Inktober 2017 – Last week.

The last week of Inktober is always special. Why?  Because you wish to do your best and give a fitting finale to the arty month –  October!

Sharing today the last few ink drawings for Inktober, and waiting eagerly for Inktober 2018!

Day 23.

If our fantasies could come true, I would ride a Unicorn and fly  to the moon! How I wish Unicorns were for real!

Day 24.

My heart beats for…. myself! I have turned the spotlight on myself, finally, and am revelling in all the attention I get from myself! Sheer joy!

Day 25.

Drew this temple sculpture from ancient India. There’s a beauty in the art of that era we so miss in contemporary art. Temple sculptures, I mean.

Day 26.

Prompt: Squeak.

Who else but Jerry, the mouse, the King of Squeaks!

Day 27.

Prompt: Climb.

“When mama is in a hurry to dash off for work, she climbs the staircase without a backward glance!” complains the little fur baby!

Day 28.

I had been to the Planetarium with my little nephew to introduce him to the Universe…the sky that has millions of twinkling stars that seem to have disappeared for us city folks. That’s where I found inspiration for this day’s ink drawing.

Day 29.

Enjoying the evening in my tiny balcony…watching the sun bid adieu for the day, and the birds returning to their little ones. The twilight colours painting the sky in their pretty hues, and me ruing yet another week coming to an end! How time flies! Sigh.

Day 30.

A rose is beautiful only as long as it has the thorns. The moment you clip those away, it will be just another flower. An analogy between life and a rose – our life would  lose its essence if we were to wish away our sorrows!

Day 31.

Prompt: Mask.

Inspired by the film, Apocalypto, made on the Mayan tribes by Mel Gibson. Actually, I had planned something grand for the last day, but as always, plans rarely take shape on busy days!


And, with that, Inktober 2017 comes to an end!

What a month it was!  What with the blogging challenge at Write Tribe,  and Diwali, the most important festival in India and Inktober. Loved each day, each moment of creating a piece of art and a piece of writing ; loved the exhilaration, the energy and the rush of adrenalin as I scrambled to complete the tasks of the day!

That’s all for this week at The Art Nook! See you again next week – next Saturday – our Arty Date!



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17 thoughts on “Inktober 2017 – Last week.

  1. Loved the weekly roundup of your amazing arty posts, Shilpa. I’m so glad you took part in this one. It truly brought out the creative side of you so well and engaged us with your beautiful sketches and drawings every week for the past four weeks. They are so beautiful. Well done with the challenge! I’m keen to give it a shot next year along with you, (if I’m still feeling as inspired as I do now, that is). 😀

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  2. All the artworks are outstanding. It is difficult for me to pick one favourite. I really liked the Rose. In terms of description, I liked the moon and the stars and also how the moon contains the flowers and leaves and the stars are flowers. I showed the last one to D whose remark is “thoda Kazakhstan aur Uzbekistan lag raha hai par achha lag rahi hai.” I would say just focus on the achha lag raha hai part 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahah….Dhruv knows these places!! Wow!
      I am still giggling as I type this comment! But, thank you Anamika and thank you, DHruv! You both made my day!!! I promise I will only focus on the “achha lag raha hai” part! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so impressed by your ideas and the way you have executed them. What a beautiful end to Inktober 😀 loved your works. The Unicorn is my fav 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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