart.  It takes time to …

Hug more often.

Hug more often

In the city of Vienna, Austria, lives a young man by the name, Thyago Ohana.  Let's call him an angel in disguise. You will soon learn why. Every two or three months, he goes out on the busy streets with a big smile and a sign that says, "Free hugs".  He opens his arms for …