5 posts I loved this month. June’18

5 posts I loved this month. June’18

This month onwards, I am introducing another segment at Metanoia, where I will share  posts I read that moved me, struck a chord, or even urged me to look at Life from a new perspective. It’s good, isn’t it, to have something ‘new’ in Life, every now and then? So, apart from From my bookshelf’, there’s going to be,‘Most loved posts of the month’.

That does not mean the rest of the posts I read aren’t enjoyable, or inspiring enough. But there are posts that really make me sit up as I reread the words that stir me the way  certain words do.  And, hence this post on some special posts!

So, without further ado, let’s get going, shall we?

1. The month began with a post from one of my favourite bloggers, and also a very dear friend, Shailaja Vishwanath. Yes, she finds umpteen mentions at Metanoia! Shailaja, do take a bow if you are reading this, my dear!

So, she published a post that grabbed me, instantly. Why? Because the feelings she described in the post mirrored mine.

That feeling of being insignificant, a ‘loser’ and being jealous of the world around as it gallops ahead, successfully; surpasses you as you trudge along, despite all the effort you put in. That feeling of being left behind in the race, and being too consumed with jealousy as you watch all the others succeeding in every venture they undertake.

However, this feeling was not what the post was all about. It was all about a little word that I came across, that changed the way I treated this very feeling. A word that made me realise I needed to give my thinking a much-needed makeover!

FIRGUN. A Hebrew word…umm…well, let me share with you the link so you can learn all about it, yourself!

Firgun: A beautiful quality

Every word this woman chooses is akin to a jeweller choosing the perfect gems to create an exquisite ornament! Okay, let me not spoil it for you with my metaphors! Do go, read it. I am sure you will change the way you think and feel, not just about Life, but also about success and failure.

2. The next post comes from another dear friend of mine, Sunita Rajwade .It came during the week that brought with it a lot of sadness for many a soul amidst us. The passing of two celebrities: Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. The news of their suicides shocked the world, leaving many broken hearted. That week, when the spotlight was on SUICIDE, and, what makes people take the extreme step.

It’s a post in memory of her dear friend who succumbed to depression–the demon that swallows up a person, leaving him helpless and without a thread of hope to hold on to.

When recent celebrity suicides trigger deep seated dark memories

Sunita’s posts are also very well articulated. The way she expresses her mind, her thoughts..makes me wish I could write like she does! Classy is the word that I would use to describe her writing.

3. The next post I liked is from Suzie, of Suzie Speaks.  It’s a post all of us bloggers will find extremely useful. Why? Because it teaches us how to create images with pictures clicked at our home, with simple props that we could buy at our local market, or even find at home!

A post that will help us give that personal touch to our images and a shine to our posts!

How to create flat lay images using basic props

Do visit her. I am sure you will love her blog, as well as the posts she brings for her readers!

4. I am all for motivational quotes. Metanoia is primarily a health and wellness blog, but Inspirational-Motivational is its second most important segment.

It’s the words in a quote that can add sunshine to your world. We wake up each day, thinking, planning, or even dreading the moments that lie before us, for each of us goes through stuff that has the potential to leave us either overwhelmed or completely broken.

And, it’s at the period when we are at our lowest that we need words to lift our morale, put a smile on our face and a little hope in our heart. Hope, that all’s not over!

Soumya Prasad begins her day with a motivational quote on her Instagram account. Do visit her.  I visit her just for the quotes she shares, for many a time it’s her quotes that put back the faith in my heart and the confidence in my spirits. And, I am quite in awe of her for being candid about her feelings and her opinions about the world and its citizens, too! 😛

Why daily motivation helps.

Do visit her. I am sure you will love the way she expresses her thoughts–fearlessly! I so wish I could be even 30% like her!

5. And, the last post that is also very inspirational in nature comes from another dear friend of mine-Esha Mookerjee Dutta.

