Z – Zentangle — Meditation through art. #AtoZ

Z – Zentangle — Meditation through art. #AtoZ


Practicing mindfulness through art.Since some time now, practicing mindfulness, Yoga, and meditation have become the in-thing. In search of peace of mind, we turn to these for help. But, practicing meditation, as well as being mindful, can get rather difficult thanks to the thousand thoughts that swim in our minds, all day long.

Giving the mind a much-needed break becomes necessary, but looking for the tools that will help achieve that break can often lead to frustration. I mean, sitting in the lotus pose, with hands on the knees and eyes closed often gets you nowhere.

It is at such times that attempting an art form helps in finding that elusive focus. It was in 2016 that I discovered Zentangle. I would wonder about the name but it was only after practicing it that I understood the reason behind the name.

The few minutes when you are focused on making the drawing are the few minutes when your mind is oblivious to all that’s going on around you. However small or complicated the drawing may be, unbeknownst to you, it forces you to push out every thought from your mind and concentrate on the job at hand.

What you draw may not appear artistic, but the peace of mind you attain is something you revel in.

So, as always, I would suggest you pick up your pen–any pen– grab a notepad and get going! You may doodle, or draw a flower, or draw some pattern that mesmerises you as you make it. The choice is all yours.

There are no rules in Zentangle. You only need to remember to focus. 

Sharing with you a few drawings you could try making, especially if you think you were born without any artistic genes. For as Elizabeth Gilbert says in, ‘Big Magic’,

Everyone is a born artist, a creative being!

So, do away with the nervousness, the diffidence and just create some art. Let your mind guide your hand and provide you with the necessary motivation.

My friend Rajlakshmi Boruah inspired me to take up Zentangle. She shared this link to ‘Tangle Patterns’ to help with the designs. And, I am trying to inspire you, in return,  to let go of your inhibitions and learn some mindfulness techniques!

Wish you all the very best!

Happy creating!


Starting with the easiest doodles…just let your hand move of its own accord.



Zentangle X'Mas Tree

These were just some examples of how and what you can do. Basically, you can do whatever you wish. Just remember to focus!

Visit Tangle Designs for patterns and designs, or play around with whatever comes to your mind.

You only need to remember to…ENJOY!



April 2018 A to Z blogging Challenge

My theme for the A to Z Blogging Challenge is all about my blog, Metanoia, and my blogging journey from the time  I started, 5 years ago. The lessons I learned, the tips and tricks I picked up from fellow bloggers and the guidelines I could have used back when I began.

You will find all of my A to Z posts here.


De-stress with art.

De-stress with art.

I know this sounds repetitive, but whenever you find yourself bogged down by stress, just pick up a piece of paper and  a pen/pencil and doodle away! Those few minutes you spend doodling or making art will be the calmest few minutes in your stressful day.

Today’s Zentangle designs are a product of my stressed out mind. I simply lost track of time and made these last night. I generally don’t sit for long hours. I get up every half an hour, or so, walk around, exercise my limbs and then get back to my chair. But, last night, I just got carried away as I made my first drawing (the flower).

After finishing with it, I turned the page over, drew a 10cmX10cm box and wrote LOVE in the centre. For the duration it took my mind to come up with ideas for the LOVE box, I was oblivious to the world around.

After completing the LOVE picture, I turned over the page again, and decided to make those soup bowls, stacked one on top of the other, with soup spilling over from the top bowl. I had seen  cups stacked one on top of the other on Pinterest, but I wanted to make something different, something of my own.  So, I settled on the bowls. I found it so amusing that I just did not want to stop!

I could have very well made a few more, but then it was 9:45 pm and I had to have my dinner. I prefer an early dinner, but last night, my drawing took over and I forgot about my tummy!

Do try doodling, or drawing random pictures on a paper when you feel tired, or stressed out. You will forget about all your pains. Trust me!

Zentangle flower

Zentangle letters

Zentangle bowls

All the drawings are made within  10cmX10cm squares, using drawing pens (0.1.  0.3,  0.05,  0.8).

However, you really can use just about any pen – even a ball point pen – and in any colour. Don’t even bother about how good your artwork looks. What really matters is how well you focus on your work and forget about the world!

That’s all from me this Sunday.

Meet you all next Sunday, at The Art Nook!



Shiva, and His Trishul, in Zentangle.

