P – Pray, be grateful! #AtoZChallenge

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Gratitude is one of the best ways to bring happiness into our life. By merely thanking the Universe for everything it has blessed us with, makes us feel so fortunate for living the life we do! All you need to do, is look around you and you will know how truly blessed you are.

Last evening, as I strolled at a park with my closest friend, as we discussed Life, we realised how much difference it made having all that we had with us.

Our parents, our closest friends, our health, our work, the ability to fulfil our dreams….and also, the things that went wrong and how these taught us so much about life and how it changed us into better versions of ourselves…

…we felt we were the luckiest people–God’s chosen ones!

The peace and happiness that we experienced left us overwhelmed.

Since some time now, I have given thanks to my Creator for all the problems I have had to face–the worst of the worse situations I went through…all of it. It’s because of those problems that I learned a lot and changed myself, for the better.

For all the difficulties we have experienced in Life, we need to be grateful. It’s thanks to those difficulties that we could unravel the true meaning of Life, that we feel truly close to God.

It’s thanks to those difficulties that we could discover our hidden strength, meet the people who truly care about us, and gain an understanding about things for the way they are.



Every night,  think of 3 things that did not work out as you planned, or things that stressed you.

Next, jot down what you learned from your experience. You could even just reflect on it, there’s no need to write it all. Just 15 minutes of reflection on the day gone by would suffice.

And, finally, be grateful for those problems, those stresses. It will seem difficult being thankful for the tension in your world, but trust me, when you think hard about it, you will notice how blessed you truly are!

THIS is what I mean by practising gratitude with a difference.

It’s the adversities that we, actually, need to be grateful for; we are forever grateful for all that gives us joy, but rarely for the times that test our patience and resilience.

Gratitude is definitely one of the most important ways to self-care. It’s because of all that we experience  that we learn to fight, take care of ourselves and focus on what truly matters, on the bigger picture. Do you know  how good this is for your mental health?


Points to ponder:



So, be grateful for it all!





Be grateful for all that goes right and also for all that goes wrong in your Life.


I am participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. My theme this year is, ‘SELF-CARE’. You will find all the posts here.


17 thoughts on “P – Pray, be grateful! #AtoZChallenge”

  1. Gratitude is definitely a great attitude to have. It makes the toughest situations in life bearable and gratitude helps us to be a bit humble and more positive. I am trying to inculcate the same in both the kids.


  2. Having an attitude of gratitude fills us with contentment, acceptance and joy. Gratitude for the problems we have leads us towards solutions. I am all for prayers and gratitude and they are a way of life for me!

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