The first man to wear a sanitary pad. #WATWB

The story of a man who changed the lives of countless women in rural India and other developing countries with his low-cost sanitary pad manufacturing machines.

The man who shone a spotlight on mental health. #WATWB

About the Hero who works tirelessly to wipe out the taboo that's mental illness to many in our country. A Hero who offers his ceaseless support and encouragement to mental illness patients and their families.

The brave heart who helps nab perverts. #WATWB

The Mumbai locals (Railways) may be the lifeline for millions in the City of dreams, but they also happen  to be the bane of the lives of its travellers, especially the women. Imagine  travelling in crowded compartments, from far flung suburbs, to work and back, spending almost four hours doing so each day. Now, add …