8 Indian Spices for Good Health

Spices have been an important part of the Indian culinary scene. Without spices, our food would be bland and our palette, lacklustre.

Not only do these spices add aroma, flavour and richness to our various recipes, but also provide numerous benefits for our health.

Let’s look at some of these spices found in our pantry and how they help us improve our health and cure ailments without side effects.




Let’s begin with one of the most common spices that we use in our everyday cooking: Cumin, or Jeera, as it’s known in Hindi.

Spices for better health

Cumin is best known to give relief from indigestion. It also helps in easier elimination of waste, and is used as a digestive aid.

Consuming Jeera water has been an advice to those suffering from anaemia as it is rich in iron and manganese.


Roast cumin seeds and grind them into powder. Add a pinch to buttermilk to get relief from indigestion.

Along with mustard seeds, you could also use cumin seeds for tempering. It not only adds flavour, but also makes the food easy to digest.


Cinnamon is considered diabetes-friendly as it lowers blood sugar levels.

It’s high in anti-oxidants and protects our body from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Indian spices and their benefits
Pic courtesy: Pixabay

It is used to bring relief from sore throat and cold.


Boil a glass of water with 2 tiny pieces of cinnamon sticks. Sip this water to relieve the itchniess in your throat when suffering from cold and cough.

Add powdered cinnamon to coffee, tea, curries and desserts to benefit from its medicinal properties and enjoy its woody flavour.

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Ajwain, or carom seeds, are the highly aromatic, flavourful seeds that are an excellent digestive. High in fibre, these seeds improve digestion as they help release gastric juices. They also treat heartburn along with digestion issues and give relief from irregular periods, too.


Mix a pinch of ajwain seeds with grated, dry coconut and eat it after dinner. It will help get rid of gas and ease digestion.

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Fenugreek seeds are used for various purposes apart from adding flavour to our meals.

Spices and their benefits

High in water soluble fibre, these seeds help slow down digestion, absorb carbohydrates, and lower blood sugar levels.

Their anti-inflammatory properties give relief from arthritic pain.

The fibre in the seeds also aids weight loss.

These seeds are great for hair care as they reduce hair fall, too.

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Cloves have been our go-to remedy for toothache since ages.

This aromatic spice is very versatile in nature as it is used in desserts as well as curries.

Spices and their benefits

The antimicrobial properties in cloves help kill bacteria. And, it is this quality about cloves that helps maintain oral health.


Grind cloves along with a piece of cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper. Add it all to boiling water to make a perfect drink for sore throat. Add a spoonful of honey and drink this herbal tea at least 3 times a day. It will give you faster relief from a sore, itchy throat than any OTC cough syrups, without side-effects.



Garnishing our food with fresh coriander leaves is a culinary ritual. But coriander seeds are also useful not just for adding flavour to our food but also help in treating various health issues.

Spices and their benefits

One of the most surprising health benefits of coriander seeds is in easing menstrual distress. The natural stimulants present in these seeds maintain hormonal balance. This alleviates the pain and discomfort during our periods.


Consuming water boiled with coriander seeds during periods will help tackle menstrual pain. Just boil 2 cups of water with a teaspoon of coriander seeds added to it. Let the water boil till it reduces to half the quantity. Cool it, strain it and drink it.



This rich, golden spice has been an important part of Indian cooking since ages. It’s also been used in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties for thousands of years.

Spices and their benefits

Turmeric has several uses. Its natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties make it the best medicine to use on wounds, to disinfect the wound, and stall blood flow.

It’s also anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-carcinogenic, all of which makes this spice the most powerful spices of all!


To cure a sore throat, warm, turmeric milk is the best tonic, as compared to other cough syrups.

A mixture of half a spoonful of sugar and a pinch of turmeric eaten before bedtime gives an undisturbed sleep especially when suffering from a bad cough.

A pinch of turmeric is a better anti-septic than any anti-septic ointments in case of nicks and cuts.



