Top 10 motivational songs from Bollywood!

Motivational Songs

Music and lyrics that motivate us, encouraging us to keep going and give it our best!

The Wise Man Said – Book Review.

Book: The Wise Man Said. Author: Priya Kumar. Genre: Motivational. The story in a nutshell: Sammy, an 80 year old billionaire, realises that the secret behind his success in life has been the various sacrifices he made along the way. One of the foremost being his neglect towards his family that rendered him a lonely …

The Calling – Unleash your true self. Book Review.

The Calling - Unleash your true self, is an inspirational book written by Priya Kumar. An award winning and a bestselling author of books like 'I am another you', and 'License to live', Priya Kumar brings for us a book about a journey within. A journey we all need to make in order to  discover our …