I – Infuse your Life with action! #AtoZChallenge

I – Infuse your Life with action! #AtoZChallenge

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 “Infuse your Life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make your own hope. And, whatever your beliefs, honour your Creator not by passively waiting for grace to come down from high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen, right now, right down, here on Earth.”

_Bradley Whitford.


I read this quote in my friend’s post and was, instantly, filled with gratitude for finding a goal in my life, when I did. Being a homemaker, there wasn’t much I could do to fill my days, apart from the daily chores and looking after my family.

But, blogging happened, and I also rekindled my passion for art after more than two decades, and I found myself feeling a lot happier and content with Life.

Our lives revolve around our families and fulfilling their needs. Amidst it all, we lose ourselves and we forget that we have our own needs, too, that we ought to fulfil–for our sake, our happiness. Sadly, seldom do we recognise those needs, and spend our lives wondering what our purpose in Life is.

The one thing we fail to realise is that its we who need to find that purpose, create it (if we fail to find it) and work towards fulfilling it.

Life is passing us by. Every minute here is precious, which often gets wasted in doing nothing for ourselves. I am sure we will repent this idleness in the future, when we realise how we could have done so many things, and yet, we let time slip through our fingers.

So, get up and get going!

If you are a homemaker, then find time for yourself; set aside some time, which you can spend doing something for yourself.

Take up a hobby, or pursue one that you have long since forgotten. Hobbies not only awaken our creative side, but also keep us mentally, physically and emotionally healthy and happy.

I can understand how difficult it is with little kids who need your attention all the time. But, I am sure you can find some time to read books, or even solve puzzles in the newspapers.

If you can find time for your hobbies, try to make these a source of income. It won’t be easy, I know. It won’t even happen overnight, but, at least it will be a beginning–something for you to look forward to, something that will give you a sense of achievement!

If you can, try volunteering at an NGO, or a pet shelter, or your kids’ school. Not only will it keep you occupied, but also give you a sense of satisfaction that you used your time constructively. You will get an opportunity to meet new people. It could also open new doors for you!

it’s up to you how you infuse the action in your lives. It’s something you ought to do, so that years from now, when your children will grow and leave the nest, you won’t find yourself alone and miserable, wondering what to do with your time.

Think over it!




Take some action....make things happen..


I am participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge and my theme this year is, ‘SELF-CARE’. 

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H – H.E.A.L.T.H. Matters #AtoZChallenge

H – H.E.A.L.T.H. Matters #AtoZChallenge

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Being health-conscious doesn’t just mean visiting the gym and following diets. It also means making sure you are healthy from within and that all your organs are functioning well. The best way to do so is by getting regular blood tests done and going for check-ups (annual/six-monthly) and consulting your doctor for any issues you might spot during the check-ups.

Sharing today-

12 easy ways to look after your health.



CBC – A Complete Blood Count that measures the haemoglobin levels and counts your red and white blood cells.

This blood test will help you know if you are anaemic, or suffering from an infection.


BSL – A test that’s usually advised by a doctor to check your Blood Sugar Levels. People with a hectic daily schedule, who don’t follow a set eating and sleeping pattern and whose diet includes more of junk food (because of their schedules) are advised to take this test. So, if you belong to this category, do enquire with your family physician about it.


LIPID PROFILE – This test measures your cholesterol, LDL (Bad cholesterol), HDL (Good cholesterol), and  triglycerides (fats) in your blood). This test is for those who have a poor diet, follow no exercise regimen and have irregular sleeping patterns. Excess levels of these fats is harmful for your health. It clogs arteries and keeps your heart from functioning normally.


SERUM TSH ( THYROID) – TSH is the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. This  test checks if your thyroid gland is functioning well. Higher levels of this hormone in your blood could mean an under-active thyroid, and lower levels could mean a hyper-active thyroid.


URINE – Routine and Microscopy exam – This is advised to check for any Urinary Tract Infections, kidney problems and diabetes.


SERUM CALCIUM – To check your calcium levels.


VITAMIN D3 – To check your Vitamin D3 levels.


VITAMIN B12 – To check your Vitamin B12 levels, if you experience weakness and fatigue.


USG – Ultra Sonography – To study your internal organs like abdomen and pelvis, the uterus and the ovaries.

*Based on the results of the above tests (BSL, Lipid Profile, TSH), your doctor will advise you on how often you need to go for these tests. Usually, if all the reports come out normal, you could repeat it yearly, or once every two years, depending on your lifestyle and overall health.



BREAST EXAMINATION – Checking your breasts for any abnormalities is best done by yourself at home. This will help you stay aware of any changes that you might notice in your breasts. Visit your gynaec if you do notice any changes in the breast’s appearance.