Black pepper is another spice that’s very good for health. Known as the king of spices, it’s best used to aid digestion, detoxify the body, and in weight loss.

Spices for better health

It cleans the intestines and stomach, and prevents constipation.

It is also believed to be good for skin and hair as it prevents wrinkles.


Place a peppercorn in your mouth if coughing while asleep. The peppercorn prevents cough and helps you enjoy an uninterrupted sleep.

Add a pinch of black pepper powder to your tea while boiling. It brings relief from cough and cold.

Black pepper helps flush out the toxins from the body through sweat and urine. But, please don’t go overhoard in consuming black pepper. It’s spicy and could lead to an upset stomach.

Keep crushed black pepper handy for use in your recipes, from salads and soups to curries.



The spices we use in our everyday cooking not only add flavour and taste to our food, but also benefit our health and overall wellbeing. Including these locally grown spices in your meals will ensure you stay healthy and well-nourished, too.

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8 powerful spices for good health

Share the load, spread the love.

My husband never does the laundry. Ever. Then why am I writing this post for Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad #ShareTheLaundry movement? one might ask.

I have never considered doing the laundry as a “load”, really. I mean, it takes hardly a minute or two, right?

Just dump the clothes in the washing machine, add the detergent, press the ‘START’ button, and, TADA! your work is done!

Putting the clothes out to dry takes about 5 minutes. So, where IS the load?

Our washing machine and detergent manufacturers have indeed made our lives so much easier and relaxed.

The real load for me? Cooking.

Ugh! Just typing the word is exhausting.

Every morning, when the time comes to cook breakfast and lunch, I hear my body groan in protest. “Do I have to enter the kitchen?” it grumbles.

Meal planning for the day, prepping, cooking, and then clearing the platform – that’s the real load for me. For some, it is an exercise in mindfulness; for me, it’s a task I rush to get over with.

Before the lockdown, life was simpler.

I would finish the cooking by 9 every morning and it took less than an hour. Hubby would leave for work and I would have all the time on my hands to write, read and create my favourite mandala designs.

But when the lockdown was announced, I visualised my well-planned schedule flying out of the window.

With hubby home, I would have to make multiple trips to that dreaded area (the kitchen). There would be that much of cutting, chopping, cooking and clearing to do, followed by extra time spent in front of the sink with heaps of dirty dishes.

When would I blog? When would I draw?

The impending doom sucked the life out of me and I could see my blogging taking a back seat, as also my art.

How would I survive?

And, that’s when stepped in my knight in shining armour: hubby dearest.

The day our PM announced the first lockdown, my man rushed straight from work to the supermarket to shop for groceries that would last us a month.

When he returned home with bags full of provisions, veggies, fruits et al, I felt I had reached heaven.

It does sound dramatic, but seriously, it felt like Santa arriving on Christmas Eve, with bags full of everything we would need, and some more!

That was the first load off me.

Next, he announced that he would take over the kitchen. This meant, meal planning for the day, every day, looking up recipes that did not need a whole lot of ingredients, and preparing those recipes would be his responsibility.

All I was supposed to do was clean the house and do the dishes. That’s all. And sometimes prepare chapati, or roll out the puris. But that’s it. That was doable.

Can you imagine how big a relief that was for me?

My work would be over by 8 every morning, after which I would just make some easy-peasy breakfast for us. After that I would retire to my room to write or blog, and hubby would take over the kitchen.

He would call me once lunch was done and we would enjoy the sumptuous meal he had prepared.

Mind you, hubby is a fabulous cook–I have learned a lot just by watching him in action.

Sharing the load

So, every meal he made was simply superb.

There were times when I would be lost in my writing and he would quietly do the dishes as well.

What a pleasant surprise it would be for me when I entered the kitchen on such days to find the dishes all clean and sparkling, and the sink devoid of a single utensil.

