Poetry for the soul – My favourites.

Continuing with  the Music Series. In my last post, I shared some peppy numbers that help drive away the blues. But, there are times, when the gloom refuses to leave you in peace.. Heartbreak, loss of someone special, or, maybe just life and her mysterious ways take over our emotional space and leave us feelingContinue reading “Poetry for the soul – My favourites.”

The silent cry for help.

Lately, an alarming trend seems to have taken over the social media.  Calling it a trend in itself is disturbing, but these incidents that  I came across make me wonder if we can call it by any other name! You may have heard/read about the young lawyer who tried capturing her suicide on camera beforeContinue reading “The silent cry for help.”

Love bites…A happy post.

No, no. This post has nothing to do with erotica! It also isn’t about love that bites (as in, our fur babies, who enjoy nipping, nibbling etc when in  prankster mode). It’s about a  little something I have been indulging in since some time now. My mind being very productive tends to go off onContinue reading “Love bites…A happy post.”

Friends forever.

Image: Stocksnap.io  We met when we were little girls, dancing to the clinking sound of the cymbals at our dance class. We – P and I – were Bharatnatyam students in our early teens. A shy, “HI“, or, “Hello“, was all that we exchanged, both of us being reserved and shy of nature. I failContinue reading “Friends forever.”