DENTAL CHECK-UP – A six-monthly dental examination will help in maintaining your overall oral health and hygiene.


ANNUAL EYE CHECK-UP – An annual eye check-up is most necessary today because of the number of gadgets we use. Staring at a screen for long duration can dry your eyes. It is advised to blink regularly and take regular breaks while using the laptop. So, if you work with the computer/laptop or are addicted to your smartphone, it’s best to get your eye health checked regularly.


These are some of the tests we need to get done on a regular basis. Mark your calendars or set a reminder in your phone, but do take care of yourself.




Regular health check-ups ensure you are in a good health from within.


I am participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge, and my theme this year is ‘SELF-CARE’.

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G – Grooming is essential! #AtoZChallenge

G – Grooming is essential! #AtoZChallenge

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Have you noticed how happy you feel after a visit to a beauty salon? Be it a hair-cut, a mani-pedi, or a head/body massage, pampering your body is one of the most therapeutic activities we indulge in.

Not only do these grooming sessions take care of our body, physically, but mentally and emotionally, too. Of course, not all have the time or even the energy to visit a salon every week/fortnight. But, we definitely can find time to do a little something at least over the weekends, can’t we?

Maybe a mani-pedi, or a facial, a head massage, or exfoliation with ingredients from the kitchen…you can do it all in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Women prioritize all the extra chores that need to be completed over the weekends. Add to it, there’s the school projects that kids need help with. There’s hardly any time left.

But, grooming at home hardly takes a lot of time, really. Believe me, it takes no more than 10 minutes to 40 minutes in the bathroom depending on whether you decide to scrub your feet or your entire body, plus a hair-wash. Yes, I timed it all–I had to write about it here, so the R&D was much-needed!

Also, staying well-groomed is a necessity, not to impress others,  but to feel good about yourself!

Women, usually, tend to let themselves go after marriage. Correct me, if I am wrong, but don’t we become ‘lazy’ about grooming matters? I know I was! But, since some years now, grooming is a part of my weekly schedule, and I do it so that I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF.







  1. Use ingredients from the kitchen for preparing face and body scrubs.
  2. Be gentle with your skin–especially your facial skin.
  3. A facial done at home might not be your idea of pampering, but trust me, there’s a lot of difference between how a beautician massages and how you do it–you know the kind of pressure you find comfortable.
  4. Scrub your feet every night. It takes just a few minutes. Apply Vaseline or a foot care cream and you have beautiful feet, free of cracks and dead skin.
  5. Apply coconut oil to dry hands and feet, at least, at night. The skin soaks it all up and the oil softens your skin better than a chemical-laden cream.
  6. Include a head massage at least twice a week. Heat some coconut oil, add fenugreek seeds and curry leaves. Heat for a few minutes. Allow to cool and store in a glass jar. Apply this oil to your hair regularly to reduce hair-fall and dandruff and make your hair stronger and silkier.
  7. Opt for henna or chemical-free hair colours.
  8. Look after your hands well. They show the first signs of lack of care.
  9. Never compare yourself with others. Be happy with how you have been created.
  10. And, finally, SMILE. It’s the best accessory to enhance your beauty!


Much love,



A grooming session not only works on you, physically, but also emotionally!


I am participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. My theme this year is ‘SELF-CARE’. You will find all the posts here.


F – Follow a Fitness Routine. #AtoZChallenge

F – Follow a Fitness Routine. #AtoZChallenge

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Life is busy, and a hundred tasks to juggle that leaves you with no time to join a gym or a yoga class.

But, you really don’t need to join a gym or a yoga/dance class to stay fit.

All you need, is will-power, the desire to look after your health and the patience and the perseverance it requires to maintain it.

Being a career woman with a 9 to 5 job, handling household chores and looking after the family’s needs is no mean feat. I see my SIL doing it, day in day out. She hardly has time to even look into the mirror before leaving the house every morning, so finding time for a physical activity is next to impossible.

But, she walks each time she finds an opportunity. And, she wears walking shoes to work, even with her Indian outfits. For her, comfort is much more important than style. Those shoes support her when she decides to walk it down from the train station to her home–a half an hour walk that leaves her feeling rejuvenated.

My mother, at 73, walks all the time–to the temple, to drop her grandson to skating classes, and to her English language classes where she teaches.

Never sit idle!” is her fitness mantra.

Making tiny changes in your lifestyle and your daily schedule will help you stay fit, no matter how busy you are all day. These changes go a long way in improving your health, from the inside to the outside.

Any physical activity increases the feel-good hormones–endorphins, dopamine,serotonin–which improve your mood, increase your happiness quotient and your fitness level.

All you need to do, is move!

