How I fell in love with myself.

   Do you love yourself? I mean, do you really love yourself, flaws and all? I am sure there  have been countless moments when you must have cringed at the sight you saw in the mirror, or when you spotted a yummy mummy sashaying past you at the mall.
It’s okay, admit you felt this way. We all do! None of us – okay, there may be some exceptions –  so let me say, most of us are rarely happy with ourselves – our bodies, our physical appearances, our looks, take your pick.
How we rue the fact that once we step into our thirties, we lose our charm!
Bulging bellies, thundering thighs, love handles get labelled as “permanent accessories”. Our husbands add to our distress by comparing us to “that curvy hottie” who seems to be blessed with some special anti-ageing genes. Yes, most of the husbands do!
And, where does that lead us? To the gym, or the dietician. Swearing off this foodstuff and that, sweating it out at the gymnasium and worrying ourselves silly over the weighing machine become the new trends of our life.
My story is, albeit, a tad different. I was  a skinny child, a skinny teenager and a skinny married woman till the recent past. “Skinny’ has been the adjective used to describe me by the others. Being skinny was okay in my teen years. But,  getting married and yet not putting on an ounce was a cause for concern – for the others, of course! I didn’t “appear” the quintessential happily married woman!
Life and its realities also took a toll on me and I became skinnier. A mere 45 kilos was what the weighing machine showed for quite a many years. The number of taunts grew. “Doesn’t your husband feed you ?” they asked.
Anything and everything I tried to help my body gain weight, failed miserably.
To be frank, I did NOT like what I saw in the mirror. All I saw was skin and bones, sunken eyes and a skeleton staring back at me, pitifully. Yes, there were rare occasions when the lighting would help in hiding the flaws, but, I couldn’t possibly carry that light around with me, could I?
 I did put on some respectable amount of weight in the last few years, but just putting on weight was not what I wanted. I wanted to be fit and healthy. So, last year,  I enrolled in a Yoga class and also began making some subtle changes in my diet.
Earlier, because of my inability to gain weight, I would eat anything I could lay my hands on. Not anymore. I do eat the occasional pizza and pasta, but otherwise I have been eating intelligently and exercising  consistently. And now, after a year, well, my hard work seems to have paid off!
Each time I look in the mirror, I fall in love with myself. I have grown into Lady Narcissus! But, seriously, it feels good from within. The aches and pains  due to the cervical and lumbar spondylosis have lessened, thanks to Yoga. My body looks visibly toned and has become a lot flexible and healthier.
However, being a homemaker, I could find time for myself. But, asking the working woman to give an hour to herself, is sure going to get me some exasperated looks! Finding even five minutes to pee in peace is like finding heaven for them! I know. But, if not an hour in the morning, maybe you could devote half an hour at night, or fifteen minutes, for a walk post dinner.
That makes a lot of difference, too. As does making healthy changes in the diet. Eating locally available fruits and veggies, and including  all the essential food groups (including  ghee for the necessary fats – it works wonders on our entire system!) in your daily diet will take care of your insides.
Basically, we need to work on the inside, to get  the desired results on the outside.  
Accepting ourselves  the way we are instead of comparing ourselves with others is what makes things easier.  Each one of us is unique, therefore comparisons will only give you heartache.  It’s how we feel from within that makes all the difference. If you are healthy from within, it will definitely  show.
We women seldom give our bodies the respect they deserve. We only look at what appears to us, but never at what lies beneath.
Our bodies have stood us in good stead through all the high and lows we have been through. Seldom do they complain about the gross neglect they undergo because of our lifestyle. And, after we cross a certain age and our bodies grow tired of being ignored, we begin complaining!
It’s easier for me to say so because I am on the leaner side, but loving yourselves and your bodies the way they are, will make a lot of difference to your morale. Trust me. Forget the film actresses and the yummy mummies who do a thousand things to look like the million bucks  they do. It’s you who are managing a thousand things in your life that matter to your people!
It is a reason to be  proud of yourselves  that you are bringing up your kids fabulously, managing a career and your home with such efficiency, you could put those yummy mummies to shame!
I could go on and on, but am worried you might never visit my blog again! So, my dear women, remember that you are magnificent beings, beautiful and charming, sexy and hot. All you need to do is take a little bit more care of yourself in every little way you can, and believe that you are amazing; the rest will fall into place.
That’s what I have been doing. It isn’t easy, but who said anything is easy? It’s a tough life, a tough business looking like a billion bucks, but it is also tough doing the job that you are doing and that is what you must be proud of. You will definitely fall head over in heels in love with yourselves if you learn to accept yourselves the way you are!
To put it simply “Be YOU. The world will adjust!” 

Published by shilpagupte

Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

2 thoughts on “How I fell in love with myself.

  1. I have had many years of not liking myself. When I say many years, over a decade. So, now I am in a place when I really like myself the way I am. Yes, trying to stay fit is part of game but I enjoy my walks or yoga days.
    So glad you feel that way and thank you for those inspiring words for women out there including me 🙂


  2. It is so important that we love ourselves the way we are, Parul. That is the only thing that will help us feel better; expecting others to love us, if we don't do so ourselves, will not take us anywhere. And, the easiest way to achieve this is to stop comparing ourselves with others. I am glad you fell in love with yourself, too! 🙂


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