Skin care for the winters.

Skin care for the winters.

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Mumbai never experiences winters the way other places do, but, my skin knows precisely when the season sets in! Dry, chapped lips, dry skin, especially around the mouth, dry hands and cracked feet…in fact, dry skin all over!

Caring for your skin during this season becomes necessary because if ignored, your skin loses its moisture too soon and appears dull and undernourished.

Personally, I prefer keeping it simple and refrain from using any readymade skin care products as they contain a lot of chemicals which can do harm over the long run, or they are too oily, which gives me pimples and acne.

I prefer using selective stuff from my kitchen counter that is not only skin-friendly, but also economical. Today, I am sharing with you all a few skin care tips to use not just for winters, but all year round for a soft, supple and a healthy-looking skin.

The tips I share here are not time-consuming, and use very few products, especially those easily found at home. At 45, I have no patience to spend long hours beautifying myself, nor am I interested in spending loads of money buying creams and potions that will never turn me into Cleopatra! So, do let me know if you found my post useful..


For the massage:

VIrgin coconut oil:

Virgin coconut oil is a magical, versatile beauty and healthcare product. Not only does it keep your hair shiny, strong and beautiful, it also moisturises your skin and leaves it feeling well nourished.

All you need to do, is massage some oil on your face and body half an hour before you shower.

In case you have dry skin, try applying coconut oil to your damp skin just after the shower. It spreads well, gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t give you the oily feel, at all!


You can also use ghee, or clarified butter, to massage your skin with. It’s a natural ingredient that will definitely soften your skin and won’t even harm your gentle skin in any way as it’s chemical-free.

You could use it during a facial, apply it on chapped lips and consume it to give your body the much-needed good fats.

Body scrubs:

Long ago, I used the readymade apricot scrubs to scrub away the dead skin cells for a smooth, pampered skin. Later, I realised how the coarse particles of the scrub could actually damage my skin over time, especially the facial skin. So, I thought of switching over to something I found in my kitchen.

Gram flour / Besan:

Gram flour makes for the perfect facial and body scrub. It is fine and non-abrasive and also skin-friendly. This has been used in my family since generations. I add half a spoonful of methi (fenugreek) powder and a spoonful of milk to besan and use it to cleanse my face and neck everyday. At times, I use it as a body scrub, too.

You could also add to it a pinch of turmeric and also some cream if your skin feels too dry.

If you wish to use the Multani Mitti, or Fuller’s Earth, do check the brand and the manufacturing date.

Honey and cocoa powder:

This is a new combo that I discovered in a post on skin care shared by a doctor friend. Honey is one of the best moisturisers and when mixed with cocoa powder, makes for the perfect moisturising facial scrub.

All you need is half a teaspoon of honey mixed with cocoa powder to make a paste. Apply it evenly on your face and neck and gently massage for a few minutes and wash off with cold water.

Shikakai Powder:

Now, I know, you might wonder why shikakai powder has been mentioned for skin care, so let me tell you, this was shared with me by my bestie and I vouch for its effectiveness.

Shikakai powder is fine, unlike the readymade scrubs which are often coarse and this makes it non-abrasive.

I bought the powder from a Patanjali products store. This way, I can be sure of its quality.

Take the required quantity in a bowl, add some water to make it into a thick paste and use it as a body and facial scrub, once a week. It gives you baby-soft skin at a far lesser price than what you pay at the salon!

And, do remember:

  • Massage your face and body with coconut oil before you use this scrub.
  • Cold water is best suited for dry skin, as warm/hot water robs the skin of its natural moisture.
  • Pat dry after shower and, if you feel the need, apply some lotion, especially one that’s non-oily and light and preferably made using natural ingredients. I use the Himalaya Nourishing Cream, which is not oily and keeps the skin well-moisturised all day long.


Water is the best solution for dry skin. It works its wonders from within which reflects on our skin. It can be quite tough, though, remembering to drink water regularly, especially in winters when we hardly sweat and don’t feel the need to hydrate.

An easy way out could be to set an alarm for every hour that will remind us to replenish our water levels in our body. It will not only help keep your skin from getting dry, but also flush away the toxins and give a clear, healthy skin.

Care for your feet:

Apart from your face and body, your feet too bear the brunt of the dry weather. The ugly cracks that develop on the heels can mar the beauty of your feet.

Make sure to scrub your heels using a foot scrub or a pumice stone, in the morning and at night. It takes just a couple minutes and helps get rid of the dead skin.

Massage the heel with either a foot cream or Vaseline and cover it with your socks. Follow this routine before the cracks on the heel deepen and start to bleed and walking becomes difficult.

It takes just a week to notice the difference and, now, you can also wear that strappy footwear you have been wanting to flaunt!

Skin care at home Vs. skin care in the salon:

Most of us prefer visiting the salon for our skin and hair care routines. A facial, mani-pedi, waxing, hair-cut, et al, at the salon gives us the pampered feeling. Most of it is fine, too. But, I always believe that a facial done at home, by ourselves, is a lot better than one done by the beautician.

The reason being, we know our skin better, so we know what products are good for our skin. Secondly, when we massage our skin, we can gauge the pressure we need better than the beautician does.

The one time I went to a salon to get a facial done, I found it quite uncomfortable. The beautician applied far too much pressure saying that that is how the dead skin cells can be removed. But, the skin on our face is really delicate and doesn’t need the kind of excess pressure while massaging. Neither is the skin so dirty that it needs to be scrubbed like we would scrub our bathroom tiles!

The best way to care for our skin is by ourselves, with products that are often found at home–natural, without any harmful chemicals that could have side-effects rather than benefits. Keeping the entire routine simple and easy on our skin will ensure a healthy glow all year long.

Do try it out and let me know. I am sure once you get used to doing it by yourselves, you will avoid visiting the salon for the same.

What’s your beauty regimen? How do you keep your skin healthy and beautiful? Do share with me…I would love to hear all about it!



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Skin care using natural ingredients for the harsh winters