The need for Organ Donation.

I learned about Organ Donation way back in August 2013. It was while reading the newspaper one morning, that I came across this article on Organ Donation Day that is held on every 13th of August. It’s an initiative by The Times of India and I believe a noble one, considering countless people die each year for want of organs that could save them and help them live fuller, happier lives.

People lose their lives because of organ failure. At times, an illness ravages their bodies so, they have no choice but to let go of an organ to survive. And, at times, a handicap mars their life. Just imagine having to give up life because an organ in your body gave up, or has to struggle to keep functioning. Imagine having to live life in the hope that some day you will be blessed enough to feel “whole”.

We take our healthy, “normal” bodies for granted, don’t we? Our eyes that see the world, or the heart that beats in perfect rhythm all day long…in fact, every part of our body that functions to its optimum gets taken for granted. Imagine having to live without any one of our body parts for a day. Could you go through the day without even one of your organs not supporting you?

Why donate

Organ Donation is a blessing to such people, some of who spend their entire lives waiting for a miracle; for a call that informs them that finally they have a donor. Finally, they have a chance at Life. Sadly, though, there are myths surrounding the issue as well as lack of awareness or even fear or family pressure that holds people back from going ahead and doing their bit for the society.

Our body is like a cloak that we shed when we leave this world. It’s only our soul that continues to exist! So, why not donate our organs, or even our body, so that someone could benefit from it? Someone, who has a lot to live, yet. Someone, who has dreams and aspirations, but gives up trying to fulfil those for want of an organ?

Organs that you can donate:

There are 12 organs that you can donate:








Small Intestines

Skin tissues

Bone tissues

Heart valves


I was so not aware of veins as well as heart valves being on this list!

How do you donate?

Donating organs is really not very difficult. There are NGOs that hold Organ Donation campaigns, and there’s also an Online Organ Registry, where you can donate organs at your own will. This Online Registry ensures proper organ donation as well as a fair use of the donated organs for people as per needs of the recipients.

Once you fill out the online form donating your organs, you receive a donor card that helps your family make the donation after your death. I received my donor card and have informed hubby and SIL about it, just so they remember.

Organ donation

Erm…I don’t mean to sound all high and mighty sharing my organ donation story with you all. I just wish to encourage you, dear reader, to do this noble deed of donating your organs. You help a human being even in death. You help a human being live through you. You continue living even after your death! Doesn’t that feel good to read?

Do think about it.



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Why you ought to donate your organs.


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9 thoughts on “The need for Organ Donation.

  1. Donating your organs after death is a noble thing to do. I haven’t officially registered as an organ donor but I keep reminding my husband that I would like to donate my organs. Let’s just hope that I live long enough to register. 🙂

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  2. Organ Donation is a gift of life. I am an organ donor too and carry this card in my wallet and have informed the boys and family at home about it too. Have seen quite a few people in our circle in need of an organ but failing to get it. Actually it is a win-win situation for everyone. This one act of ours can help save lives and make a difference. It can give a second chance at life to the organ recipients. Hope more people go for it!

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  3. I donated my kidney to a stranger last year and have never regretted it and feel very proud. I hope to promote more people to live donate. Thank you for your post.

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