Esha is a Literature student and her writing is like poetry for the soul! Oh god, I get blown away each time I read her words! Another blogger I wish to emulate, Esha’s post comes from the experiences Life gave her…is giving her. And, the topic is something that so resonated with me. Having been through some tough times and emerging strand saner, we both learned quite a lot.

It’s only during the tough phases that we learn some very useful lessons, isn’t it? There’s no other way God would ever teach us stuff about Life, would He?

What adversity has taught me

Do visit her, too. I am sure you will come back enlightened!

I mean every word, Esha! ❤


So, that’s my list of awesome posts from June. I hope you all like these. Not just like, but also find them inspiring, moving and informative, too! Do leave your views in the comments section. Would love to hear from you!





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Posts that inspire

K – Keep an eye out for every trifle. #AtoZ

K – Keep an eye out for every trifle. #AtoZ

Keep an eye out for trifles.

This particular post is  for myself – a ‘note to self’, so to say –  as it’s the little things – the trifles – that I so often overlook while writing.

Calling these ‘trifles’ is in itself a mistake, as it’s these little things that really matter a lot to our writing, but to which we often fail to give due importance.

I learnt about these over the years. Still am learning, thanks to some really helpful, caring friends I made over the years.

So, without further ado, let’s look at these little BIG things, shall we?

Using ‘rich’ words:

Desist from using words you never use while speaking. Especially ‘rich’ words that you may think will make your post shine.  I often did it in the initial days of my blogging, until my friend pointed it out to me and told me it made my posts seem artificial.

Grammatical errors:

We often eat up our ‘articles’ (a,an,the), which can really make a lot of difference to our sentences.

For e.g. “My post is in mess.

My post is in a mess.”

See the difference the a  does to the sentence?

‘You’re’,your‘, also get mixed up, as do ‘It’s‘ and ‘its‘. Little things we tend to overlook in our hurry to finish our post.

Using too many adjectives or adverbs –

“He rushed to her side, quickly.”

The adverb ‘quickly’ is unnecessary here. He rushed, didn’t he?

Grammarly is the place to visit. It helps in polishing our Grammar and presenting crisper posts.


My friend, Pawan Hegde, often points out the number of cliches in my posts and urges me to be original instead of using these overused phrases, which lack originality. ‘Deafening silence/ raining cats and dogs/ time heals all wounds’ and so many more are all cliches, which we ought to quit using.

Punctuation marks:

Using either too many commas, or no commas, or commas in the wrong places. Using the semi colon instead of the comma;  usage of the colon, the ellipsis (the three dots I am so crazy about!), the  dash (the en dash and the em dash which I often tend to forget about), all of these need to be worked upon with care.

Do visit this link for more information on punctuation marks. These are the tiny things that really make a huge difference to our writing.


Okay, typos happen all the time and these can be ignored. But, to avoid typos, the best thing to do is to read the post aloud. You will discover words you missed, phrases you could do without, as well as any spelling/syntax errors, homophones, homonyms, incorrect words, and much more!


My paragraphs used to be really long earlier. It’s only by observing other bloggers that I discovered that keeping the paragraphs short —  4 to 5 lines — makes the post appealing, and easy on the eyes.

Try reading posts with lengthy paragraphs and compare them with those with shorter ones and notice the difference.

Preview the post:

After you have read and re-read your post and sifted through it thoroughly, click the Preview button to give it a final check. Are the images well placed, the fonts right, the entire look of the post appealing to the eyes of the reader? That little Preview button is there for a purpose. And, I discovered it quite late.

As I said in the beginning, this post is really for my use. Often, I get carried away by the thoughts crowding my mind and ignore these trifles, and upon checking the post later, I come across all the errors I could have avoided had I been more careful.

I hope you find this post useful, too. I haven’t gone into the details as I risked making it a really lengthy post and losing out on my readers.

Maybe I will do a detailed post some other time, after I get the approval from a Grammar Nazi!

Happy writing!






