Put that phone away!

Put that phone away!

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Last month, I wrote a post on a particular habit that I needed to change. I had promised myself that I would work on it and come back a month later to write about how I had successfully kicked the habit. So, here I am!

I had planned on exercising control over my phone usage and use my time constructively. As I said, habits take a while to change, to become habits. I had given myself a month, and today, I feel so good about myself because, although I haven’t kicked the habit altogether, I have learned to control the urge.

Now, my phone stays away from me in the mornings, till I finish my workout and my chores. I reach for it only after I have had my breakfast. I scroll through the messages and the news feed on Fb and Instagram. But then, I remind myself after about 15 minutes that my time is up. That there is work to be done, articles to be written, so put that thing away!

The Wi-Fi stays on, but the phone stays away. The rest of the day, too, I pick up the phone for a while, but I have observed that after some time, I tire of gazing into the phone and put it away sooner than I used to.

Most evenings, the Wi-Fi is switched off and some days, I just leave it like that. There isn’t much to see in there, anyway, and surely, the world isn’t going to change in the time I stay away from it all! And, if someone does need to get in touch with me, they can call me up. People to whom I matter know how to get in touch with me; they don’t need to reach out through a social media platform.

The peace I experience at such times is unbelievable and inexplicable. It also helps that I have a couple of good books that whisk me away from the madness that is social media. Also, the need to make better use of my time keeps me on my toes all day. My to-do list has quite a many items that need to be ticked off before the end of the day.

it is, indeed, satisfying seeing all those tasks accomplished, and, it is this contentment that propels me to keep working harder and stay away from the “distractions”.

Of course, there are days when nothing around seems to interest me and that is when the phone stays with me for longer. But, the need to keep my promise to myself is stronger than the need to entertain a bored and an idle mind. For such days, I use Netflix and watch a good movie–my TV viewing is 2 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least amount of time I spend watching the idiot box.

I had ended my post on a positive note, with hope and promise that I would, indeed, work on my habit. Maybe that is the reason I could put my heart into it. The responsibility I have towards myself made me work on it, seriously.

Being responsible for our actions is what makes the difference in our attitude. My father used to say that we need to be true to ourselves and everything will fall into place. Those words echoed in my mind each time I reached for the phone earlier in the past month. As a child, I hardly could fathom the meaning behind those words; it is now, as I work on myself, that I understand what they stand for.

The struggle to stay away from the gadget can’t be called a “struggle” today. In fact, on some days, I consider the phone to be the most uninteresting piece of invention by man and reach for my book!

Just writing these words gives me a feeling of utmost satisfaction. Feels really good to realise I care for myself more than stuff–unnecessary stuff. Glad to tick off another item on my list of ‘Things to do to love yourself’!




Just so you know, the amount of time you spend looking at your phone today, is half the amount of time you will be spending at your ophthalmologist. Also, you have just this pair of eyes to use in this life time.


I came across these 10 simple ways to break bad habits. Do try and follow these. I am sure you will find a difference in yourself some day soon.

Easy ways to change old habits.

How do you deal with loneliness?

How do you deal with loneliness?


A feeling that has been a companion since so long now, I could very well put it up on a pedestal and bestow on it the title of ‘Best friend for life’!

Why? Why not? Don’t we all know that not a single soul in our life is ours forever? None, except us, can make ourselves a priority – a fact we often discover quite late in life.

We keep pursuing people, hoping they put us before themselves, are considerate towards our feelings, and make us their centre of attention, for life. How often we return disappointed!

The problem with us is we fail to remember that life changes, so do people and their priorities. Be they our friends, our partners, our children. Each of them have a life they would want to explore, try new garbs, shed the old ones.

Okay, our partners may not forsake us for greener pastures, but once the novelty in the relationship fades away, the equation begins to undergo changes that often leave us feeling ignored, lonely, and frustrated.

