Pets and us.

My pet dog, Chikoo, entered our world when we were not even thinking about getting home a pet. Well, that’s Life, isn’t it? It’s what happens when we are busy planning Life!

So, in walked Chikoo, muddy paws and wagging tail, announcing his arrival by peeing on the doormat and making a permanent home in our hearts.

Pet story.

Pets, I believe, come into the lives of those they choose. Chikoo chose us to fill the vacuum in our world and to teach us all about parenting–caring for a tiny being and putting others before us.

However, forgive me for saying this, but I believe not all are worth being pet parents. I know, this statement comes across rather harsh, but what else does one think of when one finds pets abandoned in their old age, or in their sickness?

There are countless such incidents we read or hear about, where a pet dog, or cat has been shown the door just because they grew older and became too much to handle. A responsibility to be shirked instead of fulfilled.

People bring home pedigreed pups and kittens to fulfil their children’s demands, but as the pets grow and their needs change, they become a “burden” people wish to get rid of as soon as they can! If caring for an animal is going to be such a ‘task’, then why bring home a pet, at all? Get a stuffed toy if your child demands a cuddly animal!

Giving them the necessary attention becomes too much of a hassle and people rarely pause to think things over before abandoning the poor creatures by the road side, to fend for themselves in a harsh world that’s so cruel towards animals.

There are also people who believe in maiming animals to suit their idea of how they should be!

Confused? Read on…

Once, on visiting a neighbourhood pet shop, I noticed a Doberman pup who looked listless and distressed. I wondered why I saw the sorrow in his eyes when I looked up to see his ears. The shop owner had coiled its ears and tied them up tightly with a string to make them pointy – the kind we generally find on a Doberman Pinscher.

I was shocked! I asked the shop owner why he had done so, to which he replied that that was how the dog’s future owners wanted it! It was, indeed, a revelation to me! The sadness and the pain in the pup’s eyes tore at my heart, but I felt helpless.

Would anybody do that to their own children? I feel, the way people treat their pets, speaks a lot about the people, themselves. And, the way they treat others.

This chopping off of the tail, tying the ears to make them stand tall and pointy – all of it infuriates me no end. I mean, what sort of cruel heart must beat within such people!

They do give custom made a whole new meaning, don’t they?

I have heard horrid tales of how people disown their pets when the animals are most in need of their love.

A family abandoned (read, discarded) their pet Doberman when she was pregnant–they actually flung her over the walls of a shelter for animals. When the workers heard a ‘thud’, they rushed to find the poor soul writhing in pain on the ground. Another tied up their old German Shepherd to a lamp post, leaving the animal in the heavy rains that lashed the city a couple years ago.

Oh god, each time I come across such news, I wince in pain. I wonder how their hands don’t shiver while in the act. It’s a living, breathing creature, for heaven’s sake! Don’t they have the thing called, ‘conscience’? Do they not pay heed to that inner voice which may berate them for the sin they commit?

I believe pets should be pampered and cared for like ones own babies, for the kind of unconditional love they shower on us finds no comparisons. We never get that kind of love, or loyalty, even from our closest family members. But, our pets live for us from the moment they enter our world to the moment they leave.

The day my Chikoo breathed his last, his eyes had only love for us. And concern. He passed away last year, but his memories bring tears to my eyes even today. I haven’t been able to get over his loss.

Even as I type these words, I have tears in my eyes. Finding the right keys on the keyboard seems difficult. But, that’s the kind of effect our pets have on us!

Whether we love them, or ill-treat them, the love they shower on us is the kind we, frankly, do not deserve!

And, for all that they do for us, isn’t it our responsibility to love them and to cherish them, in sickness and in health, in richer or poorer, till death do us part?

P. S.

I did not need to add a question mark in the image below. Those three fur babies are doing it for me!

Treat your pets like your babies

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18 thoughts on “Pets and us.

  1. This was very painful to read, especially the part about animals being mistreated. I never can understand how a human being can hurt another living soul, but then, that must be what cruelty is like.

    You’re absolutely right about treating pets with love and care. I recall a post Rachna had written on this topic too and I was nodding along.

    Hugs, Shilpa. You have a tender soul and I am sure Chikoo is missing you as much as you miss him.

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    1. Yes, Shailaja. I remember reading a similar post by Rachna. I feel that once you have loved an animal, these thoughts about them keep floating in your mind.
      We take such good care of our pets; we treat them like our babies and hope the others do, too. So, when we hear such tales of cruelty towards animals, the first thought that comes to our mind is speaking about it, as vociferously as we can!


  2. When we got Pablo, his tail had already been snipped, as that of most boxers. That’s not something we would have agreed to if we knew earlier. It’s really sad what people subject pets to. For those of us who’ve had pets all our lives, reading stories and seeing such things is heartbreaking.

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    1. It is so so heartbreaking, Corinne! The one thought that comes to my mind when I read such things is, would people do that to their own babies? Mistreat them, abandon them?


  3. Even I don’t understand how can people be so callous to mistreat other living beings like this. Either don’t get them and if you do, treat them nicely, that’s the least they deserve. I have heard of people abandoning their pets when they are relocating, would they do so to their own child? That means pets are just a toy collection for them to be discarded when they become a liability.

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  4. I agree with you. Some people do not deserve pets. A neighbour of mine, picked up a month old pup from near a mandir in Bhiwandi as its mother had died and within two hours of getting it home “realised” they had a six month old baby and so they could not look after the pup. They sent their older son to give the pup to “Muffin’s mummy”. I have no choice but to keep the little one as otherwise they will just throw it out on the road and it will die.

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  5. Okay this was very upsetting!But I am not surprised. These same people treat their home help badly and anyone else who doesn’t suite their purpose. But we pay a price for our deeds.Its a matter of time

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  6. Thsis is disgusting- tying up the ears 😦
    I knew someone who had parrots and cut their wings so they don’t fly.
    Really sad- I agree only those should keep pets who are ok with the commitment and taking care as a child.

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  7. It breaks my heart every time I read or hear about such incidents, Shilpa. I don’t know how people can be so cruel! I completely understand your pain. I had written a party on the same topic as well. I just wish that people had more empathy.

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  8. I can never trust a person who doesn’t treat animals well. Just reading those stories is breaking my heart.
    I love the way you write about Chikoo. How’s your parrot doing?

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  9. It makes my blood boil when people are cruel to animals. I was horrified to read the doberman story you shared…can’t believe people do that. Here too there has been a crackdown on backyard breeders where dogs are bred in poor conditions. I hate it when dogs and cats are abused and thrown out if they become adults.

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  10. There are people and people Shilpa. But I do agree with you that if you don’t have it in you to be kind and compassionate to a creature who is totally dependent on you …… you have no business to get yourself a pet and abuse the animal so.

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  11. The mistreatment of defenceless animals sickens me no end! People who do this are the lowest of life forms. Even more disturbing are the lax laws that do little to punish them. My basest instincts would love to see them endure what the animals suffered! In my opinion, there should be strict tests that people must pass to own a pet and even to have a child. Child abuse is also rampant in this cruel world. Your Chikoo was a beautiful dog, Shilpa. ♥

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  12. I hear you Shilpa. And I feel your pain. Losing a pet is no different from losing a loved one. It is devastating and leaves us helpless against the onslaught of pain. And to think that people don’t know the value of what they have! Treating pets so badly. Sad reality, true.

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