The policewoman who helps save runaway children. #WATWB

We Are The World Blogfest

The street kids one spots at every railway station and  traffic signal wear the same look –  gaunt, weather-beaten, with suffering writ large in their eyes as they go about begging for alms, oblivious to Life as it passes them by.

The first thought that comes to mind is, wonder where their family is! For the street is definitely not their home, neither the older beggars their family. Either having run away from home, or kidnapped and brought to the cities to beg by the beggar mafia,  most of these children  never meet their families, ever again.

Only some of them are fortunate enough to be rescued and reunited with their families. And, many a time, there is a good samaritan responsible for this unison. Like  Railway Protection Force’s  (RPF) sub-inspector, Ms. Rekha Mishra.


She is responsible for helping rescue and reunite more than 400 children from the railway stations with their families. And, this is her story.

Do read it here. 


This is the 12th post of the ‘We Are The World Blogfest’, where we bring for you heartwarming stories about real-life heroes from around the world;  stories that show love, humanity and brotherhood in a world that can often seem full of negativity and hatred.

This month’s cohosts are Belinda Witzenhausen, Sylvia McGrath, Sylvia Stein, Shilpa Garg and Eric Lahti.

Do join in with such human news stories that  you may come across and help spread hope and positivity  on social media using the WATWB hashtag. 

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13 thoughts on “The policewoman who helps save runaway children. #WATWB

    1. She deserves the attention, Roshan. There aren’t very many men in uniform who can boast of such goodness and honesty, I feel. I may be wrong, but then we don’t hear such stories often!


  1. Missing children…. that is a real nightmare and I’m glad that there are good people in the world looking out for them. There are too many bad people looking out for missing children too…. Thanks for sharing this Shilpa.

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  2. What an inspiring lady. Must be such a messenger of hope for the families to unite them with the missing children. I’m reading all these stories today and feeling so much good comes to us through the most unexpected ways in life, because of these samaritans who are often present in the guise of ordinary people around us. Just instills faith in mankind all over again, no? I’m joining in this time, Shilpa with my story and linking up with #WATWB. Feels good to share the light and hope that Narsamma brings. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. True, Esha. It’s samaritans such as Rekha who make the world a better place to live in.
      Looking forward to reading your post for WATWB.
      I am glad you joined. This is one blogfest that spreads hope and positivity – the two things we need in our world today.

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