Work, friends, hobbies become the focal point of either of the partners, making the other feel left out. The realisation, that you come after the others, their friends, especially, can leave one feeling miserable. It may not be a conscious move, but that’s how life functions. And, the resultant heartbreak can be quite difficult to bear.

Looking after MIL and our pet Chikoo, and the absence of any friends to talk to had left me with no adult human interaction on a daily basis. Believe me, that can cause havoc on your psyche. I mean, how much could I converse with my MIL – a patient of a mental illness, who was fighting her own demons? Or with Chikoo – a canine?

The loneliness that arose, drove me over the edge. I couldn’t be drawing, or writing, or reading or watching TV all day long, could I?

I needed someone to talk to, spend time with.

It was with time that I realised, that expecting anything from anybody, even from my partner, would only lead to disappointment and heartache. No person would be there for me, or with me, always.

Except myself.

That’s when I decided to befriend myself. Become my favourite companion. So much so, that people become redundant…for me! Sounds weird? Trust me, there is nothing as liberating and as joyful as spending time with yourself, with nary a need for another soul.

I also found the joys in going out on dates – with myself!

Believe me, these are the best dates you will ever go on! Refreshing, exciting and so calming.

Have you tried it? I urge you to do it, if you haven’t.

Leave the kids with hubby for a day, or a few hours, and just go. Go wherever you wish to go, do whatever you wish to do, and then see for yourself how thrilling the experience can be!

There are some exciting things you could indulge in to deal with your loneliness once you are done brooding, because, honey, accept it – your guy/girl will have better things to do than be by your side when you want them to. Why burden them with your expectations and why torture yourself with all the resulting bitterness? Learn to take care of yourself now, and you will never need another person during your low moments, aka ‘loneliness’.

So, here goes..


1. If you feel like crying your heart out, just go ahead and CRY. Throw yourself a pity party.. But, a word of caution here – DO NOT extend the party after an hour. You don’t need to empty your lachrymal glands! Save some for the future.

2. Call up your closest friends, or call them over for a heart-to-heart. Friends, who know you inside out, know the magic words that will drive away your blues!

3. If you are into it, or would like to give it a try, pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and let it work its wonders on you. Put on some music (peppy numbers) at full volume and sing along at the top of your lungs! (I have been doing it for so long now..believe me this is the best one on the list!). Do not go overboard with the Wine. Stay within limits. And, if there’s no wine at home, reach for a fizzy drink!

4. Workout/go for a brisk walk, or a power walk for 45 minutes. The activity will not only help you sweat it out, but leave you feeling rejuvenated, and on top of the world! (This is the second best).

5. Read a good book, or watch a good film. But, I would advice you to stay away from romantic films, precisely for the reason that these will make you feel melancholic.

6. Get into your cleaning gear – gloves, aprons etc – and clean the house! Nothing like scrubbing the bathroom, or the kitchen. The sparkling room at the end of it all will leave you with a sense of achievement like nothing else!

7. De-clutter: Another activity that is simply so satisfying. Get rid of the clutter from your wardrobe, your kitchen cabinets, delete old email…and in doing so, you unconsciously de-clutter your mental room, too, do you know that? Try it. 

8. Cook your favourite recipe/bake a cake or cookies – only for yourself! Enjoy a good, hearty meal, with music, candles, what-have-you! Or, go eat out. All by yourself. Just do it and see for yourself! Let hubby/wifey babysit for a change!

9. Paint/draw/write…indulge in your favourite hobby. If the kids are at home, then play some kiddie music and join them for a dance. Dance like no one’s watching – the kids will love it and so will you! Plus, dancing is one of the best exercises…it raises your happiness hormones–endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. 

10. Visit a park and relive your childhood days. An hour on the swings, the slide or the see-saw, or even the jungle-gym will bring back fond memories of your childhood and put an instant joy in your heart. How many years since you sat on a swing and swung to your heart’s content? 