Now, if that isn’t sharing the load, I don’t know what is!

The two and a half months of lockdown showed me a whole new side of hubby–the man I have been living with for more than 22 years.

#ShareChoresMultiplyLove is the hashtag I would love to use to describe our life these past months, with every bit of the sharing done with such love, patience and dedication, I feel fortunate.

I am BLESSED, indeed, to have a guy by my side who never thinks it’s beneath his dignity to share the load at home, or perform the so-called womanly duties and responsibilities.

All I can wish for is, may his tribe increase!

How we would love to see more men announce – I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda

Cracking the Code – Book Review

Cracking the code: My journey in Bollywood, by Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap

Genre: Autobiography

Publication: 8 February 2015

Length: 153 Pages

Format: Kindle Edition


Cracking the code: My journey in Bollywood, is an autobiography of the one actor who has made a name for himself selecting roles that are completely different from the run-of-the-mill roles actors usually settle for. I think ‘experimental’ could very well be his middle name!

Ayushmann Khurrana, in his book published way back in 2015, recounts his journey from his childhood, to his days as a Radio Jockey, a Video Jockey, a singer, and an actor in the Hindi Film Industry.

It’s really a book that he has written for aspiring actors who leave behind their simple world, and travel to Mumbai–the city of dreams–to try their luck in the big, bad world of Bollywood.

Some of them taste success and have a longer shelf-life; some others vanish after a very short innings, and still others fail to make a mark or get noticed and return home, broken hearted, disillusioned.

It’s a book where he shares his codes for success–tips and life lessons that at once encourage you, fill you with hope, boost your morale, and act as a beacon for those setting out on a journey that’s riddled with uncertainty.



A book for aspiring actors is what he calls it – a book for those who have huge dreams of the glitz and the glamour of Bollywood.

A book for those who think they have it all to make their mark in the film industry, but, who, sadly, fail to make it despite their best efforts.

It’s a short book–153 pages–and one can finish if off in an hour or two. But, in these 153 pages, Ayushmann has packed enough gyaan that could be useful for whatever journey one might be on.

Not necessarily film industry, but any industry, any vocation you may have chosen, this book helps you know how to tread the path to success.


Give your best to whatever opportunities you get; never underestimate the significance of even the smallest of junctures. Your past actions will one day become your future redemption.


Ayushmann has shared lessons he learned through his experiences as he grew up from an “ugly”, stick-thin boy without the saleability factor into a commendable actor, who can carry an unusual story on his able shoulders with his craft, his screen presence, and the relatability factor.

The book has a conversational tone, with stories that resonate with you, and the struggles you face building up your career.

There are codes after every chapter to ponder shared by someone who hasn’t received his stardom on a platter, but who had to toil to achieve it.



The language he has used, the style, the tone, all of it makes you feel as if you are sitting with the guy in a coffee shop on a rainy afternoon, listening to him narrate his story about how he made it to Bollywood–his childhood dream.

How he went through all the ups and downs, the trials and the tribulations, the lack of confidence due to his not being “presentable”, but with enough confidence in himself, his capabilities, and his ability to give every job, big or small, his one hundred percent.

Not once does he come across as preachy, boastful, or Mr Know-all-ish.

His ability to laugh at himself, speak about his shortcomings, and share some very embarrassing moments with the reader, candidly, makes him endearing, and relatable.

You need not be a Bollywood aspirant to know how tough life is.

Whatever career you choose to follow, you have to face hardships, learn lessons, and find your way through the labyrinth of twists and turns.

It helps if there are words to guide you shared by someone who has been through an equally difficult phase but emerged from it a winner.

It gives you confidence and the will power to continue on the path you have chosen, and give every shot your best.




Frankly, there wasn’t anything I did not like.

In the past couple of months, I caught up on quite a few Ayushmann-starrers and was impressed by the ease with which he slips into the roles he picks.

This book, therefore, had to be read to get to know the person I see on the silver screen!


