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April A to Z

This post is all about Entertainment - music and movies - the two things that transport us to another world when ours feels chaotic and stressful!

The Wise Man Said – Book Review.

Book: The Wise Man Said. Author: Priya Kumar. Genre: Motivational. The story in a nutshell: Sammy, an 80 year old billionaire, realises that the secret behind his success in life has been the various sacrifices he made along the way. One of the foremost being his neglect towards his family that rendered him a lonely …

MOM – Film Review.

MOM - Sridevi

Sridevi returns to the silver screen with a riveting performance in this author backed role of Mom!

A walk in the rain: A journey of love and redemption. Book Review.

Book: A walk in the rain. A journey of love and redemption. Genre:  Romantic thriller. Author: Udai Yadla. Format: Paperback.   I have almost stopped reading romance novels since some time now. The reason being that age has taught me quite a bit about the fictitious nature of love, and also that romance  novels have …

The Pakistani Bride – Book Review.

I had been on quite a long reading hiatus, which, fortunately, ended last week. I bought not one, but three books of varied genres to begin afresh. I wrote about Love stories, an anthology edited by Ruskin Bond, and,  I let you go', by Clare Mackintosh. In today's post, I review the third book, 'The …