If you come across any errors, mistakes in my writing, or the information given, do point it out to me. I welcome your suggestions.


April 2018 A to Z blogging Challenge

My theme for the A to Z Blogging Challenge is all about my blog, Metanoia, and my blogging journey from the time  I started, 5 years ago. The lessons I learnt, the tips and tricks I picked up from fellow bloggers and the guidelines I could have used back when I began. 


An artist par excellence.

An artist par excellence.

English Vinglish


I was never a  great fan of Sridevi, or Madhuri Dixit, for that matter, or any other actress of that era. I mean, the 80s and the  90s. Back then, watching movies in the theatre was a strict no-no for us kids. Yes, we did go for the rare film along with either mom, or dad, but that, too, after a lot of cajoling. Cajoling our parents to allow us one  movie!

That’s the reason, I haven’t seen many of Sridevi’s  films. I did admire  her varied performances in Sadma,  Lamhe, Chalbaaz, Mr. India and Chandni, to name a few, but, that’s it. However, It was only her last two films after she returned to the silver screen, that really caught my eye.

The first being English Vinglish, and the second, Mom.

What struck me about English Vinglish was the similarity between Shashi Godbole’s story and mine.

A modest homemaker, she runs a  laddoo making business from home.  However, being a simpleton, her achievements find her no admirers in her husband, or her daughter. Instead, she gets ridiculed for her lack of English- speaking skills, and disrespected for  her unsophistication.

This story  so resembled mine, as well as that of  countless women out there whose life revolves around their family. Simple, modest homemakers who give a major chunk of their time to their families and the remaining tiny part to  the little dreams they dare to follow.

Sridevi brought alive the simplicity, the unsophisticatedness of so many of us homemakers, who lose their identities in the mad rush of Life, get taken for granted for all that they do for their families and achieve nothing but disrespect.

Some of us strive to carve an identity for ourselves through a small business, or a blog (like yours truly!), but rarely do we receive the appreciation, the admiration or the respect we so yearn. Well, it’s just too insignificant an activity, after all! Be it a  laddoo making business,  or a petty  blog, we aren’t part of the corporate sector making a few lakhs a month, are we?

And, oh, how we lose our confidence thanks to the lives we lead!

That scene at the cafeteria, where Shashi gets ticked off at the counter – that could have been me, or someone like me! I fell in love with Sridevi in that one scene, when she rushes out of the cafe, tears streaming down her cheeks, her hands trembling, her face a crumpled mass of pain and hurt!

I am not very well versed about her filmography from her first innings, but she did choose the best movie to ride back into the hearts of her legions of fans. Those almond eyes that speak volumes, that face which transforms itself in a blink of an eye, and that little jig she regales her son with in the movie.

Sridevi was Shashi Godbole!

Today, she is no more. And, there are a lot of discussions going on about the hows and the whys of her end. So many of us have passed judgements about her life from the high pedestals we place ourselves on!

Well, how she was in her personal life is (was) her business. How she may have lived her life, how she may have been insecure about her career. …well, frankly, it’s really none of our business either dissecting it or commenting on it.

Do we live perfect lives, ourselves? Are we perfect?

The bitter  truth is, she is gone, suddenly, unexpectedly, leaving behind a shattered family and  heartbroken admirers. My heart goes out to her daughters – little girls who are at an age when their mom should have been by their side, guiding them, supporting them. I wonder how those girls will take this loss, how they will survive without their most important support system!?

Let’s all just pray for her soul to find the peace it deserves, and for strength to her family in their time of crisis. God knows how much support and prayers they all need right now!

Let’s also just remember this great artist, who lit up the screen with her dazzling performance and swept us all off our feet!

May her soul rest in peace.


I will keep revisiting English Vinglish for the  inspiration and the encouragement it gives me. God knows how much I yearn for that one look of respect in my spouse’s eyes, the kind Shashi  elicits in her spouse at the end of the film!