I loved the book. Period.

An easy read, you can spend an afternoon going through this book and glean a lot about how to deal with failure, with success, and with else everything in between.

It is an insightful read for youngsters who are on the verge of setting out on a career path. Movies, or no movies, this book will inspire you enough to do your best whatever the situation, the circumstances.

I give this book 4.5 stars. (It could have done with a little bit of proofreading and editing.)

So, if you haven’t read this book, then do pick it up at Kindle Unlimited–it’s free!


47 lessons I learned in 47 years.

Yesterday, I completed 47 revolutions around the Sun.

Phew! No wonder those aches and pains trouble me so much nowadays. It’s been a physically taxing journey, really. Emotionally, though, I don’t feel a day above 16. In fact, I still experience a childlike glee during my birthday week and I look forward to my friends and relatives wishing me and showering me with their love and blessings!

That’s how I wish to live for the rest of my life: young at heart, sweet 16, always.

Cupcake in Zentangle
My birthday cake 😛

Now, coming to the topic of this post – there are lessons I learned during the 47 years I have spent on this blue planet and today I am sharing those lessons with you all.

I am being honest here and would like to mention that these are my personal opinions, based on my observations and experiences. You are free to not agree with me. No offence taken.

47 lessons in 47 years:

1. Time heals everything. You will get over it all–loss, failure, rejections, heartbreak, people, too. Just give it some time.

2. Nothing is permanent. So, don’t stress the small stuff, and don’t stress the big stuff. It will all be gone one day.

3. With time, your circle of people will get smaller. Only a select few will stay, the rest will leave. Let them go.

4. Career first, relationships, later. Choose the work that gives you happiness (especially now that you have such a wide range of vocations to choose from.)

5. Learn to spend time alone, enjoy your own company. It’s liberating.

6. Have dreams, make plans, but be prepared to watch them getting trashed in front of your eyes. It will hurt, badly, but you will get over it.

7. Everything happens for a reason. You will definitely find answers to the whys and the hows of life some day.

8. Take one day at a time. Don’t live in the past. Don’t live in the future. Live in the present. It saves a lot of anxiety.

9. Life keeps changing all the time. Embrace the change.

10. What’s meant for you will find its way to you. Have patience.

11. Recognise your skills. Hone them and use them to further your progress in life.

12. Strengthen yourself to take rejection in your stride.

13. Be kind to everybody. They are all fighting a battle you know nothing about.

14. Be kind to yourself. You will be living with yourself all your life!

15. Take very good care of your body – from head to toe. Especially your toes, or feet, to be precise. They carry you every where!

16. Pursue a hobby. It will be one of your biggest support systems.

17. If you can, find a job, or work for an NGO. It does a world of good to your self-esteem.

18. Accept it that you aren’t perfect. Nobody is.

19. Never compare yourself with others, or your life with others’.

20. Everyone here is unique, and so are you. Love yourself. Make yourself a priority.

21. There will always be differences of opinion. Be graceful enough to accept others’ opinion the same way you would like others to accept yours.

22. Peace of mind is much more important than winning an arguement.

23. Talk less, observe more. Be a good listener.

24. Size doesn’t matter. Age is just a number.

25. Cherish those who truly care for you.

26. Your followers on social media are just numbers. Your closest friends will always come to your rescue in a crisis, not your 10,000 followers.

27. If something has to happen, it will, irrespective of whether you ask for it. And, please don’t bother God with it. But, remember to thank Him everyday for everything that does happen–the good, and also the not-so-good.

28. You are never too late or too old to begin a new career. Change your strategies, move with the times.

29. Do what’s good for your life, what makes you happy. Do not bother about society’s norms.. People will always have a problem, whatever you do.

30. A little bit of fiction is necessary to survive the chaos of real life.

31. Appreciate the body you are blessed with. And, if you can’t appreciate it, then work on it, maintain it. It’s yours, and the only one you will ever have!

