A just-for-fun pencil sketch.

A just-for-fun pencil sketch.

I hadn’t made a canine pencil sketch in ages, so decided to make one, but with a difference. A just-for-fun sketch that says a lot about the animal in the picture.

So, here it is..in two stages….

A rough outline and the eyes in the making.

And, here’s the finished one –


I so wanted to draw pink lips on his forehead – a kiss on this lovely’s handsome face – but, I felt a heart would give it an adorable look!

I just can’t help it – I just have  to  kiss a dog when I meet one –  muaahhh – along with a tight hug! Only then do I get the satisfaction of having met the fur baby!

Also sharing this sketch I made long ago of a Boston Terrier….the same breed as above.

The reason there are so many dog sketches in my art book is because I love dogs. Period.

Each time I plan on making the sketch of another animal, the plan fizzles out and in its place appears a dog, with eyes that speak a thousand words.

Did you know that dogs have a vocabulary of a 1000 words? They can learn and remember a thousand words we speak. Explains why my Chikoo understood every thing I said to him!

“Chikoo, how about a walk?”

“Hey, do you want to eat cheese?”

“Baby, I am running down to the grocer’s and will be back in a minute.”

“Chikoo, I think dad’s home!”

And, so much more! It was a pleasure just watching his eyes shine with excitement each time I said something to him. Magical, isn’t it?

Have you tried talking to a dog? Did you see their eyes speak?