Shiva, and His Trishul, in Zentangle.

This time, for my weekly artwork, I decided to try a daring stunt – drawing Shiva, the destroyer of evil, and His weapon, the Trishul. All in Zentangle.  Believe me when I say this, I was just not sure I would be able to carry out the stunt. I did not want to go wrong – it was Shiva, after all, my Saviour. The One whose name I chant when faced with fearful, unsettling thoughts.

However, I knew somewhere deep down that I wouldn’t go wrong. It was Shiva! He would be by my side as I attempted to draw Him!

This time, I also decided to make a bigger sketch, as opposed to the  smaller ones that I usually make. So, Shiva, here, is  within a 12cm X 14cm frame, and the Trishul within a 16cm X 22 cm frame. My zentangle drawings are smaller in comparison, so it’s a big deal for me that these two drawings came out pretty well, according to me!

I did take the help of Pinterest for some patterns to be used within the drawings. Never having drawn anything like this before, I did need the assistance. But,  there are my own ideas in there, too!

Pinterest does have an amazing collection of every kind of art, so if you do think of trying your hand at Zentangle, do hop over to Pinterest  for some  inspiration. You will be left spellbound by all the art on display!

So, presenting the drawings from the rough pencil outlines to the finished ones.

I hope you like them!

My Shiva doesn’t appear like the Angry One that he is often described as. My Shiva is calm and restrained!  The way I would like myself to be, in every situation I face in Life. Just observing everything that’s happening around and accepting it all, as it is. Accepting and forgiving.


Trishul, in Zentangle.

That’s all from me today, at the Art Nook.

Hope to see you all next Sunday. Same place, same time!




Emotions through art.

Emotions through art.

Expressing emotions through art has proven to be helpful to mankind. Be it through words, poetry, dance or a song…giving voice to the emotions we keep hidden from the world helps release the tension we carry around all our lives.

Be they moments of immense stress,  loneliness, or a heartbreak, loss of a loved one or even our displeasure at the way the world functions – every emotion that can throw us in a state of disarray.  A situation we need to come out of for the sake of ourselves, in a bid to save ourselves from trauma.

I discovered how my art could help me overcome loneliness, stress and ennui, too. It is thanks to my art that I could stay afloat…stay sane.

Earlier, it was just random sketches using crayons. Later, it was pencil sketches, working on which helped me become oblivious to the world around. Lately, it’s Zentangle that I found could transport me to a world far away from the chaos around. A chaos that often threatens to rob me of my peace!

Often my work is an inspiration of what I come across on the Net. However, there are times when my emotions help me come up with drawings that may not necessarily be ‘autobiographical’ in nature, but just a manifestation of my fears, my anxieties, my heartache.

I came up with this drawing today…actually, I could say, the drawing came to me, as I sat contemplating about Life!

No, no…I am not suffering from heartbreak..it’s just something that released some tension that often builds up within this sentimental artist!

Also sharing, this drawing I made last October during Inktober 2017. This picture could very well belong to a series I am thinking of working on. I am aware it isn’t cheerful in any way, but then happiness isn’t the only emotion we experience, isn’t it?

As well as this…from 2016.


I need to come up with a name for the series…and some more ideas, too! Will

work on it and keep you posted.

That’s all for this week at The Art Nook. See you all soon..




Using art to express your feelings -- one of the best ways to give vent to your hidden emotions.


Love is in the air!

Love is in the air!

I love pink hearts…the kind you see all around as Valentine’s Day approaches. Balloons, gifts, cushions, hearts…all in red and pink,  celebrating the  day of love.   So, I decided to use those hearts in my drawing for this week’s art post and give the picture a twist.

Pink and red colour pencils for the hearts that speak about love…the kind I receive from the love of my life. My pets, Chikoo and Cookie.

The paw in Zentangle with the pink heart is something I saw in all black on Pinterest. I used that idea  and gave it a whole new look.

This cartoon of a parrot  was something I had in mind for a long time now, but I wanted to do that, too, with a difference. So, I decided to make it in Zentangle  with a heart-shaped beak, in pink and red.

Isn’t my Cookie a stunner?

I don’t believe in the concept of Valentine’s Day…I did,  as a youngster,  but with age, I realised that love needs no special day, or a special reason to be celebrated.

“Love is life…it’s all that we need to survive!”

That’s all for this week…see you all next Sunday!