32. Enjoy the food you eat–even junk food. Never feel guilty and spoil the fun. Keep your taste buds happy. They matter, too. But, maintain a balance.

33. Strive to feel beautiful from within more than looking beautiful from the outside.

34. Your mental and emotional wellbeing matters a lot more than you care to admit. Look after your mind and soul, too.

35. Leave God alone. Let Him do His work in peace. You mind your own business.

36. Believe in God if you wish to. God won’t take offence if you don’t. God isn’t petty the way we humans are. He will love you either ways.

37. Accept life as it is. Accept people as they are. It’s tough, I know, but you really have no choice!

38. Be careful whom you trust.

39. Never invest your emotions in people who don’t care.

40. Speak your heart out with only a chosen few, who have been with you for the longest period of time. They know you inside out and will not judge you. Ever.

41. When feeling miserable, cry out loud. Or curse. Let out the steam. It’s truly therapeutic.

42. People’s opinion about you can never change the person you are.

43. Don’t bother explaining yourself to others, especially in the virtual world. People really won’t care; they have made up their mind about you.

44. It’s OKAY to make mistakes. God does it all the time; we are mere mortals!

45. You might be embarrassed about yourself or your “pathetic life”, but trust me, no one cares. Everyone has there own problems to sort out. Your life doesn’t really matter to them.

46. Impressions can be deceptive. Maintain some emotional and physical distance with people. Open your hearts to only a select few.

47. De-clutter regularly–your house and your life. Give away what you don’t use/need. Lesser the better–unused stuff in your house, or unused stuff in your life.

So, that’s all for this year. Looking forward to learning some more next year, God willing!

Do you keep a list of lessons you learn from life?

Do share with me some very important ones you learned.

Thank you for your love and blessings!

Lessons from Life

Healthy eating for busy moms – Book review


Author: Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

Genre: Recipes, food, health & nutrition

Pages: 65

Available on: Blogchatter website: Download this book for free here


Healthy eating for busy moms - Book review


My blogger friend, Surbhi Prapanna, brings for us an e-book on healthy eating for busy moms.

Life for a mother is super busy. Balancing a career and home is a tight rope walk that she manages deftly. But meal planning can often feel overwhelming.

Taking into consideration the food preferences of her family and planning meals with high nutritive values can lead to confusion and exhaustion.

In this book, Surbhi shares more than 20 healthy and easy-to-make recipes for busy mothers.

Along with every recipe, she has shared the nutritional value and the nutritional composition of the ingredients used.

There are also helpful tips and tricks along with the recipes that promise to make life easier for the mother.



Surbhi had participated in the Blogchatter A2Z 2020 in April where she shared 26 posts and recipes for every letter of the alphabet. She has compiled them all for this book that is specially aimed at mothers who face time constraints or lack of healthy meal ideas.

The instructions are easy to understand, shared in a simple language and reader-friendly style.

Let me share some of the recipes from the book to entice you to download it for future use.

A – Amaranth paratha with tomato chutney

B – Barnyard millet khichdi

C – Chickpea salad with carrot soup

D – Dal Dhokli

E – Energy Buddha Bowl

F – Fenugreek thepla

G – Green roti with bottle gourd curry

H – Handva

I – Idlis with a healthy twist (Variety of idli recipes)

J – Jaggery paratha

K – Khichdi with multigrain nutrition

L – Leftover laziz paratha for lazy days

Well, that’s all that I am sharing with you here! The names of some of the recipes are enough to make you drool, isn’t it?

You will find ultimate meal-prep ideas and healthy eating tips that help the busy mother to plan her meals in advance. There’s also a note on how to involve your kids in shopping for, and cooking the meals.

You will find 10 bloggers sharing their own healthy eating tips at the end of the book.


Believe me, with so much information on healthy eating apart from healthy recipes, this book is a must in your collection.

Just download it here and you can start making those recipes right away!

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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