Z – Learn the art of Zen. #AtoZChallenge.

Z – Learn the art of Zen. #AtoZChallenge.

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Every time I heard someone say that they practised the Zen art when caught in chaos, I would imagine them sitting cross-legged with their eyes closed lost in deep meditation. Hoping to meet that zen state of mind, I would try to practise it myself to find some peace, but to no avail.

According to the dictionary, the aim of Zen is “to achieve sudden enlightenment through meditation.”

But, meditation is something one cannot master just like that! You need proper guidance from a master and years of practice. So, how do we get that enlightenment, that peace we all seek every moment?

That’s easy.

By learning the art of Zen!

Staying aware of the moment you are in, to experience that moment wholly, is what it means by learning the art of zen.

And, staying in the moment is self-care at its best!

We humans have planned ourselves to keep moving ahead, mentally, even as we live in a particular moment, physically.

As we  eat lunch, mentally we are far away, in some other world–our office, perhaps–making a list of chores that need to get completed.

As we enjoy an evening out with our family, mentally, we are worrying about the tomorrows–our kids’ education, health, finances, etc.

Basically, we are rarely present in the moment where we ought to focus.  We are on some trip of our own–in the future–paying least attention to what truly matters–the present.

And, that’s how our worries pile up.

Anxiety, fear, depression, stress–these emotions stem from the fact that we hardly concentrate on what we ought to; rarely use our imagination the way we are supposed to.

We imagine things going haywire and our lives getting ruined because of every negativity we can imagine. Is this how we take care of ourselves?

Self-care means paying attention to what you allow your mind to think about. It means caring deeply about your mind, your thoughts, your actions and reactions. Staying in the moment, learning the zen art is what will help you do so.

Whatever you do–be it folding the laundry, playing with your kids, working, cooking, making art–make sure you are in that moment.

Whatever you work on, make sure you do not expect anything–neither negative, nor positive–in return. Yes! I know how much we stress on being positive about the future, but isn’t it simpler focusing on the present, on the work at hand, doing our best and leaving the rest to the Universe?


It has reduced my anxiety levels, drastically.

It has helped me work better as I put in my 100% in everything I do. I don’t worry about the outcome.  If it’s something work-related, I just give it my best and move on.

it has made me much more peaceful and embrace every situation as it is.

I keep my confidence levels high with encouraging self-talk.

I am a lot calmer during a crisis than before.

And, it has helped me realise what happiness is all about!


Do you practise the art of Zen?





This post for the letter Z is officially the last of the posts for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, but as I missed out on letters U, V, W and X, I will be sharing those posts in the next four days. Hubby had to undergo a surgery on his mouth and throat and had to be hospitalised. Now that he is home and getting back to work soon, I will be able to complete my challenge.

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Staying in the moment is the best way to self-care


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