Actually, the possibilities are endless. All you need to do, is spot them yourself and go berserk! Or, get as imaginative as you can. Your partner isn’t home anyways, so you might as well make hay while the sun shines! What say? It will only help you become emotionally independent, my dear!

How do you drive away your loneliness? Do share with me…I could do with some more tips on my list! I am a work in progress, you see!




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Self-love…quotes for the ‘self’. #writebravely

Self-love…quotes for the ‘self’. #writebravely

Have you noticed how we  come across quotes that give answers to our questions precisely when we need them? They seem like the North Star, guiding the traveller who has lost his way in the dark and fears tripping over a rocky path. These precious pearls of wisdom often change the way we look at life, face our fears or grieve  our loss.

The past few months were  life-changing for me in many ways. I lost my pet – yeah, that is life changing, especially when you depended on that soul for emotional strength for almost 13 years! Dealing with the void he left, dealing with a  low self-esteem brought about by the realisation that everyone around me were way ahead in “the race” – all of it was gnawing at me, torturing my soul in a way I just couldn’t express. It was during this time that I came across these precious words that seemed to show me the way out of the dark abyss I found myself in.  They taught me about love and loss, about life and people, about moments that become memories to cherish. But, most of all, they taught me to be kind towards myself and give myself the love that so deserve.

I repeat these words to myself each time I catch myself slipping back into the abyss, when my thoughts overpower me and good sense fails to prevail! In fact, I often begin my days with some of these words that now feel like the Gospel!

Sharing here some of my favourite quotes that have helped me shine the spotlight on myself and soak in some much-needed self-love.

We often judge ourselves a bit too harshly, isn’t it? In fact, we judge ourselves. Isn’t that a greater sin? That niggling voice that keeps us forever on an edge; which hisses at us the moment we give ourselves some much-needed leeway. It is this voice that we need to shut up, forever. Why do we encourage it? Why do we even pay heed to its demands, its ruthless comparisons, its constant torture that can wreak havoc on our mental well-being?

We may not be like the Ms. Khannas, who manages their homes with an ease and efficiency that could put a hundred others to shame. We may not be like the Ms. Sharmas who, despite being moms to teenagers, despite being career women leading busy lives, find time to hit the gym and look like a million bucks. But, so what? We are fabulous in our own unique way, aren’t we? We deal with our life and the etceteras with much more finesse than anyone else would in our place. And, we must be proud of that.

Do you know that treating ourselves a bit more kindly is the least we can do for our soul? Why, then, is it so difficult for us to give ourselves some consideration, show some empathy, and a bit of love? It’s we who will be seeing ourselves through every storm that we face in life. Won’t we?

The moment that was, is never going to return. The moment that will be, is but  a mirage. So, why not live in this moment and make the most of it?  Do we even have an inkling about what the next moment might bring along with it? Let us learn to live in the here and the now.  Let Life bring with Her whatever She wishes; let’s just be present in this moment and  revel in it. It will sure relieve the mind of all the torture we subject it to by over-thinking about all that doesn’t even exist!

And,  this quote  is one that I diligently follow. Yes, there are times when I let it slip, but the Universe finds ways to remind me about it and get me back on track! This is the only life we have, why not make the most of it? No dream is frivolous if it is about doing something to make ourselves happy! No dream is too big or too small if you have it in you to follow your heart and fulfil that dream. If you think it’s what’s going to make you happy, then, well, just go for it! You may not know if your plans come to fruition, but at least you will be happy you did your best!

Reach out for that happiness, if it’s all that your life depends on. Life isn’t long; it’s, in fact, riddled with uncertainties. So, why not use this moment to reach out to that little dream that stands to make you happiest? Just go for it!

These are some of the quotes I inspire myself with. There are some more which I will share some other time. For now, though, it’s just learning to focus on the ‘SELF’ – the most neglected part of our lives!

What are the quotes that motivate you? Do share with me, I would love to know!


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