Are you a bibliophile?

Over the years, I have realised that being an introvert and  loving your own company more than that of the others has its own benefits. You learn a lot about ‘Yourself’  – the one person you are going to spend your life with – and, you learn to spend your time and energy on things that help mould you into a much better version of yourself.


It can be stifling, though,  being with yourself all the time. I mean, we humans are social animals, and we need people to share our feelings with, at least every now and then, if not always.  But, when solitude gets forced upon you, all you can do is accept it,  learn ways to turn the situation around, and revel in it!

I turned to the love of my life – my books! An avid reader as a youngster, I remember how I would  wander off in the pages of my story books and forget the world. Over time, though, my books took a backseat as life took over.  Until some time ago, when I heard them calling out to me during some silent moments and I picked them up again. And, discovered the magic they held in their bosom, waiting to be showered upon a solitary soul and turn her world upside down.

I have read  books that took me away to distant lands; lands that held in their aridness souls that loved, laughed, cried and fought the battle of their extraordinary lives. Lives that, albeit fictional, dazzled me with their realness.  How astonishing and moving are some of the stories that lie hidden amongst the pages of a book! Aren’t we lucky to have writers, who wield such  power over us that not for a moment are we able to put their books away!?

There are scores of books with tales about fictional people leading a life as real as our own. People and their stories that leave us dumbfounded; characters that leave us amazed at their ability to live, in spite of it all; words that work their charm on us and help us look closely at the miracle called ‘life’.

How often does it happen, that we lay our hands on a  book not knowing how magically it might affect us.  A few words that almost jump at us and catch us unawares, help us find answers for riddles that leave us perplexed. Words that come together to form the epiphany that jolts us out of our slumber to look at life in a whole new light!

Being a writer for some time now, I have realised the kind of tremendous efforts it takes to string together words that touch people’s hearts, move them to tears, or even tickle their funny bones and leave them gasping for air. Words so ethereal in their beauty, they seem to flow effortlessly through the writer’s quill. Words, we so often borrow to express our happiness, our angst and our sorrow. Words without which our world would have been barren, joyless!

Ah, books! How would I ever live without them, without the exquisite little words they hold within them? I dedicate this post to the many books that helped me during some painful solitary moments; books that helped me look at life from a new angle and understand her a little better; books that made me weep, made me laugh, made me forget my worries and find happiness in their company. Books that make me happy for being more in love with them than with people! Well, you see, I am quite apprehensive when it comes to trusting people, but books…that’s a different story, altogether!

The above post has been written for Wordy Wednesday

This week’s prompt: Word prompt: ethereal, extraordinary, epiphany


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Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

19 thoughts on “Are you a bibliophile?

  1. Hello from a likeminded soul. Books are an introvert's best friend. They're the most inexpensive hobby and now with online stores and kindle everything is available everywhere. I think that's marvellous.


  2. Welcome back to the world of books. My reading also took a backseat post marriage. It is only in the past two years I have revived my reading habit and glad that I still love it. I love your pile of books especially the Rabindranath Tagore book.


  3. I am a thorough bibliophile. Ever since I can remember I have loved books. I always will.

    Loved your take on the prompt. The word epiphany in particular was brilliantly used 🙂


  4. Love how you've used exquisite little words to describe your affair with books, and spoken for many of us. Indeed, thanks to books, I've found it easier to stay away from people and be with myself. Plus, they help me discover myself over and over again.

    From one bibliophile to another, Cheers 🙂


  5. This was wonderful, Shilpa. What a great tribute to the world of books! They are magical how they help us, inspire us and motivate us. I am a bibliophile, too. Great use of the prompt, too!


  6. What a beautiful love letter to books. My life would be nothing without books; I've given so many away but still have so many in the house; more than I could ever read in two lifetimes. I, too, am an introvert. I'm happy to find a kindred soul. As an author I know says, “Write on!”


  7. You speak for so many of us, Shilpa, especially me. Books have been my first love and it's been the one constant in my life that has only ever brought joy. So happy to know that you have found the same joy.


  8. Lovely the way you describe your love for books.I am an extrovert but I come back to books to travel into the lives of the unknown,unseen and unimagined. It gives me so much pleasure when the story finds an ending. And when it doesn't I feel myself yearning for the characters to have some kind of closure. Your books reminded me of long forgotten Brian Weiss! Totally thoroughly enjoy what he has to say.


  9. Shilpa, you've made me long to go dive into a cosy hole right now with a great book! Its been a while since I read anything decent! Yes, you are right, books do make the best companions for the lonely mind, you are never alone with a good book!


  10. Shilpa, I am an introvert and books are my lifeline. It is a pleasure to sit and live the lives of the characters in the books. I have traveled far and wide with them, celebrated their successes and cried over their failures 🙂 When being alone is a choice one is never lonely and the added bonus of the books makes it awesome.


  11. I agree to every word in your post, Shilpa. I love books and I regret it that lately I am not finding much time to read. But, I do know that it is for the time being. Books will always be my favourite companion 🙂


  12. Books! They are my true treasure. My folks often joke about whom I'll bequeath the thousands of books I've accumulated – digital and physical. Books are a blessing.Love your stack of books!


  13. Books are for all moods and seasons – boring day, moody day, happy day … it's a different world all together. And I agree, it's only after I started writing did I realize how difficult it is to capture a reader's attention and transport them to a different world.


  14. I could not agree more. The world they make us see is something that is way beyond what we can think> Can't believe I let go reading for some years of my life and now that I am back, I can't stop reading ;


  15. Hold a book in your hand and the time flies away.Like said above,I regret not having time to read more,and also not being able to recount the details of the many classics I have read till now.


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