30 Minutes timer to just write.

What do you do when faced with the dreaded 'Writer's Block'? Do you want to learn a fun exercise for those times when writing feels like an impossible thing to do?

Why do you write? #writebravely

What is it that you write for? Is it satisfaction for your soul, or an outlet to your creativity? Is it for making a name for yourself in the Blogosphere, or is it to give vent to your thoughts and your emotions?

Scribble your heart away!

A daily journal to help you pour your thoughts, ideas and your plans and goals. In short, a journal to help you get writing!

Silence! Writer at work.

It's almost noon. The whirring of the fan and the incessant peeps of the pigeon fledglings in my kitchen window are the only sounds that fall on my ears as I write. Once in a while, my pet parrot (the latest addition to my family, after Chikoo's demise) enquires, "Eh?", about god-knows-what, or lets out …