Whether you have a sedentary lifestyle or a hectic one, it is paramount that you set aside some time for some physical activity that suits your age and your fitness levels.


  1. Wear comfortable walking shoes so that you can walk during the day, as you commute to and from work.
  2. DO NOT walk in any other footwear except that which is made for walking.
  3. DO NOT take up a rigorous physical activity if you have never exercised earlier. All that enthusiasm will evaporate in a matter of days and your body will not be able to take the sudden change.
  4. Instead, ease into a fitness routine that caters to your age, stamina, your overall health and your body’s ability to get used to this change.
  5. Be gentle with your body and see the signals your body sends out from time to time.
  6. The pain in the neck/lower back/shoulders etc needs to be looked into before you begin a new physical activity. Consult your doctor for a thorough check-up before you set about to do something you never have attempted.
  7. Never follow the herd mentality. I mean, if others jog, does not mean so can you! You might be suffering from some physical ailment that might get aggravated because of the new activity.
  8. Begin with a warm-up, always. And, begin SLOW before you move on to RIGOROUS.
  9. NEVER sit for long hours. It’s worst than smoking. Take short breaks to move around, regularly.
  10. Finally, being physically fit DOES NOT mean reducing those kilo-. It means increasing your stamina and energy levels. So, DO NOT check your weight now and then and grumble if the needle does not move an inch.

Just remember…

Slow and steady, wins the race! So, get movin’, babe!



Physical fitness does not mean reducing the kilos, it means increasing the stamina.


I am participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge, and my theme is ‘SELF-CARE’. You will find all the posts here.

E – Emotional Independence. #AtoZChallenge

E – Emotional Independence. #AtoZChallenge

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badge



If you want to live a happy Life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects.”

“Do not put the key to your happiness in another person’s pocket.”

We live our entire lives in pursuit of happiness; seeking it in the people in our life, in materialistic objects that lose their shine in a matter of days. Being by ourselves frightens us and leaves us feeling incomplete.

But, in reality…

Being able to enjoy one’s company, being able to find happiness in activities we do for ourselves, being responsible for our own emotions and happiness, makes us emotionally independent!

It’s what I wanted since years–to not be in a desperate need to have someone around me to feel happy, being comfortable with myself and find happiness in my work.

The craving for a company all the time, made me desperate and dejected.

However, I realised that people aren’t constant in our lives. People leave after they have fulfilled their purpose in our life. The ones who do stay, are the very few who we call our “soul mates”. But, even our soul mates might not be around precisely when we need them!

“Everyone leaves. Learn to survive alone.”

…is a quote that made me realise this fact about LIFE.

Friends leave, some stay, some drift away, some find new friends; we grow emotionally distant from our partners, too, after spending years together; our children grow and leave the nest.

Who are we left with, ultimately? Just ourselves!

It is we who will be with us for the rest of our lives. So, why not be our own best friends–develop a strong bond with ourselves, learn to love ourselves and our company so much so, that we are never in need of another person to make us happy!

The best way to do this, as Albert Einstein said, is by having a GOAL in life. A goal that consumes us, our time, our thoughts, our energy, to such an extent, we hardly find the time to rue a person’s absence around us.

The GOAL could be your work, your hobby, volunteering at an NGO for kids, the elderly or an animal shelter, where we give our time to others, which, in turn, brings us immense peace and satisfaction.

Looking after your family’s needs is not your ‘purpose’; it’s your responsibility towards them.

A ‘PURPOSE’ is what will be your responsibility towards YOURSELF, one that will make you truly happy!

If you are wondering what is it that could be your purpose/goal, write things that make you happy–an activity/hobby/work that fulfils your emotional & creative needs, choose the one that’s closest to your heart, and just go for it!




  1. Go on a solo date. You will love it!
  2. Write your feelings in a journal
  3. Pursue a hobby.
  4. Learn a new skill that you can add to your CV
  5. De-clutter and re-organise your wardrobe/kitchen cabinets
  6. Spend time gardening/crocheting/sewing
  7. Go for a walk/jog/swim.
  8. Join a gym/yoga class
  9. Doodle/solve puzzles
  10. Read
  11. Visit a theatre/a museum
  12. Go to your favorite cafe.
  13. Have a spa-day at home
  14. Call up your friends/sisters/mum
  15. Spend time with pets
  16. Scrub your house to a shine (my fave therapy!)
  17. Prepare a to-do list for the next week/month
  18. Listen to music and dance along
  19. Watch a movie at home with some popcorn to set the scene
  20. Cook your favourite dish/bake



Wish you the best!

Much love,



Be your own best friend and you will never be lonely!


I am participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. My theme this year is SELF-CARE.

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