Kitty love!

I am a dog person. But, I do like kittens. Actually, I like watching kittens in action as they play with each other, or with balls of wool! They do look cute, don't they?

Marilyn Monroe.

"I restore myself when I am alone." _ Marilyn Monroe.     I know I did not get her a 100% right, but it sure was fun attempting this sketch! Thrilled to learn that she was a Gemini, too!   Love, SHILPA..

Pretty Woman!

Pretty Woman. Runaway Bride. Β Erin Brockovich. Ocean's Eleven. Monalisa Smile. The movies that made me fall in love with this amazing actress - Julia Roberts!     Love, SHILPA..

Live and let live.

"Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here as you and me!"     Love, SHILPA..