The furry therapist.

The best therapist in the world has four legs and a tail, a furry body you can cuddle to drive away the blues, and a wagging tail that brings instant joy in your life. Guess who? Haha...yes, my Chikoo made me a dog lover. I really hadn't imagined having a dog for a family member-cum-therapist. …

Cutie Pug!

I remember that old advert for Vodaphone, where the kid had a pet pug who would follow him everywhere he went. What was the tagline of that ad? I need to go find out. But, yes, they do become your shadow - these cutie pugs - and follow you everywhere you go!  

The brave Husky.

Have you seen the movie, 'Eight Below'?  Watch it and you will know what I mean! The strength and endurance of these magnificent animals gets tested in the biting cold of the arctic, where they work for people as well as become a part of their family. The handsome Husky.    

My first pencil sketch.

I took up  pencil sketching in 2014. One day, as I sat with an open drawing book, wondering  whom I would draw, I realised I didn't have to look far. My pet dog, my son, Chikoo, was right there, waiting to be immortalised in my very first pencil sketch! Of course, he did not model …